Gulf Shores Alabama Beaches – The Best Of The Best

With all the disasters happening globally, people now find it difficult to look for the silver lining.

As time goes by, people find a way to ease their minds, unwind, and remove stress.

And sometimes, that ‘way’ refers to an outing with the family: Spa, Massage, Camping, and many more.

But if you do not like the ones mentioned above, you might want to go to the beach.

So it’s time to visit the Gulf Coast and check out Gulf Shores Alabama Beaches.

Imagine yourself sitting on a reclined rattan chair, under the sun, with the soft white sand sensation on your feet.

Pair that with the dazzling sound of the tide hitting the shores, plus the feeling of the sun’s rays touches your skin.

If you pictured the scenario correctly, with your sensory working fine with the imagery, then you should go now. You probably miss going to the beach right now.

However, if you do not know where beach to go to, then do not worry. The list below contains the best Gulf Shore beaches Alabama could offer.

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gulf shores beach in alabama

Orange Beach

Starting the list with the most popular of Gulf Shores Alabama Beaches, Orange Beach offers a variety of elegance.

Its parameter ranges up to 8 miles filled with pure white sand, plus its clear, dazzling water. Its setting provides tons of outdoor activities and adventures.

You can locate Orange Beach at the easternmost on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, bordered to the east by Florida’s Perdido Key.

With its wide parameter, the gulf coast beach makes a perfect family outing experience, as it let people do activities.

However, Orange beach contains some unique features as well, compared to the other gulf shore beaches.

That includes The Lulu, Alabama’s first purpose-sunk shipwreck.

They also have the Waterfront Park located at the scenic Wolf Bay.

It offers not only picnic areas and grills but also a 400-foot fishing pier.

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Gulf Shores Public Beach

Of course a list of Gulf Shores Alabama Beaches isn’t complete without the beautiful public beach remains one of the most popular.

Residents and Tourists can’t help loving this place as it offers tons of features.

That ranges from having lots of restaurants, souvenir stores, and also spots to hang out.

Like the one mentioned above, Gulf Shores Public Beach also offers a large parameter for fun beach activities.

Those activities could be sandcastle building, beach volleyball, and even sun-bathing if you want. You can also straight-up chill with your family and have a picnic.

The establishment offers a wide range of other fun activities, such as jet skiing and parasailing.

You can even rent a trike to go up high the Alabama gulf shores.

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West Beach

If you do not want a crowded place, then you might wish to the submissive West Beach.

This gulf shore beach lies near Mobile Bay on the island of Fort Morgan.

West Beach lets you bathe on its warm and gentle waters passive the shore.

With its calm surrounding, your kids would like to go to this beach.

Its parameter reaches from the Gulf Shores Parkway until the edges of the Dolphin drive.

Since the scene remains calm, you can easily hear the ocean ambient noise.

That ranges from the ocean hitting the shore or even the seagulls making noises while flying through the sky.

So if you genuinely want relaxation, inquire to West Beach and let yourself unwind.

Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park offers two miles of beaches, coming along with what they say a spacious ‘campground.’ Other than its white sands and splashing waves, they also have picnic areas like the beaches mentioned above.

They also have comfortable restrooms and showers to wash your body after bathing with the sand. If you ever feel cold after swimming for hours, their fireplace could help you with that.

This picturesque desert garden offers an experience for the whole family.

Nature sweethearts can go looking for untamed life and gators on the Back Country Trail.

Also, adrenaline sweethearts should try the Adventure Center for ziplining. Fishing devotees have the ideal spot for fishing on the pier.

If you want a picnic and some water activities, then try going to Lake Shelby. If you’re going to surf, then you must check out Cotton Bayou.

You can find Gulf State Park at 20115 State Road, Gulf Shores, AL 36542.

gulf shores alabama pier

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Located at Fort Morgan Peninsula, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge covers 7,157 acres area acting as a sanctuary for several living things.

White-sand seashores, trails, and nature stroll settle on this the ideal seashore decision for nature darlings. Walk through the courses and find animals such as armadillos, birds, and even the Alabama Beach Mouse.

Break to the withdrawal of the moving ridges to absorb the sun.

Also, check out its antique feature, the Fort Morgan, with a history going back to 1834. 

Dauphin Island

If you want scenic beaches with beachfront parks, then Dauphin Island might satisfy you.

Getting there might be quite hectic, with a 40-minute drive from the Mobile Ferry to the island. Located at 1501 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, Dauphin Island Beach offers long beaches to help you relax.

With its isolated feature, you can make sure that you can unwind in this place.

This gulf shore beach’s parameter offers a lot of space for customers to appreciate a casual day at the seashore. Make sure to visit the Audubon Bird Sanctuary to witness the island’s elegance, being a bird sanctuary.

You can also watch sea creatures at the Estuarium Aquarium.

Has anyone told you that the beaches in Dauphin Island allow a pet on their premises?

That’s right. So for any pet owners reading this, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pets anymore.

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Located at the north of the Gulf Shores, Fairhope provides an aesthetic view for visitors. 

Fairhope only has small beaches, but despite that, it still has one of the features that you’ll ever want. Fairhope offers the perfect spot for you to witness the sunset.

Not only that, Fairhope remains as a place that still experiences jubilee. If you do not know what it means, marine life is getting washed away to the shore.

Once you’re set on coming to the area, check out Gulf Shores Tourism in order to get more information about events happenings during your stay.

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