Dolphin Tours Gulf Shores: 20+ Amazing Cruises You’ll Love

Alabama’s coastlines are packed with fun activities for you and your loved ones.

From relaxing on the beach to gorging on seafood, there’s no shortage of things to doeven on a rainy day!

But, a real highlight is taking a dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores and nearby spots.

There are many companies offering this service, but we’re picked out the best ones for you.

Let’s go check those out below!

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Top Dolphin Tours Gulf Shores, Alabama

WildNative Tours

Screenshot of Wild Native Tours

WildNative Tours started in 2004 and quickly became a hit for dolphin watching in Gulf Shores.

Their excursions are exciting, educational, and affordable.

You’ll sail the Alabama Gulf Coast and Mobile-Tensaw Delta, spotting dolphins and other marine life.

If you’re up for something more active, their ‘Dolphins & Wildlife Kayak Experience‘ lets you kayak in dolphin habitats.

Keep in mind, though, that while seeing dolphins is common, it’s not guaranteed.

You’ll likely also encounter manatees, turtles, and lots of bird species.

It’s a three-hour adventure that goes beyond your typical beach day!

Address: 2923, 4159 Co Rd 6, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Phone No: 251-272-4088

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Island Marine Charters

Island Marine Charters offers a unique dolphin cruise in calm inland waters and lagoons.

Up to four people can enjoy a 2-hour dolphin tour.

Captain Joe Buskens, a 7th generation local, will be your knowledgeable and friendly guide.

He knows Gulf Shores’ waters inside out.

While fishing isn’t part of the dolphin cruises, it’s a highlight of their other charters.

Address: Buskens Ln, Gulf Shores, AL

Phone No: 251-228-2344

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Pure Aloha Adventures

Pure Aloha Adventures brings the magic with their daily and sunset dolphin cruises.

Their 1.5-hour trips are packed with fun and learning.

You’ll see dolphins, check out celebrity homes, and snap plenty of photos.

It’s a relaxed, narrated boat ride in the calm back bay waters.

This one’s perfect for all ages looking for adventure and great memories.

Please note that kids under 12 need an adult at check-in!

Address: 22922 Alabama’s Coastal Connection, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Phone No: 251-391-4832

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Dolphin Tours Around Gulf Shores

Dolphin tours? Gulf Shores is just the beginning!

Just ten minutes away, Orange Beach offers even more options.

It’s super easy to get there and these places are often lumped together.

They often share the same services, making it easy to find the ideal dolphin cruise.

Cold Mil Fleet

Kids on a dolphin cruise

Cold Mil Fleet offers five awesome dolphin cruises.

Hop on their 50-foot Navy boats for an up-close look at dolphins in the wild.

First, they have daytime cruises where you can watch dolphins frolic in the sun.

Sunset cruises offer views of dolphins at dusk.

If you want to do this with a group, private cruises can host up to 49 guests.

There are also field trips that provide educational tours for students.

Lastly, their Double Surf Cruise creates waves for dolphin play.

Since these folks know these waters well, each trip guarantees dolphin encounters!

Address: 5749 Bay La Launch Avenue, Orange Beach, AL 36561.

Phone No: 251-943-3510

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Gulf Adventures Fishing – Permanently Closed

Captain DeJuan Tedder, the expert at Gulf Adventures Fishing, has been fishing the waters of Mobile Bay, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Fort Morgan for more than 30 years.

Thus he is remarkably aware of the best dolphins’ habitats and their peak activity time.

The 1.5 hours-long tours on their dolphin cruise will be something your family will cherish forever. 

Moreover, the company has a reputation for celebrating various fish seasons. 

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Sunny Lady Dolphin Tours

Sunny Lady Dolphin Tour Boat

Sunny Lady Dolphin Tours offers daily cruises, perfect for exploring the Gulf Coast.

Run by a family, they make sure you get close to dolphins and marine life.

Their 1.5-hour cruises fit 133 passengers, all safe with life-preservers.

The also boast the best rates in Orange Beach, making it a great pick for any group size.

The “Sunny Lady” is their proud vessel, equipped for over 3,000 successful tours annually.

Address: 4673 Wharf Pkwy, Orange Beach, AL, USA,

Phone No: 251-589-7117

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Southern Rose Dolphin Cruises

Southern Rose Dolphin Cruises stand out with its double-decked cruiser, ideal for unobstructed dolphin sightings.

Once aboard, you can relax with beach tunes and a narrated tour of local waterways.

The boat comes equipped with a snack bar offering many refreshments.

You’re also welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages too.

Although swimming with dolphins isn’t an option, you’ll get up close, making unforgettable memories.

Address: 27212 Marina Road, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-981-7673.

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Caribe Cruiser Dolphin Tours

Caribe Cruiser Dolphin Tours - Dolphin tours Gulf Shores

Hop on the Caribe Cruiser with Captain Larry for a Tiki Dolphin Tour!

This 51-foot pontoon boat, complete with topical music, provides a cozy way to watch dolphins.

It seats 40, has shade, comfy seats, a bathroom, and guarantees dolphin sightings.

Big groups can book a private cruise.

Address: 28099 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561.

Phone No: (251) 980-8410

The Fun Boats

The Fun Boats offer a unique dolphin cruise packed with fun.

Join Captain Dean for a 2-hour voyage, featuring optional water fights and the sea-life experience.

Choose to get in on the action or stay dry in the cabin.

Perfect for all ages, these cruises mix education with excitement.

Established in 2012 by Captain Dean, a local with a passion for the sea, The Fun Boats aim to create memorable family experiences.

With no alcohol and a focus on clean fun, it’s a hit for family vacations!

Address: 3900 Bayou Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA

Phone No: 251-971-1893

Cetacean Cruises

Cetacean Cruises brings you close to dolphins with tours on The Explorer.

Enjoy a 1.5-hour Dolphin Eco Tour focusing solely on these majestic creatures.

For a deeper diver, their 2-hour Dolphin and Nature Cruise mixes dolphin sightings with local wildlife exploration.

Prefer something private?

Their 1.5-hour private tours offer an exclusive and informative experience.

You can also catch the beauty of a Gulf Coast sunset on their Dolphin and Nature Sunset Cruise.

Each journey promises unique views and fun facts, perfect for families or anyone eager to meet dolphins up close!

Address: 4673 Wharf Pkwy W, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 250-550-8000

Dolphin Tales

Dolphin Tales is a standout as the area’s only female-owned dolphin cruise, led by the dynamic Tabby.

Alongside Captain Bart, they make every trip unforgettable, mixing education with heaps of fun.

Join their Daily Dolphin Cruise to see dolphins play in beautiful waters.

You can also opt for the Captain’s Custom Boat Tour for a personalized adventure, from dolphin spotting to snorkeling.

And don’t miss their Sunset Dolphin Cruise, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts looking to learn while enjoying scenic views.

Address: 26619 Perdido Beach Blvd Slip #C-32, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-269-5555

Cruise Orange Beach

Cruise Orange Beach brings a twist to the usual dolphin tour, offering an epic adventure on the Gulf of Mexico.

This family-run venture operates a 52-foot vessel, setting the stage for dolphin encounters.

With a capacity for 75 guests, each journey is filled with anticipation.

You could have water battles with passing boats and discover what’s inside a crab pot.

Dolphins may even grace the boat’s wake with their acrobatics!

Address: 27844 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-986-6694

Surf’s Up Dolphin Cruises

Surf’s Up offers the thrill of dolphin sightings for just $15!

That’s unbeatable value in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area.

Since 2011, they’ve been delivering unforgettable experience, guaranteeing you’ll see dolphins in play in their natural habitat.

You can choose from daytime or sunset cruises for a spectacular view.

Their boats create perfect waves for dolphins to “surf,” showing off their sweet skills.

With Captain Nelson Box at the helm, a veteran since 1998, you’re in for a safe, fun, and educational adventure.

Address: 28101 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-965-7873

Dolphins Down Under

Looking for a new way to see dolphins?

Dolphins Down Under provides glass bottom boat cruises!

Discover dolphins and marine life from a unique perspective aboard their stable catamarans.

Their tours, lasting 1.5 hours, feature large glass panels for underwater viewing.

Experienced captains make each fun and informative.

And don’t miss their sunset cruises, where the beauty of the coast blends with the thrill of dolphin sightings.

Hard to beat!

Address: 28101 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-968-4386

Orange Beach Private Family Dolphin Tours

Orange Beach Private Family Dolphin Tours offers personalized experiences on the water.

Guests can enjoy private cruises, jet ski adventures, and breathtaking sunset views, all tailored for individual families.

It’s the intimate setting that you want for dolphin sightings and aquatic fun.

Early booking is recommended to secure competitive rates!

Address: 5749 Bay La Launch Ave Slip C 5 & 6, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-609-3444

Anonyme Cruises

Anonyme Cruises offers an upscale dolphin tour experience aboard the luxurious Anonyme II.

It’s a Duffy Electric Boat known for silent cruising.

This isn’t about speed; it’s about enjoying the moment in style.

Bring your loved ones, pack a cooler with your favorite snacks and drinks, and glide through the water at 5 knots.

Of course, you’ll most likely see dolphins, pelicans, ospreys, and more.

For something extra special, opt for their Picnic Cruise, created with the Southern Charm Picnic Company!

Address: 27075 Marina Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-223-6673

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts offers a one-of-a-kind Dolphin & Blue Angels Sailing Adventure.

Set sail on a 53-foot catamaran for a blend of nature and aerial acrobatics.

You’ll bask in the beauty of the Gulf as you head to Pensacola, with dolphins playing alongside.

Then, you’ll witness the Blue Angels’ precision flying up close, with a light lunch served during the show.

This six-hour journey combines the thrill of the skies with serene sailing, making for unforgettable memories.

Address: 27075 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-981-6700

32 Charters

32 Charters offers a laid-back Island Tour & Dolphin Cruise for groups up to six.

Captain Trey Williams will take you through Gulf Shores’ and Orange Beach’s waters to spot dolphins and explore local islands.

Then, you’ll get to enjoy lunch at a waterfront spot and sip on a Bushwacker to really feel the island vibe.

Founded on family values, 32 Charters aims to make every trip special.

You’ll sail on “Lady K,” a spacious boat perfect for smooth sailing.

Address: 22830 Brown Ln, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-223-1166

SailAway Charters

SailAway Charters, led by Captain Skip, offers engaging nature tours in Longs Bayou and Wolf bay.

Perfect for families, these 2-hour narrated trips let you get hands-on with shrimping, oystering, and crabbing.

Of course, dolphin sightings will be the highlight of the trip.

With a focus on sustainable and responsible wildlife viewing, SailAway educates and entertains up to six passengers at a time.

Address: 24231 Gulf Bay Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-974-5055

Gulf Island Charters

Gulf Island Charters can add unforgettable dolphin cruises to your vacation with options for one, two, or three hours.

You can get up close with sea turtles, birds, and the famous bottle-nose dolphins of the area.

For a touch of romance, there’s a private sunset cruise.

There’s also a Custom Cruise to dive into water spots, beach exploration, or relax at a sandbar.

The Family Fun Combo lets you mix dolphin watching, fishing, and island hopping for a single rate.

This is a chance to experience the Gulf Coast your way.

Address: 5749 Bay La Launch Ave, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-242-9276

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Other Exciting Options

There are many other activities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach where you’ll likely encounter dolphins, like parasailing or scuba diving.

Check out these alternatives for the more active dolphin sightseer!

Go Go Kayak Rentals

go go kayak rentals homepage screenshot

Go Go Kayak Rentals presents an active option for those keen on dolphin sightseeing.

With their sit-on-top kayaks, stability and ease of use are guaranteed.

Beginners and young paddlers won’t have trouble learning the ropes!

The experience of hearing a dolphin breathe up close is unforgettable — a moment Go Go Kayak is excited to share with you!

This service invites families to introduce their children to the joys of kayaking.

They offer the flexibility of daily or weekly rentals, catering to various preferences for enjoying your vacation on the water.

Address: Gulf Shores, AL 36542 (They’ll deliver the kayaks to your location)

Phone No: (251) 540-7529

Barefoot Jet Ski Dolphin Tour Company

Ready to captain your own jet ski alongside dolphins?

Barefoot Jet Ski specializes in tailored, personal experiences.

Set off on a Wave Runner or Jet Ski Dolphin Tour, where every detail, from lessons to refreshments, is designed for you!

Choose their 1.5-hour tour, great for families, complete with photos to keep.

Or embark on a 2-hour journey, a mix of dolphin sightings, eco-tour, and swimming session.

Their focus in on creating lasting moments, offering a unique chance to bond with nature at your pace.

Address: 5749 Bay La Launch Ave Slip C5, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 251-609-3444

Alabama Extreme Watersports

Alabama Extreme Watersports will take you on a thrilling Jet Ski dolphin tour.

Hop on a Yamaha Wave Runner and glide through the Gulf for a 90-minute eco tour, spotting dolphins and marine wildlife.

You’ll start with a safety brief, then zoom off to see dolphins in action, guided by experts.

And with room for up to three people, it’s perfect for families or friends.

A dry box will be provided to keep your belongings safe.

Address: 5749 Bay La Launch Ave, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone No: 855-524-8837

Dolphin Tours Gulf Shores – FAQs

What is the best time to see dolphins in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

You can see dolphins in Gulf Shores, Alabama, at dawn, from 10 am to noon, and between 2 pm and dusk.

Can you see dolphins at Gulf Shores, Alabama?

You can see dolphins from Mobile Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the back bays around Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

How long is a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach?

Most dolphin cruises at Orange Beach last up to 1.5 to 3 hours.

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Final Thoughts

Gulf Shores and its surrounding areas are a playground for dolphin adventures, offering remarkable moments on the water.

From leisurely sails to intimate charters, the chance to glide alongside these graceful creatures defines a perfect day at sea.

Each tour promises not just a view, but an experience, connecting you with the ocean’s wonders.

Speaking of views…

Those from a helicopter are hard to beat!

Here’s our list of Gulf Shores helicopter tours so you can enjoy the coast from a new perspective.

Looking for accommodations?

Check out our list of Gulf Shores rental services here.

Or you could try Airbnb and VRBO, too!

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