The 7 Best Home Builders in Mobile, Alabama (2023)

Mobile, Alabama, with its scenic coastlines, favorable weather, fantastic cuisines, top-notch education, and ever-growing job opportunities, is becoming a top choice for families and individuals to move to the South.

Mobile is also home to Mardi Gras, the oldest carnival celebration in the United States.

The city celebrates French heritage for several weeks with floats and public parades in downtown Mobile.

Weekend trips to Biloxi and Pensacola are also just an hour away.

A university like South Alabama is an educational powerhouse that draws some of the top students and faculty members to the region.

On top of that, the real estate is priced fairly reasonably. Hence it is easier to build a house in Mobile than rest of the states.

So, if you are planning to move to Mobile and build your own house, check out our best picks for home builders in the city.

Best Home Builders Mobile AL

S. S. Steele Homes

SS Steele Homes - Home builder mobile Al


Since 1953, S. S. Steele Homes has served as one of the most competent on-your-lot builders in Mobile, Alabama, having a substantial history in house construction.

They have efficiently developed up to 8000 houses in Southwest Alabama and part of the Florida panhandle while maintaining a good record.

They also offer custom on-your-lot houses and floor plans to match your way of living.

With branches in Pensacola, FL, and Mobile, the firm can easily reach out to consumers across Southwest Alabama and sections of Florida.

S. S. Steele Homes is also proud to have a large number of satisfied consumers along with highly skilled and qualified construction staff.

They are happy to make floor plan upgrades and alterations to meet their customers’ needs.

Do you already have your plan in mind?

No problem—just take it to them, and they will price it for you.

Contact: 251-661-9600

Address: 4951 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36693

Triumph Homes, Inc. – Home Builder Mobile Al

Triumph Homes, Inc. is a family-owned firm that builds unique homes for picky buyers.

Triumph Home’s objective is to provide its clients with the finest house attainable for the most affordable price.

The company will take care of just about everything for their clients, from assisting with the house hunt to answering any concerns they might have before getting started to make your new dream house.

They have highly experienced staff members and workers who employ only the best supplies to construct every house.

Their first goal is to turn ambitions and desires into reality via adaptability and honest devotion.

Triumph Homes is committed to constructing your house as per your requirements while still adhering to construction policies and surpassing your desires.

Contact: 251-767 2762

Address: 12591 Hi Fields Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

John Howard Homes 

John Howard Homes is a well-known house builder in Mobile, Alabama.

They are committed to reliability, honesty, and outclass workmanship.

In 1965, John M. Howard and his wife, Betty Howard, founded the John Howard Homes in Prichard, Alabama, in an office with only one room.

First known as John Howard Real Estate, Inc., the firm established John Howard Homes on the idea that outstanding workmanship and high service will assure growth from its modest beginnings.

The firm excels in customized construction with a wide array of floor layouts to suit everybody’s lifestyle and preferences.

Contact: 251-639 1155

Address: 6156 Omni Park Drive, Mobile, AL 36609

Adam’s Homes – Home Builders Mobile AL

Screenshot of Adam's Homes website

For families considering a new home search in Mobile, Alabama, Adams Homes is one of the leading home builders in the Gulf Coast area.

Adams Homes has award-winning brick floor plans in Mobile, as well as nearby Semmes and Theodore.

Adams Homes has built new homes in Mobile since 2002 and continues to serve the area with distinction today.

So anyone looking for homes for sale in Mobile, Alabama, should contact the helpful staff at Adams as soon as possible.

Decorated model homes are open daily, and with so much available, there will surely be something to match your particular needs.

Contact: 251-625 0601

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Home Builders In Baldwin County

Adams Homes, LLC – Baldwin County

Adams Homes, LLC has been serving consumers for more than 30 years in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Adams Homes provide both prefab and modular houses to their clients. 

They also offer a variety of floor layouts to pick from to ensure that they will be suitable for every family.

Moreover, if you can’t seem to pick a floor layout you want, you can have your ideal house specially built for your needs. 

Don’t be concerned if you believe you cannot afford a personalized service. 

Their houses are relatively inexpensive, so you should be able to get something that fits within your range.

Adams Homes, LLC’s customizable options are fantastic.

You could create the house of your imagination with a wide range of customization possibilities. 

Everything will be as per your requirements, from the exterior and interior paintwork to cabinets and wall coverings.

Contact: 251-625 0601

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ARK Builders, LLC – Baldwin County

home built by ark builders

ARK Builders, LLC is a family-owned firm located in Baldwin County. It is overseen by the owners and co-founders Ron Cuny and Amy Cuny. 

The company provides its customers with single-story and two-story homes with top-grade materials.

If you acquire a house constructed by their specialists, the enterprise guarantees quicker home building, higher energy conservation, superior budget management, and increased quality assurance.

ARK Builders collaborates with all their clients to guarantee their dream house is just what they desire. 

Clients have the choice of selecting one of their pre-designed floor designs or building their entirely personal and unique modular house.

The firm seeks to develop houses that are less expensive than their customer’s financial plan, proving that with productivity, you can construct a modern house with all of the characteristics of a standard house without all of the expenses.

Contact: 251-621 1752

Address: US Highway 181, P. O. Box 1643, Daphne, Baldwin County, AL 36526 

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Best Home Builders Mobile AL – FAQs

How much does it cost to build a house in Mobile, Alabama?

The price of building a home in Mobile, Alabama, varies from around $160 to $260 per sq foot, based on the quality of construction materials you select (not taking into account the price of land or site work).
When building a house in Alabama, the cost of materials makes up nearly half of the cost.

How much does it cost to build a house on your own land in Alabama?

A house will cost between $29 and $135 a square foot and will cost about $225,000-342 500 per square. It may vary considerably depending on where and how much land is needed to construct your home.
As workforce rates are cheaper in Alabama, which accounts for around 30 to 40 percent) of the total expense of constructing a home. So, making a house in Alabama is more affordable when compared to other states.

How much does it cost to build a 2500 sq ft house in Alabama?

The typical cost of building a home in Alabama is $150 to $300 per sq foot, which amounts to $375,000 to $750,000 for a house of 2,500 sq feet.
Although your pricing could differ quite a bit depending on your area, land value, labor cost, and the resources required to make your house.

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Wrapping Up

Several reputable choices are available to get your dream home built in the Mobile area.

The firms we have highlighted in this article are all fantastic options for custom homes that will meet your demands and fit within your spending limit.

So, what are you looking for?

Lets begin to design and plan your dream home right now!

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