Hope On Wheels for Hearing-Impaired Kids in Mobile

Mobile Rundown Staff

The Woolley Institute for Spoken-Language Education has launched its Mobile Resource for Kids — a 36-foot mobile clinic. 

This cheerful truck is on a mission to serve children who are deaf or hard of hearing across Alabama, especially those in rural areas

Behind this endeavor is a team of family educators, pediatric audiologists, and Listening and Spoken Language specialists. 

Hope On Wheels for Hearing-Impaired Kids in Mobile

They provide vital services like newborn hearing screenings, audiological care, speech therapy, and family education

They collaborate with Alabama’s early intervention system, local schools, and both private and public entities to prepare these children for mainstream schools and active participation in society. 

There is such a great need for this mobile unit, as timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial for these kids. 

Nancy Gregg, the WISE director, is optimistic about the truck’s impact on early diagnosis and awareness, particularly in underserved areas. 

It’s true; in rural Alabama, resources for infants with hearing loss can be scarce. 

The WISE mobile unit aims to bridge this gap, providing family-centered, community-based care closer to home. 

WISE also offers services for kids with communication delays, including in-person teletherapy and educational programs for essential communication skills. 

The best part? 

Early intervention services are entirely free for families in Jefferson, Shelby, Mobile, Baldwin, and Madison counties. 

So, there you have it! 

The Mobile Resource for Kids is set to brighten the lives of children across Alabama. 

Let’s hope they do break barriers to care and pave the way for a future filled with effective communication, learning, and endless possibilities.

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