10 Dumb Alabama Laws You Might Not Know

Every state has weird laws within its history. Some of these laws make you question how they even came to be or could even be enforced.

Hence Alabama is no exception to having some of these dumb laws, so here are ten dumb Alabama laws. 

Dumb Alabama Laws

10 Dumb Alabama Laws

1- You cannot put salt on a railroad track; it can be punishable by death. 

Alabama used to be an open-range state, meaning that livestock roamed free.

Salt was used to lure sick or injured cattle on the railroad tracks. The railroad companies would then have to pay market value for the deceased animal.

2- It’s illegal to impersonate a priest. 

Impersonation of a priest or any clergy member is considered a misdemeanor. 

3- You cannot wear a fake mustache in a church because it might cause laughter.

This law was most likely passed to maintain decency and respect within churches. 

4- In Mobile, it’s illegal to use confetti.  

While Mobile is known for its Mardi Gras celebrations, you may notice a lack of confetti at these festive celebrations because it is illegal to use non-biodegradable, plastic-based confetti. 

5- You are not allowed to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket while walking down the street. 

Putting an ice cream cone in your pocket was once a common way to steal horses away from carriages and have them follow you home. 

6- If you have a lantern attached to the front of your vehicle, you can drive the wrong way down a one-way street. 

7- Bear wrestling matches are illegal and are a Class B felony. 

It is unlawful to bear exploitation if you engage in, receive admission money, or sell or purchase a bear for bear wrestling purposes. 

8- Dominoes must not be played on Sundays.

Many things are prohibited on Sundays in Alabama; one of the weirdest: is the game of Dominoes. 

9- It’s illegal to drive while blindfolded. 

This one only makes sense. 

10- In Mobile, bathing in city fountains is not allowed.

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