Where to Visit the Best Haunted Houses in Alabama

There is always the charm of visiting haunted places because it helps you overcome your fears and build confidence.

It is also an excellent place to build stronger relationships with family and friends as you grab each other during the trip.

Fortunately, there are various haunted places in Alabama to vent out your stress and help you face your fears. 

These places don’t just shake you to the core but also leave you with unforgettable memories. 

If you want to celebrate the Halloween spirit even outside October, these haunted houses in Alabama let you in on a chilling experience. 

Where to Visit the Best Haunted Houses in Alabama

Atrox Factory

Atrox Factory is 50,000-square feet surprise full of jump scares, twisted hallways and ultimate terror. 

It is one of the award-winning and most prominent indoor haunted house attractions that offer unique and entertaining themes. 

Every part of your senses will tingle as you immerse in the house with realistic props, smells, visuals, and sounds. 

You can also make this a yearly tradition with your friends, who constantly change things to give you new experiences. 

They prepare new characters, animations, set designs, and visuals to make every visit unpredictable. 

Visit: 8404 Parkway Dr, Leeds, AL 35094

Sweet Dreams Haunted Attraction

Sweet Dreams Haunted Attraction is where your sweet dreams turn into nightmares as you chase around their haunted attractions.

You’ll think everything is accurate as their actors dress up in incredible costumes and decorate the place with extraordinary decorations.  

Their haunted place is like a manifestation of any dream where you scream, but no one hears you. 

You can avail of their general admission for $30, while VIP costs $50, which lets you skip lines to prevent waiting. 

So if you want to get your money’s worth, try Sweet Dreams and experience your nightmares. 

Visit: 811 St Francis St, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-600-9004

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Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

Sloss Furnaces is a former pig-iron-producing company and the largest during the late 1800s to early 1970s.

It is a great place to discover the history and learn about the industry of Birmingham, but it is also a good place for ghost stories.

Many believe the furnace is full of people who died while working in the blast furnace.

Visit: 20 32nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35222

Call: 205-254-2025

Dead Children’s Playground

Dead Children's Playground haunted houses in alabama

Dead Children’s Playground is a spot that you can find in Maple Hill Cemetery and is one of the most haunted places in Alabama.

Many believe that the children who died from the Spanish Flu Pandemic still play at the playground.

Like the classic horror scares, some people say they saw the swings in the park moving despite being empty.

However, the city adapted to it that they do the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll, an annual fall tradition, with festive music and activities.

Visit: 1351 McClung Ave SE, Huntsville, AL 35801

Call: 256-883-3291

PV Slaughterhouse

PV Slaughterhouse is a highly-anticipated house that follows the theme of a slaughterhouse but with a twist. 

They’ll give you an intense tour of the home-built attraction where a local abandoned meat packer once stood. 

It is worth your 15 bucks because PV Slaughterhouse sets the mood with its actors, costumes, set, and atmosphere. 

There are concessions inside that offer classic yet creative park snacks like hotdogs and ice creams. 

You can catch their finger-shaped hotdog in a bun and more when you check out the park. 

Visit: 592 Sam Ellis Dr. NW, Rainsville, AL 35986

Call: 256-605-4501

Historic Drish House

Historic Drish House is a historic plantation that became a venue for various special events like weddings, birthdays, and more.

But in the book Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, this beautiful house becomes a massive haunted house.

Behind the house’s beautiful Greek and Italianate style, there is a horror story lying behind its walls.

Dr. John and his wife Sarah built the scary house that soon became a beautiful events place for their family.

However, Dr. John died after falling down the stairs when he was drunk, and Sarah held a wake in the tower in front of the house.

A year later, Sarah jumped off the third-story tower where she died and requested to light the same candles from John at her funeral.

However, nobody granted her little request, which many believed is why the house is “haunted.”

Visit: 2300 17th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Call: 205-356-8194

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Hellbilly Hollow

Hellbilly Hollow is a jam-packed attraction with a corn maze, a haunted trail, and a haunted house. 

With less than $30, you can meet monsters in their horror house with incredible costumes and acting. 

Food trucks are available on-site to satisfy your cravings after an intense sprint in the maze. 

They have reasonably priced attractions and have something new to look forward to ever since it opened. 

If you want a bloody, unique, and gory October, save Hellbilly Hollow in your calendars.

Visit: 425 Co Rd 467, Vincent, AL 35178

Call: 205-365-6990

Pope’s Haunted Farm

Pope’s Haunted Farm is full of fun and horror as they bring four attractions to one farm.

They have a buggy ride, hayride, barn, and forest, making the Pope’s longest-running attraction. 

The Haunted Hayride gives you a one-mile ride through the forest that has actors, animatronics, and tractors. 

The Haunted Barn is a large haunted house with 11,000 square feet and 30 sets, actors, and animatronics. 

Finally, the Haunted Forest is the scariest attraction, with just half a mile walk and 30 amazing live actors.

Each park attraction costs around $15, but you can get discounts when you buy bundles.

Visit: Bassett Rd, Salem, AL 36874

Call: 706-566-7766

DoomsDay Haunted Attraction

DoomsDay Haunted Attraction is a local favorite in Athens that features the theme of an old town destroyed by war in the woods.

You can find this haunted attraction and other famous entertainment spots such as Topgolf, Isom’s Orchard, and more.

This terror-filled house takes you to a place where strange people wander after a nuclear explosion. 

The concept of the horror house is about locals trapped in the radioactive building and later acting weird. 

You will investigate the DoomsDay area and discover why people are missing, screaming, and dying.

Pull yourself together as you enter the zone where victims are under seclusion and radiation effects. 

If you have the guts to solve this mystery, join the investigation and make it out alive.

You can also explore the Haunted Corn Maze to top your thrilling night of adventures, running, and mysteries. 

Visit: 24952 US-72, Athens, AL 35613

Call: 931-637-7537

The Terrortorium

The Terrortorium is a Halloween must-visit in downtown Oxford which features different attractions in one park. 

Aside from the haunted house, there are other rides to try, such as Big Eli Ferris Wheel, The Bullet, and Terror Tour. 

Their set gets better yearly as they put in exclusive performances, designs, actors, and props. 

With six attractions and a few concessions inside, it is everything you’ll need for a scary night with friends. 

You can enjoy the classic funnel cakes, beverages with a Halloween twist, and great music to keep the spirits high.

Visit: 25 Choccolocco St, Oxford, AL 36203

Call: 256-239-3483

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The Horror Tuscaloosa

The Horror Tuscaloosa brings you their haunted house with two themes that can test your courage and guts. 

Their classic jumpscares are always something to look forward to as they add more sights to see each room. 

Whatever you find in one room, you will find something different in the other, so the experience never gets boring. 

So if you want to discover if you can keep sane until the end, experience the terrifying house with friends and family. 

For at least $25, you can have the best jumpscare, ride, and haunt in your life. 

Visit: 5477 Skyland E Blvd STE 5, Cottondale, AL 35453

Call: 205-292-4250

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm haunted houses in alabama

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm is one of Alabama’s scariest and premier horror houses that guarantees nothing but a terrifying experience. 

This family-friendly attraction welcomes you on its terrifying adventure that will leave you alert and scared. 

They have different kinds of monsters and ghosts inside that give the best jumpscares and performance. 

Psycho Path is a set that brings you into an encounter with killers on a farm as you escape them.

Meanwhile, the Clown Cabin is a nest for horrifying clowns that will leave you screaming and running. 

For adults, you can rock on their RIP Ride, which takes you on a dark dirt road adventure on a bus.

Aside from their outstanding attractions, they also offer the best drinks and snacks to satisfy cravings. 

You can order chicken fingers, funnel cakes, cheeseburgers, candies, hamburgers, soft drinks, and water.

Sometimes, they also offer alcoholic beverages to get your liquid courage. 

Visit: 929 Co Rd 14, Auburn, AL 36830

Call: 334-209-1777

Insanitarium Haunted Attraction

Insanitarium Haunted Attraction is the ultimate test of your sanity as you enter a maze full of crazy and strange characters.

Their impressive set design, sound effects, costume, and acting will give you a realistic insane asylum. 

Everyone in the family can join because it is family-friendly, but an adult needs to accompany children below 12. 

As their attraction promises the scariest night of your life, grab onto your family and friends as you explore. 

Visit: 8433 Gadsden Hwy, Trussville, AL 35173


Warehouse31 has a fantastic vibe, whether you are out to scare your wits or grab a night meal. 

This intense haunted attraction features two indoor sets and other attractions for your group. 

They also have a waiting area serving delicious food and drinks to fill your energy before the draining experience.

For adults, you can order alcoholic drinks and sit as you watch entertaining performances or shows.

Visit: 3150 Lee St, Pelham, AL 35124

Call: 205-378-9760

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Final Thoughts on Haunted Places in Alabama

Final Thoughts on Haunted Places in Alabama

Haunted houses will leave your heart racing, hands shaking, and skin sweating, but it’s a great way to feel the adrenaline.

It may be ironic to hear, but going to these places can help manage stress and even reduce anxiety.

A maze, house, or escape room is just a piece of cake if you have your family and friends with you. 

So if you want to face your fears in a fun way, the haunted houses in Alabama are a horrifically good place to start.

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