Hope in Motion: Moving Day South Alabama Successfully Raises Funds and Awareness for Parkinson’s

Mobile Rundown Staff

The medical field has made giant strides over the past few decades.

Still, certain diseases have our scientists stumped. 

One such condition is Parkinson’s disease, which has no known cure.

In the US alone, there are around 60,000 diagnoses made each year. 

parkinsons 1

This is not something that most of us are aware of until it hits us or our family members. 

And how Parkinson’s affects the body can vary wildly from person to person.

It could progress faster in some people than others, making it extra anxiety-inducing. 

That’s why the event, Moving Day South Alabama,’ was a huge help in bringing awareness about this heartbreaking illness. 

It was held earlier last month (April is Parkinson’s awareness month), and folks of all ages and abilities participated in the short walk. 

hope in motion version 2 (the event involved walking)

Moving is essential in combating Parkinson’s.

Patients have to work on their fine motor skills, strength, and balance to stave off their crippling symptoms. 

And for those at risk of Parkinson’s, exercise is still the number one thing you can do to raise your chances of “beating” it. 

The more you put your muscles to the test, the more positive your outcome will generally become. 

Looking back, Moving Day was a success, raising over $55 million in support of the foundation’s goals. 

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