Hidden Swimming Holes in Alabama

It gets HOT in Alabama. 

But don’t sweat it; I’ve got the perfect solution. 

Hidden across the state are some of the coolest, most refreshing swimming holes you’ve never heard of. 

These natural spring-fed pools are Alabama’s secret oases, offering a blissful respite from the sweltering heat. 

And I’m about to spill the deets on where to find these hidden gems. 

So, grab your swimsuit and towel, and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to Alabama’s swimming holes. 

Natural Spring-Fed Pools in Alabama

Hippie Hole, Fort Payne 

hippie hole

I’ve been to this one! 

Hippie Hole is a stunning swimming hole located in Little River Canyon. 

You’ll find it about an hour and a half east of Hunstville. 

The direct parking for Hippie Hole is closed. 

But you can easily park at Little River Falls and take a brief walk to reach this spot. 

The area tends to draw a crowd, especially in summer. 

The pool is filled with the flowing water from Martha’s Falls, with the area nearest the falls being its deepest part. 

Whether you’re looking to swim, relax, or just enjoy the scenery, this one’s a must-visit! 

Where: Little River Canyon Rim Pkwy, Fort Payne, Al 35967

Blue Springs State Park, Clio

blue springs state park

Blue Springs State Park is a refreshing escape with its two natural spring-fed pools

The water magically stays a cool 68 degrees all year round!

These unique pools are a spectacle of nature, pumping an astonishing 3,600 gallons of water every minute. 

Ideal for a quick dip or a day-long lounging sesh, the pools serve as the park’s centerpiece. 

Visitors can also camp, hike, bike, fish, and picnic on the grounds. 

Where: 2595 Al-10, Clio, AL 36017

Call: +1 800-252-7275

Hump Creek Swimming Hole, New Market

Hump Creek is your go-to summer destination, open daily from 5 am to 9 pm. 

This hidden gem attracts visitors from far and wide for its pristine waters. 

And it’s not just for people; dogs love it, too! 

Beyond swimming, it’s perfect for kayaking, canoeing, enjoying a picnic, or lounging in a hammock. 

Where: 1960 Walker Ln, New Market, AL 35761

Call: (205) 346-3533

Blue Hole, Gaylesville 

Blue Hole is a family-friendly oasis on AL Highway 35 near Little River Falls. 

Its calm waters offer a safe, enjoyable environment just a short stroll from the parking lot. 

Please note that the parking lot is intentionally small to prevent overcrowding! 

Currently, personal charcoal grills aren’t permitted. 

However, future enhancements will include picnic benches and built-in charcoal grills for visitors. 

Where: 13800 AL-35, Gaylesville, AL 35973

Call: (256) 845-9605

Double Bridge Creek, Repton 

This spot is the perfect splash zone for beating the heat!

It’s a hit with kids. 

This cozy swimming hole might not be the biggest around, but it sure draws crowds on weekends. 

It’s also a special place for many, marking where they took their first swim. 

Where: Winston Bell Rd, Repton, AL 36475

Coldwater Creek, Oxford 

Coldwater Creek is aptly named because its waters are icy cold and refreshingly clear. 

This well-maintained spot is incredibly scenic, with a beautiful church setting in the background. 

There’s even a marker honoring a local hero. 

The area is perfect for everyone — families, couples, or solo swimmers looking to get away. 

Plus, it’s pet-friendly, so your furry pals can join in on the fun, too! 

Where: Coldwater, Spring Branch Rd, Oxford, AL 36203

Devil’s Den Falls, Lineville 

devil's den falls

Want a little bit of a challenge? 

Devil’s Den Falls in the Talladega National Forest is your go-to for a refreshing dip after some exercise. 

The half-mile hike might challenge you with its steep and narrow paths, but the end is worth it. 

It leads you to a beautiful swimming spot deep enough for jumping in. 

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, continue up the trail to find more secluded pools. 

Where: Lineville, AL 36266

Call: +1 800-610-5801

DeSoto Falls, Mentone 

desoto falls

DeSoto Falls offers a serene escape with a beach area, a kayak launch, and inviting swimming spots below the falls. 

All these are accessible by a short hike. 

It’s well-maintained, with a viewing area to admire the falls and the surrounding nature. 

Ideal for family outings, the falls provide a stunning backdrop for swimming, kayaking, and kicking back. 

Check out this list of things to do in Mentone if you want to explore it further! 

It’s definitely an interesting place, and you’re definitely going to want to stay for a weekend.

Where: Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 845-0051

Mardis Mill Falls, Blountsville

Mardis Mill Falls, also called Graves Falls, has a beautiful 15-foot cascade

This place is a favorite for folks who love to kayak and swim. 

There’s a rope swing for diving into the water, but be careful to look for hidden rocks before jumping!

The path to get there is also rocky, and there’s no sandy beach, so keep a close watch on kids and weaker swimmers.

But overall, the clear, cool water and lovely pool at the waterfalls are perfect for a refreshing dip! 

Where: 546 Mardi Mill Rd, Blountsville, AL 35031

Corinth Day Use Area, Double Springs 

Corinth is a fantastic spot for swimming, known for its clear waters and family-friendly atmosphere

While the beach is rocky and parking requires a bit of a walk uphill, the area more than makes up for it with its cleanliness. 

There are spotless bathrooms right by the beach, equipped with showers. 

Visitors can enjoy picnic tables nestled in the wooded areas. 

Where: Corinth Recreation Area, Double Springs, AL 35553

Turkey Creek Falls, Pinson

turkey creek falls

Turkey Creek Falls is a fantastic place for a swim.

The shallow area above the falls is perfect for kids, while the deeper spots below are great for stronger swimmers. 

It also has natural water slides

Remember to bring your water shoes because the creek bed can be pretty slippery. 

Still, it’s a great spot for a peaceful hike, and you can even bring your dog along

Entrance works on a donation basis, so have some cash ready. 

Where: 3895 Turkey Creek Rd, Pinson, AL 35126

Call: (205) 680-4116

Cahaba River Trail, Birmingham 

The Cahaba River Trail is your gateway to adventure with a path that hugs the river, leading to cool swimming holes. 

Just down the trail, you’ll discover a rope swing over the river, perfect for making splashes. 

At the trailhead, there’s a spot to launch your canoe or kayak. 

It’s free and open during daylight, with picnic spots and regular safety checks, and it’s kid and dog-friendly. 

Don’t forget shoes for those sharp river rocks! 

Traveling from Birmingham? 

Here are nearby beaches. Plenty of swimming there, too!

Where: 2171 Grant Mill Rd, Birmingham, AL 35212

Caney Creek Falls 

Caney Creek Falls in Bankhead National Forest is just a breezy 1.7-mile hike from civilization. 

This spot’s a bit sneaky; miss the sign, and you’ll drive right by. 

Head down the trail, and you’ll see the upper falls. 

You can actually walk behind the falls for a secret world vibe — a feature that’s hard to find elsewhere! 

Then, trek a bit further to find the lower falls, where you’ll find a swimming hole that practically begs you to dive in. 

Where: Double Springs, Caney Creek Falls Trail, AL 35553

Kinlock Falls 

Kinlock Falls is another pit stop for extra fun while exploring Bankhead National Forest. 

The falls cascade smoothly into a welcoming pool below. 

It’s a bit of a thrill for those daring to slide down the rock face — with safety gear, of course! 

Parking is simple, just off Kinlock Road before the bridge over Hubbard Creek. 

And if you’re there after some rainfall, check out another picturesque waterfall just downstream. 


Where is the Blue Hole in Alabama? 

The Blue Hole is situated along a peaceful section of the Little River. 

You can find it on AL Highway 35, about a quarter mile east of Little River Falls. 

It’s a popular destination for a refreshing dip!

Can you swim in Little River Canyon? 


During the summer and fall, Little River Canyon’s water levels drop, revealing stunning sandstone formations and creating wading pools above the falls. 

There’s a delightful swimming hole below the falls, making it a prime spot for swimming. 

Is it safe to swim in a natural pool? 

Swimming in a natural pool can be safe, but it’s important to exercise caution.

Always check local advisories for water quality and be aware of underwater hazards. 

And never swim alone! 

Knowing your swimming limits and wearing safety gear when necessary can help ensure a safe experience. 

If swimming in nice, chlorinated water is more your speed, check out these resorts in Alabama to bring your family to

Or if you have the space, why not turn your home into your own swimming spot with these pool builders

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Alabama’s swimming holes are like hidden treasures, just waiting for you to dive in!

They’re perfect for solo adventurers and families looking for a splashy day out. 

So, slather on some sunscreen, maybe pack a picnic, and set off to discover your own slice of paradise.

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