The Best Food Trucks IN Mobile AL

Driving food trucks around is the best way for chefs to get creative and let customers sample their creations.

It’s also a pretty neat way to cater events.

Hire a couple of food trucks, and your guests might talk about it for years to come. 

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of food trucks circling Mobile and serving up some delicious flavors.

In this post, we’ll list the best food trucks that are worth following. 

food trucks mobile al

Best Food Trucks Mobile, AL 

Smokin Gringos 

Smokin Gringos is serving up some delectable tacos!

This totally makes sense because tacos are the kind of food you can eat on the go. 

They’re famous for their smoked brisket, which you can get in tacos, quesadillas, and burritos.

They also serve taco salads and nachos for some light snacking. 

Smokin Gringos is also available for catering at your next event!

Vegan Time 

Mobile’s city streets are home to the well-known food truck Vegan Time.

Its staff serves nutritious Alkaline meals that are made daily with fresh ingredients. 

Their Alkaline Vegan burgers, Vegan Crab Cakes, Vegan Wings, and Vegan Fish Sandwiches are some of their wonderful Signature dishes. 

Yellowhammer Coffee

Yellowhammer Coffee is a coffee shop, but it also has a food truck that roams around and provides great service.

Try their King Cake Frappe, a seasonal drink with purple and green sprinkles on top.

They also have a pretty impressive selection of snacks to go with your drinks. 

Tops Food Truck

Try to catch Top’s if you’ve got a hankering for classic American fare.

They serve everything from cheeseburgers, sandwiches, fried seafood, chicken wings, wraps, and specialty fries. 

The Wacked Out Weiner 

The Wacked Out Weiner will satiate hotdog lovers all over Mobile.

Aside from the usual toppings like chili, cheese, onions, sauerkraut, and relish, they also have surprising additions. 

You can opt for bacon, mac n’ cheese, and their special Weiner Dust.

It’s pretty easy to chow down on some dogs, making this food truck a hit at parties and other events. 

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If you’d like to gorge on some food truck fare but still want to be healthy about it, try Fitkits.

They serve loaded bowls full of good stuff like vegetables and lean proteins. 

Healthy doesn’t always mean bland!

Check out the Chef Special Bowl with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pinto bean, black beans, corn, garlic and herb sauce, teriyaki sauce, sour cream, and your choice of two types of meat.

Now that’s an awesome lunch! 

Reney’s Honey Butter

For a grab-and-go breakfast, Reney’s Honey Butter is the perfect food truck to help jumpstart your day.

Try their scrumptious biscuits, bagels, croissants, scones, bread, oatmeal, and more! 

B&B Land and Sea

B&B Land and Sea has a pretty straightforward menu.

They have burgers, po’boys, wraps, salads, and wings. 

What makes this food truck stand out is the quality and freshness of its food. No frozen stuff here. 

Kona Ice of Coastal Alabama 

Looking to cool off?

How about some delicious frozen desserts and shaved ice with many yummy flavors? 

Should you come across Kona Ice, it would be much easier to beat the Alabamian heat! 

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Food Trucks Mobile Al – FAQs

How To Find Food Trucks? 

The trouble with food trucks is they’re… mobile.
They usually travel within a schedule, so you’ll have to do some prior research to catch them. 
You can try services like or to keep track of your favorite eateries on wheels.
They have an app that’s available for iOS and Android users, making it more convenient for foodies on the go. 
You’ll find detailed info on each food truck, their locations, and the type of food they’re serving.
You can even order food right from the app and pick it up when it’s ready. 

Why Food Trucks Are Such A Hit ?

A fantastic way to try dishes you may not typically try or have never heard of is through food trucks. 
You can approach the kitchen and see (and smell) what’s being prepared. Then, if you’re still unsure, ask the chef about the food. 
You can experiment and try foods outside of your comfort zone as new trucks arrive in your neighborhood rather than sticking to the same old menus. 
Mobile cooks often experiment with intriguing fusion recipes that aren’t typically offered at conventional restaurants.
The convenience of food trucks is another factor contributing to their enormous appeal. 
You can discover fresh, hot food in some random parking lot or park since they tend to go where the people are. 
Large events like festivals, sporting events, and even weddings frequently feature food trucks.

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Final Thoughts 

Mobile food trucks strengthen our sense of community.

They offer a chance to connect with those who share your enthusiasm for great food or who are simply out for a bite to eat.

They’re also a great way to support local chefs.

Chefs working in a mobile kitchen have a lot more latitude than those working in a traditional restaurant, and they may be more inventive with their dishes.

Lastly, you can fill up on quality food without racking up a hefty tab! 

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