Feeding the Gulf Coast With A Vision To Make It Hunger Free

By working with alliance partners and specific initiatives, Feeding the Gulf Coast helps tackle the problem of feeding hungry individuals due to poverty, personal crisis, or catastrophe. 

Feeding the Gulf Coast

They also educate the public on domestic hunger, good nutrition, and more as part of their goal.

Rehabilitation is nothing new for those living on the Central Gulf Coast.

They have rebuilt houses and companies in the wake of natural catastrophes and economic downturns.

Feeding the Gulf Coast has been providing meals to the people of the Gulf Coast for more than four decades.

Helping provide meals at the Gulf Coast covers 24 of Florida’s panhandle and Alabama and Mississippi’s southern panhandle. 

The food bank provided over 26 million meals and supplies in its service region in 2021 through 400 chapel pantries, food pantries, and other non-profit organizations. 

Summer Meals, Afterschool Meals, Backpacks, Relief Efforts, Mobile Pantry and Produce Drop Distributions, and Nutrition Education are just some of the food bank’s hunger relief and nutrition services. 

In addition to being a member of Feeding America, Feeding the Gulf Coast is a United Way partner agency.

Feeding the Gulf Coast can offer five meals for every dollar contributed.

One out of four children is in danger of being hungry.

And nearly 123,500 people in our nine-county service region in south Alabama are affected by hunger on any given day. 

To accomplish their goals, they need the help of their neighbors.

There are several methods for people and organizations to engage and positively impact.

Individuals and families looking for food assistance can use the “Find Help” option on www.feedingthegulfcoast.org to find out where they can get it.

The phone number is 888-704-FOOD.

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