Fort Morgan Beaches – One Of The Hidden Gems Of Alabama

If you want an excellent outing experience, then you should try exploring destinations surrounding Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan Beaches.

People consider this area one of the best places to visit.

The location of Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores offers a lot of beaches for the public to access. 


There are plenty of things to do and also places to eat on this stretch of beach area.

Ok, let’s get to the beach talk.

Florida Point

Florida Point covers a mile of stunning pure white sand and soft tide to your feet. You can find Florida Point at the east of Perdido Pass Bridge.

Stopping is free, and you’ll discover conveniences like excursion regions and open-air showers.

With its openness, you can easily interact with people and get to know them.

However, if you are not an outgoing person, you can find tons of spots with privacy.

Cotton Bayou

Since prominent apartments surround Cotton Bayou, you can see that this beach always hosts tons of people. The formal address of this beach is 26026 Perdido Beach Blvd.

Orange Beach, AL 36561. However, for easy navigation, you can find it at the intersection of Highway 161 and Highway 182. Since it always remains crowded, you can meet plenty of people to interact with an outgoing type. If you seek some inner peace, try walking along the shoreline and let the soft tide hit your feet. Stopping, bathrooms, and outside showers are sans altogether and effectively open.

Gulf Shores Main Public Beach

The Gulf Shores Public Beach stays quite possibly the most well-known bay shores seashores. Inhabitants and Tourists can’t resist cherishing this spot as it offers enormous loads of highlights. That goes from having heaps of cafés, gift stores, and sites to hang out. Like those referenced above, Gulf Shores Public Beach likewise offers an enormous boundary for no particular reason sea shore exercises. Those exercises could be sandcastle building, seashore volleyball, and even sun-bathing on the off chance that you need. You can likewise straight-up chill with your family and have an outing.

The foundation offers a broad scope of other fun exercises, like fly skiing and parasailing. You can even lease a trike to go up high the bay shores. Unlike the ones above, Gulf Shores Main Public Beach charges you for parking. The fee goes up to $10 for the whole day. You’ll discover showers and bathrooms alongside outer structures and cookout regions. This part of the seashore is very well known, so arrive ahead of schedule to appreciate the entire day!

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Romar Beach

Unlike the other beaches, Romar Beach remains hidden from people. It may be unpopular but provides the same elegance the other beaches could offer. Since it hosts few people simultaneously, Romar Beach serves best if you want true relaxation. To locate Romar Beach, turn east of Highway 58, and after traveling for seven miles, you will see their facility. However, the beach offers no restrooms or showers, but the parking remains free.

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Beach

Situated at Fort Morgan Peninsula, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge covers 7,157 acres of land zone going about as a sanctuary for a few living things. White-sand beaches, trails, and nature walk make this the ideal coastline choice for nature dears. Stroll through the courses and discover creatures like armadillos, fowls, and even the Alabama Beach Mouse. Likewise, look at its classical component, the Fort Morgan, with a set of experiences returning to 1834.

You can find Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Beach at 12295 State Highway 180. Experiencing its beauty and the peace it could bring are free of charge, so do not hesitate to visit. You can stop your vehicle at Mobile Street for easy access to the facility.

The Gulf State Park’s Beach Pavilion

The Gulf State Park’s Beach Pavilion remains one of the most picked beaches by residents and tourists. However, the establishment offers various services, most preferred spending time with their family there. The Gulf State Park’s Beach Pavilion opens from 7 a.m. and closes after sunset. You’ll discover extraordinary conveniences like cooled restrooms with showers and a snack bar.

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About Fort Morgan Beaches

fort morgan in alabama

Fort Morgan acts as the Third System quality stronghold worked somewhere in the range of 1819 and 1833. Standing watchman where the straight meets the Gulf of Mexico, the fortress assumed a massive part in the Battle of Mobile Bay in August 1864. In 1946, the State of Alabama claimed the site and listed it as a National Historic Landmark.

Fort Morgan offers tons of great shelters for anyone who wants to stay there for some period. Some houses come along with pools; either way, they accommodate people comfortably. Also, the area offers decent beach views.

With its structure, Fort Morgan isolates itself from the outside, making stores inside sell their products at higher rates. That means if you want to experience vacation at Fort Morgan, make sure to bring your groceries.

How to easily access the beach? Which beach access offers to park?

Since misinformation circulates online, the time has come to fix those inaccurate data regarding Fort Morgan Beaches and the surrounding area.

As to what the Homeowners Association stated, you can access the public beach through specific routes, including Mobile Street and the Our Road; usually, you cannot get part of Our Road since it has no parking lot. However, you can park at spots with no directed “No Parking” signs and get no fines.

If people already occupied that spot, then you have an option to go to Mobile Street. Mobile Street has its parking lot, so you could stop there to go to the beach.

However, you could still access the public beach through lanes going along Ponce de Leon. Most of its roads end near the public beach, making it accessible. Other than that, some routes offer public beach access. However, most of the time, those streets do not have any parking spots.

What time do they open and close?

The management has posted a lot of signs within the premises to inform you when they are open. Nonetheless, they remain available from 8 in the morning until 5 p.m. Thus you can access the service during that period. However, this time restrictions only applied to Fort Morgan Beach. Some beaches within the apartments and condos have their limit.

Where to get your Food?

If the first option you have when staying at Fort Morgan, you must visit the Sassy Bass Market. The store offers newly-caught fishes, or if not, they still sell fresh ones. Other than that, they also have more products to sell. After all, they manage a grocery store. However, if you want other seafood options, then Fresh Market Seafood got what you asked.

Moreover, if you prefer going to restaurants, you should drive through Ft. Morgan Road. Gulf Shores. However, for a much better option, you could try checking the F&B area and see if something interests you.

Do they allow pets?

Wondering if establishments allow pets on the premises remains a constant source of worry for pet owners. Good thing Fort Morgan let their customer bring in their pets inside. However, note that not every apartment or house offers that kind of treatment. Fort Morgan might have allowed pets, and some places inside do not. So when picking a shelter to spend your vacation in, make sure they allow pets before inquiring.

Stronghold Morgan’s seashore region between the Engineer’s Wharf and fishing dock permit pets in the event if remained leashed. The pet-accommodating seashore begins after destiny and runs corresponding to the primary street.

Be wary of the allowed territories since the city will charge you when your pet strays around. Also, they have so-called pet zones, and going out those with your pet might result in you paying a fee.

If you want the perfect accommodation for your vacation, check out The Beach Club. Customers rate this resort as family-oriented. Concerning the water situation, individuals have discovered the water at The Beach Club to be very much like if not indistinguishable from that in Gulf Shores. In any case, The Beach Club is around 10 miles from the finish of the peninsula, and the water will change as you draw nearer toward the kick-off of Mobile Bay.

How long is the usual Travel Time?

Usually, when coming from Pensacola, Florida, travel times take up to an hour and a half. The same goes from Mobile, Alabama. However, from Montgomery, Alabama, it often goes around three hours and 30 minutes. The travel time may be long, but you can consider it worth it as you will experience one of the best vacations.

Where can I inquire about shelter?

If you plan to vacate there for a few days (or weeks!), you should ensure that a place to stay awaits you. You can inquire about rentals both on the Gulf side and on the bay side. For booking availability and info, consider checking these sites:

VRBO (this is a great option in our area when it comes to renting beach homes. Fort Morgan mostly has residential beach houses). (this is the better option for hotels and condos).

See you at Fort Morgan!

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