8 Garage Door Services in Mobile, AL

Ever had a garage door stuck half-open as you’re dashing to work? 

Or worse, a broken one that jeopardizes your home’s safety? 

Here in Mobile, where weather and wear can take a toll, this is a common headache. 

But don’t worry! 

As a homeowner myself, I understand the struggle of staying on top of upkeep. 

And, of course, I want the best people to handle my property issues. 

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best garage door repair and installation services in our area. 

From ensuring your car’s safekeeping to boosting your home’s curb appeal, a reliable garage door is a must! 

So, let’s get you that functional and beautiful garage door for a smoother, safer daily routine. 

Garage Door Repair in Mobile, AL 

Garage Door Repair in Mobile, AL 

Precision Garage Door 

Precision Garage Door, led by Bobby and Stephanie Boes, understands your garage door needs. 

Since opening in 2014, they’ve offered dedicated service throughout the Mobile Metro area. 

They’re part of a national franchise that began in 1999, combining local knowledge and extensive expertise. 

Their focus? 

Providing top-notch repair, replacement, and installation services for garage doors and openers. 

They pride themselves on exceptional customer service, ensuring your experience is smooth and satisfactory. 

With a team of skilled technicians, they’re ready to tackle any garage door issues you’re facing! 

Call: (251) 301-6000

Door-N-Gutter Pro Inc. 

Door-N-Gutter has been a reliable name in Mobile and Baldwin Counties for 15 years

They excel in garage door services, offering everything from new installations to spring replacements. 

Their team understands the importance of a functioning garage door for your home’s security. 

So, with their expertise, you get thorough, efficient fixes and installations. 

They stand out with their in-house approach, ensuring direct communication and faster completion times. 

This family-owned business values strong customer relationships, bringing honesty and integrity to every project. 

And their state license, insurance, and accreditation add to their trustworthiness. 

Call: (251) 666-8313

VES Specialists 

VES Specialists really know their garage doors. 

Their selection ranges from classic wood to modern aluminum doors, in styles like traditional, carriage house, or contemporary. 

And these doors aren’t just about good looks! 

They’re built to keep your home energy-efficient, saving you on heating and cooling. 

Need repairs instead? 

They’re on it. 

And here’s something special — 

They offer fire doors, which are, of course, designed to protect you and your home in case of a fire. 

It’s like having an extra layer of safety. 

And with their annual fire door testing, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

Call: (251) 649-2361

Blayne Garage Doors and Specialties 

Blayne is the go-to guy in Mobile for garage door problems. 

His approach is simple: 

Fix your door, make your day better.

He’s known in the community for being reliable and going above and beyond. 

Whether it’s a repair job or new installation, he brings the expertise (and parts) right to your doorstep. 

You’ll appreciate his honesty and dedication to doing a phenomenal job. 

And he doesn’t stop at fixing the problem; he offers practical advice to keep your garage door functioning smoothly. 

He’s not about making a quick buck. 

If something extra pops up during a repair, he’s got that covered, too, no extra charge. 

This is quality service you can count on! 

Call: (205) 207-9656

Kirk’s Garage Door Services

Kirk’s Garage Door Services

Kirk’s Garage Door Services has over 25 years of expertise in garage door solutions under their belt. 

They specialize in everything from installations and repairs to carport enclosures. 

Their approach is straightforward and honest. 

When they visit your home, they thoroughly assess the job, clearly explain what’s needed, and provide a transparent cost breakdown. 

This way, you know exactly what to expect, with no surprise upsells

And as local technicians, they bring a familiar, community-focused touch to their service. 

Their extensive experience means they’re well-equipped to handle any garage door issue, big or small. 

Call: (251) 299-8353

Garage Door Rescue 

Garage Door Rescue, serving Baldwin and Mobile Counties, specializes in servicing garage doors. 

They’re known for quality work and affordable pricing

And as a local business, they really understand your needs and prioritize your satisfaction. 

Whether it is repairing a door or tweaking an opener, they’ll handle it all with professionalism. 

They use award-winning products to make sure your garage door finally works reliably. 

So, if your garage door is throwing a fit, call these guys to sort it out! 

Call: (251) 621-6622

Garage Door Medics LLC 

Garage Door Medics is the rapid response team for garage door problems in Baldwin and Mobile Counties. 

With a 25-year track record, they expertly handle maintenance, service, repair, and installations. 

Roller replacements, track alignments, and cable fixes are all in a day’s work! 

They’re particularly adept at spring issues, ensuring safe and prompt repairs to avoid further problems. 

If your garage door is acting up, these medics will determine the best course of action that will fit your budget. 

Their goal is to restore your door to perfect working order, stat! 

Call: (251) 554-9478

ADS Garage Doors LLC 

ADS Garage Doors LLC

ADS Garage Doors has a straightforward promise: great service at great prices. 

They’ve been doing this for over 25 years, handling everything from quick repairs to full installations. 

Their team wants to get the job done right the first time, using quality materials to ensure lasting results. 

What really sets them apart is their customer-first attitude.

They’re known to build relationships, proven by their loyal client base. 

With free estimates and a friendly, efficient approach, sorting out your garage door will be as easy as it gets. 

They’re the local pros you can count on for a hassle-free, reliable service. 

Call: (251) 234-9626


Is it cheaper to repair or replace a garage door? 

Having your garage door fixed is usually easier on the wallet than getting a new one. 

Then again, costs can vary based on your door’s type, size, and damage. 

If your garage door is a persistently annoying part of your day, it might be the practical move to spring for a new one! 

Can you fix a garage door by yourself? 

Tackling your garage door issues yourself can be risky, especially with those heavy parts and electrical components. 

Even if you’re pretty handy, it’s always safer to call in the pros. 

They know how to handle those tricky, often dangerous repairs. 

Why would a garage door stop opening? 

Often, when a garage door doesn’t open, it’s because the tension springs are busted. 

These springs are like the muscles of your door, helping it move up and down. 

Over time, they can wear out, losing their strength. 

And when that happens, your garage door might just decide to call it quits! 

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Final Thoughts 

That wraps up our list of garage door services in Mobile.

Tinkering with yours if it’s faulty can be really dicey. 

That’s why it’s a good call to leave it to the experts I listed above. 

They’re there to sort things out for you, ensuring your door works smoothly and enhances your home’s appearance. 

Just imagine how nice it’ll be to have a garage door that works perfectly every single time! 

Whether it’s a repair job or a new install, these pros are just a call away to make your life easier.

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