13 Foundation Companies That Serve Mobile, AL

Hey neighbor, got foundation troubles? 

I feel you. 

As an owner of multiple properties, I’ve seen my fair share of cracks and uneven floors. 

Annoying doors that just won’t shut properly…

Drainage issues… 

Nails popping out of drywall…

Those are common headaches in our historic neighborhoods.

Well, I’m here to help you out by listing the finest foundation companies in Mobile, Alabama.

We’re talking professional, stress-free ways to get rid of your foundation issues once and for all. 

Trust me, with the right help, your home will be in tip-top shape again. 

Now, let’s get your home back to being the cozy, safe space it should be! 

Who to Call for Foundation Repair in Mobile, AL 

Who to Call for Foundation Repair in Mobile, AL

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists 

AFS is your go-to team for tackling those foundation issues. 

They’re well-versed in handling our local soil challenges. 

Cracked chimneys, bowing walls, or those infuriating uneven floors —

AFS has solutions for them all! 

With over 20 years of experience, they bring expertise and industry-leading techniques to every job. 

Their services aren’t just about quick fixes; they’re about lasting stability for your home. 

The team at AFS uses high-quality products and offers personalized service, ensuring your foundation gets the care it needs. 

So, if you’re seeing signs of foundation distress, trust AFS to restore your home’s integrity and safety. 

Call: (251) 758-3469

Poplar Home Waterproofing

Poplar Home Waterproofing is all about keeping your home safe and dry. 

This family-owned company specializes in everything from structural and crawl space repair to waterproofing. 

They’re experts in dealing with humidity issues, termite damage, and even wood rot. 

Plus, they have a knack for exterior home repairs like siding and fascia. 

And they offer free estimates in Mobile! 

You can count on them to fix your foundation with the latest techniques. 

No quick fixes, just lasting solutions. 

Call: (251) 616-1666

Jeff’s Foundation Repair & Home Leveling 

Meet Jeff, the man behind this humble foundation repair service. 

He’s been in the game for over 12 years, working alongside Pete. 

He’s known in the community for his solid work ethic. 

Now, he’s stepping up to run his own show, committed to supporting his family and helping yours. 

Jeff can take care of all your foundation issues. 

Cracked brick walls? 

Leaning chimneys? 

Unlevel floors? 

He’s got it covered. 

His team can build brick or block piers, level your house, and solve any rotten wood or termite problems. 

They even do flooring replacements. 

What stands out about Jeff is his dedication. 

He loves his job, and he wants to give you a home that’s not just repaired but built to last through any storm. 

Call: (251) 508-1820

MDH Foundation Repair 

MDH Foundation Repair 

The goal of MDH Foundation Repair is to give your home the solid foundation it deserves. 

They offer a free inspection to spot those telltale signs of a foundation in need of TLC. 

After the assessment, they have a variety of high-tech solutions up their sleeve. 

From StrongHold carbon fiber braces to helical piers and poly expansion foams, they’re equipped to handle any issue. 

Whether your home’s built on bricks, concrete slabs, or outer walls, they have a fix! 

Plus, they offer service options like encapsulation, crawl space insulation, and basement waterproofing. 

So, don’t wait if you’re seeing those foundation woes! 

Reach out to MDH Foundation Repair so their dream team can make your home safe and functional again. 

Call: (251) 325-4199

Ox Foundation Solutions 

Ox Foundation Solutions in Mobile tackles the tough stuff in foundation repair. 

They’ve been at it for 25 years, so they know their trade inside out. 

Got cracks or uneven floors? 

They’ll fix them up. 

Moisture issues? 

No problem! They use smart tech to keep your place dry and mold-free. 

Uneven concrete in your walkway or driveway? 

They’ll make it smooth and safe again. 

Their team is all about getting your home in functional condition again, focusing on what matters most —

A sturdy, safe foundation. 

They’re reliable, efficient, and ready to take on any challenge your house throws at them!

Call: (251) 351-7755

Gulf Coast Foundations LLC 

Gulf Coast Foundations is a popular choice for foundation repair along the Gulf Coast. 

They’re local experts, knowing exactly how to face foundation challenges in this area. 

So, you can trust them to offer clear guidance and affordable solutions

Their services include crawl space encapsulations, turning damp areas into dry, rot-free spaces. 

If you’re dealing with a sinking slab, porch, or entryway, their foam slab lifting expertise is unmatched. 

For more serious settling problems, they use helical piers to reach deep into the ground, ensuring lasting stability. 

They also specialize in basement waterproofing, crucial in the Gulf Coast’s humid climate. 

By installing effective barriers, they prevent water intrusion, humidity, and mold in basements. 

Call: (251) 620-6808

Alabama Professional Services (APS) 

APS has been known for their foundation repair work in Alabama for over 45 years

They address various issues, from bowing walls to floor cracks. 

If you’re noticing any signs of foundation damage, APS is the team to call. 

They’re not just skilled; they’re thorough

They’ll figure out what’s causing the problems and fix it with lasting solutions. 

APS stands out because of their custom-designed, patented solutions

As a trusted Supportworks dealer, they use exclusive, warrantied products. 

They can install foundation pier systems and crawl space support posts. 

With APS, you’re getting peace of mind that your home is safe, sound, and secure! 

Call: (251) 635-7998 and (251) 596-6161

Foundation Solutions LLC 

Foundation Solutions LLC

Foundation Solutions LLC specializes in a wide range of repair services, ensuring your foundation stays strong. 

They’re the experts realtors and homeowners trust for staying on budget and on time. 

They can handle everything from cement repair to seawall repair, making complex projects look easy.

And their expertise isn’t limited to just one type of foundation! 

Whether it’s pier and beam crawl spaces, concrete foundations, or even seawalls, they’ve got the skills to fix it. 

If your foundation is settling or your seawall is crumbling, Foundation Solutions is the team to call. 

They offer free quotes and are quick to respond.

Call: (251) 478-7899

Mobile Foundation Repair Services 

Mobile Foundation Repair Service stands out with its practical, no-nonsense approach to foundation repair. 

In business for over two decades, they’ve honed their skills in fixing foundations with precision. 

They efficiently tackle common issues like foundation cracks, ensuring your home’s base is solid and secure. 

If your house is unsteady, they have the expertise to level it effectively. 

They’re also pros at waterproofing, keeping basements and crawl spaces dry and safe. 

With a straightforward, free estimate process, they make it easy for homeowners. 

Their focused approach means they get the job done right, offering reliable solutions for your home’s foundation. 

Call: (251) 351-9880

Foundation Supportworks 

Foundation Supportworks is all about giving Mobile homeowners lasting solutions for foundation and concrete issues. 

They get it —

Foundation problems don’t just go away; they get worse and more costly to fix as time goes on. 

So, their mission? 

To fix your issues for good, giving you that much-needed stress relief. 

They can handle foundation settlement and crack repairs, bowing and shearing walls, and sagging floors. 

And they don’t stop at foundations. 

Uneven concrete, whether it’s a driveway, walkway, or patio, can be a real hazard. 

They can level and repair concrete without the need for a total do-over

Their approach is tailored to your specific needs, using exclusive, tried-and-tested products

Plus, they offer financing options

Call: (866) 375-9990

Southern Dry Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialist 

Southern Dry understands that foundation issues can escalate quickly. 

Their expertise addresses the unique challenges of Mobile’s humidity, soil, and basement flooding risks. 

They expertly assess soil conditions, critical to foundation health. 

Once they spot the telltale signs of damage, they’ll apply various repair methods. 

This covers everything from spot piers for minor issues to helical piers for comprehensive support. 

They prioritize affordable, effective solutions, reflecting their commitment to lasting quality. 

Call: (251) 318-9494

Evans Construction 

Evans Construction

Evans Construction will whisk away your foundation worries with a can-do attitude. 

If your home’s sitting on a conventional foundation that’s seen better days, they’re the crew to call. 

They level foundations, fix sills, and patch up those pesky cracks. 

And for slab foundations? 

They’re on it with thorough repairs, leveling, and filling gaps. 

Plus, Evans Construction looks at the big picture

Their drainage solutions, like French drains and surface drains, keep water away from your foundation to avoid future issues. 

And with their gutter system services, they make sure rainwater stays where it should. 

Simply put, they will make sure your foundation stays solid, dry, and issue-free!

Call: (251) 405-8398

The Port City Foundation Repair Co. 

What if you’re juggling foundation problems and don’t want to call repair services one by one? 

The Porty City Foundation Repair Co is your answer. 

They’re like a one-stop network of top-notch foundation fixers. 

Think of them as a team that will simplify your hunt for the right help.

At the very least, they can provide a benchmark quotation to compare costs with. 

Because if you’re worried about hidden costs, they’re all about clear, upfront pricing. 

Plus, using their networks means you’re tapping into a pool of experienced pros.

And they back their work with a solid warranty, so you can enjoy a sturdy, safe home for a long time. 

Call: (251) 551-9148


What happens if your foundation is damaged? 

A damaged foundation is not just a small hiccup. 

You might start seeing cracks in the walls, doors that won’t close, or uneven floors. 

These are the warning signs. 

Left unfixed, they can get worse, leading to serious structural damage and safety risks. 

That’s why it’s crucial to get it checked by a pro sooner rather than later! 

Can you fix a broken foundation? 

Living in Mobile, it’s not usual for home foundations to wear down because of the climate and location. 

You can tackle minor foundation cracks yourself with things like epoxy injections or concrete sealants

But if those cracks are deep or there’s some severe shifting going on, it’s time to call in the pros. 

Contacting licensed foundation repair experts will always be the smart move for big fixes. 

What type of foundation repair is best? 

Going for steel piers is usually the solution for a long-lasting foundation fix. 

They can be pricey. 

But these strong steel posts get driven deep into the ground for solid support. 

But once your chosen experts take a look through, they might suggest something else more budget-friendly. 

They’ll assess your unique situation and recommend the best way forward. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you’re spotting signs of foundation damage in your home, you can’t wait around! 

Tackling foundation issues early can save you a lot of hassle and money down the line. 

So, take a moment to reach out to the foundation repair services I listed above. 

They’re ready to help you get your home back on solid ground. 

Best of luck, and here’s to a safe, stable home for years to come!

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