Dog River Clearwater Revival

Families enjoy fishing and swimming on the Dog River and its tributaries, which drain much of Mobile, Alabama.

The land around or the watershed impacts the river immediately.

Dog River

It is 95 square miles broad in Dog River’s basin.

The primary concerns for the Dog River Clearwater Revival are trash and silt.

Seven miles long and 125 miles wide, the Dog River sits on Mobile Bay’s northwest coast.

Because of the Bay’s effect on Dog River, which is an estuary because of the tidal influence, the health and well-being of the Bay’s marine life, and the health and well-being of the impacted Gulf. 

The tides, weather, urbanization, and way of life are all intertwined in the waterways and human lives.

As most Mobile and parts of Mobile County flow downward to the nearest stream, which inevitably runs into Dog River, you are most likely a resident of the Dog River Watershed. 

As the watershed develops, more dirty water enters the river, decreasing fish and other aquatic life.

In Mobile, AL, you’re not far from the water, and everything you do affects the water. 

The Dog River Clearwater Revival has been striving for more than 25 years to build a Dog River Watershed that is clean for families, children, residents, employees, and tourists to enjoy.

Nonprofits like ours are essential because they help people understand their role in their community’s watershed and encourage them to take action through sustainability, participation, and leadership.

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