Our Story is at the History Museum Of Mobile

The beginning of Mobile’s history is at the History Museum of Mobile.

More than 118,000 artifacts, from prehistory to the present, are housed in the museum, which is responsible for preserving, safeguarding, and interpreting them. 

According to the History Museum of Mobile, storytelling can influence and shape the future.

They believe that history should be interactive, involving people of all ages in insightful and entertaining ways. 

They believe that the History Museum of Mobile should portray all the history of Mobile to recognize the city’s diversity.

History Museum of Mobile

How Did the History Museum of Mobile Begin?

The current History Museum of Mobile building was erected between 1855 and 1857 and initially served three purposes.

The Mayor of Mobile’s office is on the top floor, and the City Council meets there. 

Ever since the building’s completion in 1858, Mobile’s City Council has held its meetings here several times a year to maintain the tradition alive.

The Mobile Cadets, a local militia force, had their headquarters on the second level when it launched in 1858.

The foundation of Mobile Cadets was in 1848 during the Mexican War, and they served with honor throughout the Civil War and beyond.

Until the late 1800s, they used this location for military training, drills, and ceremonial dances.

The Southern Market of Mobile was the building’s third and most important purpose.

The ground floor of the public market was available for lease to authorized food vendors, who sold meat, vegetables, seafood, and fruit there. 

The museum’s atrium is where the market stalls used to be.

The Southern Market in Mobile didn’t shut down for good until 1942.

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What Does the History Museum of Mobile Offer?

History Museum of Mobile

Clotilda: The Exhibition, which will be up at the Africatown Heritage House and premiere in 2022, will be curated by the History Museum.

All kinds of people will attend the spectacular displays that began in 2021, and a comprehensive calendar of programs will be available to everyone. 

You can also check out the new children’s discovery zone, where the youngest guests may get a taste of French Colonial Mobile firsthand.

How Can You Donate?

Your support of the History Museum of Mobile has a wide range of advantages for your community. 

Because of your generous donation, you are ensuring that the History Museum of Mobile will preserve the Mobile region’s rich cultural heritage for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

Consider a tax-deductible donation to help them keep Mobile’s history.

How Can You Volunteer?

Time is valuable, and the History Museum of Mobile values your time.

Your time can help the museum a lot. 

They offer a wide range of volunteer options, from welcoming guests at special events, providing group tours, and assisting in the museum’s collections department behind the scenes.

You can check more about donation and volunteer details on their site.

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