Fairhope Foodie: Everything You Need to Know About This Fairhope Food Tour

My wife and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in a unique way…

By joining the ‘Fairhope Foodie’ food tour! 

Fairhope is a gorgeous town nestled on the bluffs of Mobile Bay, dotted with scenic parks.

Plus, it’s so close by, so we decided to try this tour. 

The food was amazing, and so were the people we met. 

Our group had folks from Fort Payne and Huntsville, a few from Baton Rouge, and some Fairhope locals. 

It was like a mini gathering of the South, full of good eats and warm chats. 

Read on to find out the details and why you should think about going on this tour, too! 

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About the Fairhope Foodie Tour 

So, we got the cocktail package. 

It’s not every day you celebrate a decade together, right? 

Might as well let loose a little! 


For three hours, we explored six of Fairhope’s best restaurants, each offering a unique taste of the local cuisine. 

Our guide, Jennifer, was great and made us feel welcome.

All the stops were closely connected, so the walking was more like a leisurely stroll.

And as we indulged in the flavors, we also soaked up stories about Fairhope’s founding and its culinary culture. 

That made the meals even more meaningful. 

All the while, we mingled with our tour group, swapping stories and laughs. 

The Restaurants


Provision is a charming spot known as “Fairhope’s Living Room.” 

Here, we enjoyed a cozy coffee shop vibe, restaurant-quality dishes, a selection of wines, and a market, all in one place. 

The folks there are very hospitable. 

Panini Pete’s 

Owned by Fairhope’s celebrity chef, Panini Pete, this establishment is the jewel of the French Quarter. 

You might have seen this guy from his Food Network appearances and collaborations with the Messlords. 

We can see why this had to be a stop on our tour!

Bay Breeze Cafe 

Bay Breeze Cafe is beloved in Fairhope for its delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, and homemade desserts.

Dragonfly Foodbar 

Dragonfly Foodbar stands out in Fairhope for its innovative cuisine. 

It’s ‘fine dining in a tortilla’ with some of the best tacos around. 

Don’t miss their popular Turnip Fries!

Happy Olive 

A visit to Happy Olive is an enlightening experience. 

Here, you’ll taste and learn about a variety of olive oils and aged vinegars from across the globe.

(Some of these spots made our list of the best Fairhope restaurants!) 

Gene’s Beans 

And for dessert, the iconic Fairhope Float! 

We were already stuffed at this point, but who could say no to frozen yogurt, coffee, and whipped cream?

Some Tips

1. Come Hungry

You’ve seen the stops, so bring your appetites! 

2. Wear comfortable clothing. 

There will be walking. 

The tour is moderately paced, but covers a little over a mile of walking distance. 

It’s suitable for most fitness levels, but it doesn’t hurt to wear comfy shoes! 

3. When the tour is on, it’s on. 

Don’t worry if it rains; the tour will still take place. 

Ponchos are provided if necessary, but bring an umbrella if you’d like. 

4. Take lots of photos. 

Bring your phone or camera! 

There isn’t a photographer, so you’ll have to snap your own memories. 

5. Tip your guide. 

Tour gratuity isn’t included in your ticket. 

So, if you have a great time (like we did), be nice and tip your guide. 

Rates and Schedule 


Tours are held every Friday and Saturday at 2 PM. 

If you’re a group of six or more, you can go on a private tour on weekdays. 

Rates (subject to change)

  • $72 – Adult
  • $89 – Adult Cocktail Package
  • $35 – Children 11 and Under (Kids not eating are free.) 

*Rates include all the food, tax, and gratuity at restaurants. 

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Overall, the Fairhope Foodie tour is something I wholeheartedly recommend. 

Not only was it a significant milestone for my wife and me, but it was also an enjoyable experience in itself.

The food was top-notch, and the cocktails were a perfect complement.

What really elevated the tour, though, was Jennifer’s extensive knowledge and warm personality. 

She brought each tasting to life with her insights.

It was also an easy, leisurely walk, and along the way, we learned so much about Fairhope’s rich history.

Looking for more things to do? 
Here’s our list of the best activities in Fairhope!

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