From News to Booze – Gulf Distributing Moves Downtown

Mobile Rundown Staff

We’ve all heard of Gulf Distributing, one of the most reputable beverage distributors in the South. 

Well, it intends to move its operations from Moffett Rd to Downtown Mobile. Maybe folks will get their drinks at the bar even faster! 

Jokes aside, the company will revamp the former Press-Register Building at 401 N Water Street. 

gulf distributing from the 1980s and the mobile press building

Of course, it’ll have to extend and adapt the current warehouse to meet its requirements. They’ll also need a dedicated office space. 

This $32.5M project will secure the company’s future in our beloved city. It will even generate 25 new spots for employment. 

Plans were announced last January 5th at the City of Mobile Industrial Development Board meeting. 

About Gulf Distributing 

Gulf Distributing manages five beverage distribution companies. 

Two from Huntsville to the Baldwin County Beaches, two in Mississippi, and one in northwest Florida. 

Companies like Constellation, Heineken, Yeungling, Boston Beer, Diageo, New Belgium Brewing, Singin’ River, Asahi, Molson Coors, Reg Bull, Mark Anthony Brands, Pabst, Old Majestic, Abita, and Trim Tab are just some of the supplies that this organization represents. 

It’s also involved in the beverage distribution industry in Texas and Colorado.

About The Space 

The Mobile location was purchased by Adams Street Property, LLC, with the intention of renovating and leasing it out to businesses. 

About 75,000 square feet are dedicated to class-A office space. Another 125,000 square feet is warehouse space.

In this deal, the seller was Advance Local Media, LLC, and the buyer was 24/7 Development Partners of Alabama, LLC.

The newspaper will keep its presses running at the Water Street location. 

Around eight years ago, Advance Local relocated the headquarters of the Press-Register and the digital platform to No. 18 South Royal Street.

Downtown Gains a New Gem in its Crown

In his capacity as chairman and CEO of Gulf Distributing, Elliot B. Maisel has stated that the company has outgrown its current site. I’m sure that relocation will allow for a much-needed expansion.

They feel this location can suit their needs for ample space while allowing them to upgrade to a more contemporary, efficient building. 

Downtown Mobile is also one of the most desirable areas in the city. 

There’s no shortage of restaurants and cultural attractions, both of which the 220 retained employees are eager to experience. 

And we can’t wait to play host. 

A Win-Win Situation 

It’s been the city’s goal to draw back-office functions to Downtown Mobile. This relocation is a crucial step in that direction. 

Since we want to lure more back-office functions to Downtown Mobile, this relocation is a crucial step in that direction.

Since 1973, Gulf Distributing has been a model local business. Its continued success has been met with widespread celebration.

Its distribution zone will expand as a result of the move. It will also most certainly simplify its operations. 

And while we’re sorry to see the papers stop printing, we’re happy to see this building in our downtown put to good use. 

No one deserves to use more than a local company that has also spent so much for the community. 

After five decades in business, Gulf Distributing is still optimistic about Mobile and the South’s future prosperity in general. 

That’s why they’re so confident in this strategic expansion. 

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