8 Of The Most Haunted Places In Mobile Al

With as rich a history as Mobile has, it is no surprise that tales of ghosts and paranormal activities surround these historic buildings. Whether you are looking for a haunted place to stay or just looking to explore or tour a haunted home, here are some of the most haunted places in Mobile Al.

1.       Battle House Renaissance Hotel

Battle House Renaissance Hotel

The two most famous stories about the Battle House Renaissance Hotel are Mr. Henry Butler and the Forlorn Bride. Mr. Henry Butler was a former Mardi Gras king who was caught in an affair and beaten in one of the rooms of the hotels.

Before the staff could help him, he died and now haunts the hotel’s fifth floor. The story of the Forlorn Bride takes place in the Crystal Ballroom when shortly after a woman’s wedding, her husband was called away.

Therefore, filled with loneliness, she hung herself from the chandelier. Both Mr. Butler and the Bride continue to haunt the hotel’s halls.

Address: 26 N Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602

2.       Fort Conde Inn

haunted places in Mobile al

The building that contains the Fort Conde Inn was built in 1836. This area is known for hauntings; though not reported by guests, workers have reported ghost encounters.

While not reporting encounters, many guests feel that they are not alone.

The Inn has two floors in the main house, and there are more encounters reported on the second floor,

Similarly, cottages have also reported some encounters, especially the Antunez cottage.

Address: 165 Saint Emmanuel St, Mobile, AL 36602

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3.      The Malaga Inn

Malaga Inn - haunted places in Mobile al

In the Historic District of downtown Mobile, the Malaga Inn is one of the most haunted hotels in Alabama. This house was initially built during the Civil War by two brothers and now operates as a hotel with 39 rooms and suites.

Once two separate dwellings are connected, tunnels still run underneath the two buildings associated with the paranormal events at the hotel.

People believe that Confederate soldiers hid in these tunnels during the war, and their actions may be responsible for furniture movement, like beds and lamps.

In addition, the most notable figure is the Lady in White, who is seen throughout the hotel by staff and guests.

Address: 359 Church St, Mobile, AL 36602

4.       Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast

Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast

Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast was initially built in 1897 by Charles Shepard, and a few years later, his daughters, Kate and Isabel, turned the house into a boarding school.

It is believed that one of these daughters is the older woman many guests have reported seeing wandering around the bed-and-breakfast.

In addition, the place serves as a library of Civil War relics and memorabilia and immerses visitors in Alabama’s rich history.

Address: 1552 Monterey Place, Mobile, AL 36604

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5.       USS Alabama BB-60

 USS Alabama BB-60 - haunted places in Mobile al

The USS Alabama BB-60 has its final resting place in Mobile Bay, and like many other Mobile landmarks, it has its reports of ghosts.

This 680-foot military ship attracts many visitors to the Mobile area. Many visitors of this historic battleship have reported hearing footsteps, strange voices, and slamming of hatches.

These ghostly encounters are attributed to the deaths of two of the construction workers who worked on the ship.

Address: 2703 Battleship Pkwy., Mobile, AL 36602

6.       Historic Oakleigh House

Historic Oakleigh House -

This 19th-century house is full of history and ornate furniture. The Oakleigh House is reportedly haunted by a female ghost who can be seen in the front parlor.

In addition, these paranormal activities include moving furniture, hearing voices, and shadowy figures moving around the house.

Address: 300 Oakleigh Place, Mobile, AL 36604

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7.       Bragg-Mitchell Mansion – Haunted Places In Mobile Al

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion was built in 1855 and is considered one of the most elegant homes on the Gulf Coast.

Surrounded by Mobile’s signature live oaks and azaleas, the mansion is one of the highly photographed buildings in Mobile that is haunted by the lady of the manor, along with her cat.

Address: 1906 Springhill Ave., Mobile, AL 36607

8.       Boyington Oak – Church Street Graveyard

Boyington Oak – Church Street Graveyard

The Church Street Graveyard is four acres and dates back to 1830. This graveyard is named after a local man, Mr. Boyington, who was executed for a crime that he did not commit.

His last words claimed that an oak tree would grow at the place of his grave and prove his innocence, and his words were true.

In addition, many visitors report hearing strange noises coming from the tree.

Address: Church St., Mobile, AL 36602

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