From ‘Meh’ to Magnificent: Mobile’s Civic Center’s Extreme Makeover In the Works

Mobile Rundown Staff

The Mobile Civic Center is about to undergo a major facelift!

The Mobile City Council has just given the green light to Goodwyn Mills Cawood to kick-start the design work for this renovation project. 

It looks like a flashy new theater and arena are in the works! 

Mobile Civic Center

The plan is to have the partial design wrapped up by the end of this year.

And once the budget has been sorted out, too, the city hopes to start construction after the 2025 Mardi Gras season.

If everything goes by without a hitch, Public Works Executive Director James Delapp says they can get the job done in 21 months.

Talk about a speedy makeover.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about the upcoming balls in the meantime?

Well, the city is working hard to find alternative venues so that the party won’t be spoiled. 

C’mon, this is Mobilewhen there’s a will to celebrate, there’s a way! 

And while actual construction won’t start for a few years, the Amry Corps of Engineers will be breaking ground on June 28th.

That’s likely going to mess with our parking situation for the next Mardi Gras season.  

Delapp spilled the tea, mentioning that the usual parking lot would be off-limits because of the construction of the shiny new office building and parking deck.

But hey, they’re on it! 

The city is even mulling over whether to keep the expo hall as part of the grand renovation scheme.

Tough decisions are being made all in the name of creating an extraordinary experience for us all. 

So, get ready to witness a reimagined landmark.

The anticipation is building, and soon, the Mobile Civic Center will take its place as an iconic symbol of progress in our city.

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