13 Great Custom Home Builders in Mobile, AL

Isn’t it the ultimate dream to own a home perfectly tailored to your tastes and lifestyle? 

Well, working with a custom home builder doesn’t have to be an arduous and frustrating process. 

In this post, we’ll list the top custom home builders in Mobile, AL, that can take your dream house out of your imagination and into the real world. 

These companies are dedicated to creating unique homes with their client’s budgets, well-being, and preferences in mind. 

Let’s go over them, shall we? 

custom homes mobile al

Prime Design Homes 

Prime Design Homes is a distinguished custom home builder and real estate development firm in Mobile. 

Admired for their exceptional standards and bias for updated designs, Prime Design has established itself as an industry leader. 

And as a local business deeply rooted in the Gulf Coast community, they prioritize collaboration with fellow local businesses to realize their projects. 

Their goal: unique, inspired, and efficient homes in great neighborhoods. 

With a dedicated renovation division, they meticulously inspect each home or site before construction.

This is to ensure any defects are addressed from the outset. 

Their creative approach to building homes reflects their passion for unique design and attention to detail.

They maximize the interior spaces for the betterment of their clients’ lifestyles. 

With a focus on energy efficiency and fortified building standards, Prime Design creates stunning residences that harmonize with the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Where: 210 Portside Blvd, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: (251) 202-9029 

S.S. Steele Homes 

S.S. Steele Homes is a highly experienced on-your-lot builder that has been serving the area since its establishment in 1953. 

With an extensive portfolio of homes built across the Southeast, they have earned a stellar reputation for their commitment to excellence. 

Their offices in Mobile and Pensacola allow them to cater to customers in Southwest Alabama and parts of the Florida panhandle. 

Versatility is a point of pride for S.S. Steele Homes.

They offer a broad selection of models, or they can customize a design to suit your specific needs. 

What truly distinguishes them is their attention to detail and comprehensive approach.

When your home is complete, it is move-in ready, with amenities like water heaters, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and more.

If you want to inspect the quality and craftsmanship of S.S. Steele Homes, you can visit their model homes, including brick and custom brick houses. 

Each office has two model homes available for viewing during regular business hours, with the option to schedule an appointment for after-hours tours. 

Their flexibility extends beyond the models themselves; they welcome modifications to the plans to ensure your home is tailored to your specifications.

Constructing your dream home is exciting, and S.S. Steele Homes is ready to turn your vision into reality. 

With their dedication to customer satisfaction and ability to deliver personalized homes, you can trust them to create a residence that stands out and reflects your unique lifestyle.

Where: 4951 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: (251) 661-9600

Infinity Homes 

Infinity Homes is a renowned provider of semi-custom-built homes, catering to the needs of hopeful homeowners in Alabama and Mississippi. 

Their primary goal is to deliver homes that align perfectly with their client’s preferences and wishes. 

With Infinity Homes, you can choose from a diverse range of floor plans designed to complement the easy Southern lifestyle. 

These thoughtfully crafted designs ensure comfort and functionality while allowing homeowners to personalize their living spaces.

It’s YOU who has to live in it, after all! 

With the assistance of their attentive crew, you can make adjustments and additions that make your home truly unique. 

One of the primary factors why customers choose Infinity Homes is the exceptional value they provide. 

With upscale amenities included at no additional cost, homeowners can enjoy luxurious features without breaking the bank. 

Each home uses top-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Where: 5208 Highway 90 West, Mobile, AL 36619 

Call: (251) 665-0021

John Howard Homes 

John Howard Homes

John Howard Homes, founded by John Howard and his wife, Betty, in 1966, has been a prominent name in the home-building game for over half a decade. 

From the beginning, they established a strong foundation (much like their custom homes) based on their core values of superior customer service, product reliability, and quality construction. 

Under the continued leadership of John Howard and his dedicated team, the company has thrived and earned a stellar reputation in Mobile.

Their emphasis on excellence is evident in every home they build.

With John Howard Homes, you can choose your preferred location. 

They offer the option to build on your pre-owned lot or select from their available lots.

Whichever option you choose, their expertise and attention to detail will ensure a seamless and satisfactory home-building experience.

What sets John Howard Homes apart is their specialization in custom builds.

Each home they create is unique and tailored to their client’s needs. 

From the primary planning stages to the final touches, their team will work closely with you, accommodating your preferences and incorporating your vision into every aspect of the home.

When you choose John Howard Homes, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to bringing your dream home to life.

Where: 6156 Omni Park Drive, Mobile, AL 36609 

Call: (251) 639-1155

Heritage Homes 

Heritage Homes stands out as a friendly and customer-focused builder, offering a personalized experience to their clients. 

After almost 40 years in the game, they have solidified their reputation as a reliable name in the industry.

They claim to provide “more of everything” to their customers. What does this mean? 

From the start, their personable team will be by your side, helping you navigate the entire process.

They understand the value of delivering more than just a house. 

Heritage Homes takes pride in creating affordable homes without compromising quality. 

With nearly 4,000 houses built, their expertise and refined construction process ensure that every structure is designed to withstand the test of time. 

Additionally, Heritage Homes has expanded their services to the Florida Panhandle, offering exceptional craftsmanship and building expertise to customers in the region.

Their homes have proven their durability, withstanding hurricanes and receiving accolades from homeowners who experienced minimal damage.

They’re a top choice for a partner in your personalized, high-quality home-building journey. 

Where: 5191 Highway 90 West, Mobile, AL 

Call: (251) 666-3950 

Twilley Builders Inc. 

Twilley Builders Inc. is a reputable option to consider when it comes to experienced custom home builders in Mobile. 

With a history dating back to 1986, they have provided quality homes at affordable prices to the local community. 

Their specialization is single-family homes, offering various construction options to accommodate a busy family’s needs. 

Twilley Builders understands the importance of personalized service, especially since they are dealing with someone’s abode. 

They prioritize open communication and collaboration with their clients throughout the entire process. 

From selecting the right lot to designing the home, obtaining permits, and overseeing construction, their team ensures that homeowners are involved and informed at every step. 

Where: 6353 Picadilly Square Drive, Mobile, AL 36609

Call: (251) 661-2400

Dream Builders 

Dream Builders is a construction company that prides itself on its commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and delivering on promises.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Dream Builders works collaboratively to turn their clients’ dream homes into reality. 

Integrity is at the core of Dream Builders’ values.

They prioritize keeping their word and upholding obligations to their customers and team members. 

Their team is armed with a vast amount of practical knowledge.

Their project management staff is well-versed in various construction sectors, including multifamily, hospitality, residential, and commercial projects. 

They have a diverse range of skilled individuals, from carpenters and designers to painters, roofers, electricians, and concrete specialists. 

No project is too big or too small! 

They also cater to projects of all sizes.

Whether it’s a whole home remodel, kitchen renovation, bathroom redo, home additions, or new construction, their team is equipped to take on the project with expertise and precision. 

They understand the importance of creating spaces that align with their client’s vision, style, and functional requirements. 

Where: 2480 Government St, Suite A-5, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: (251) 518-6069

Reyner Construction 

Reyner Construction is a locally owned and operated company in Mobile that provides exceptional custom residential building services. 

Led by owner Wayne Reyner, a licensed general contractor with 20 years of experience, they specialize in creating custom floor plans and layouts. 

His expertise and passion for construction are evident in every project he undertakes.

As a participant in the Advisory Board for the Salvation Army, he is deeply committed to giving back to our community. 

His company has earned recognition for its outstanding work, receiving the Certified Graduate Builder designation from the National Association of Homebuilders

Plus, they’ve been honored with multiple Best of Houzz Service awards, highlighting their dedication to exceptional customer satisfaction. 

They have also been acknowledged as Alabama Remodeling Excellence Award winners, a testament to their quality craftsmanship. 

With a focus on personalized attention and a keen eye for detail, Reyner Construction ensures that each client’s vision is brought to life. 

Whether a complete remodel or a new construction project, their experienced team delivers superior results. 

Where: 2763 N Barksdale Dr, Mobile, AL 36606 

Call: (251) 709-4211

Alabama Coastal Homes, LLC 

Alabama Coastal Homes, LLC

Alabama Coastal Homes specializes in constructing custom-built homes and major remodels in Mobile, Baldwin County, and the coastal areas of Alabama. 

As a licensed general contractor and member of the Better Business Bureau, Alabama Coastal Homes brings over 40 years of collective knowledge in project management and engineering to every project. 

Building around Mobile Bay, near the picturesque Alabama beaches, Alabama Coastal Homes is well-versed in the unique coastal environment. 

They are experts in gold-fortified construction, a standard ensuring their homes are built to withstand hurricanes and severe weather events. 

This gives the client significant homeowners insurance cost savings and invaluable peace of mind. 

Their commitment to quality extends to other fine amenities like decked-out backyards, including outdoor kitchens, treehouses, patios, gazebos, and fire pits. 

As a family-owned business, Alabama Coastal Homes, LLC understands the importance of creating homes that cater to the needs and aspirations of families. 

They take pride in their individualized professional services, guiding clients through each step of the home-building process. 

Their mission is to deliver quality custom homes on schedule and within budget, using only the finest materials and adhering to the best industry practices.

Where: 312 T Schillinger Rd. S #111, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: (251) 461-8442

Roe Robertson Construction 

Roe Robertson Construction was born out of a childhood fascination with the art of construction. 

Roe Roberston Sr., captivated by creating functional structures with his hands, passed on his passion to his son. 

In 2001, they made their shared dream a reality by establishing their home-building company.

Their unwavering commitment to delivering flawless artistry sets Roe Robertson Construction apart. 

Whether a minor touch-up or a larger-scale project, they can bring your vision to life.

Do you have a complicated cabinet design and layout for a kitchen?

They’ve got you covered. 

Their seasoned builders and installers are dedicated to transforming your ideas into tangible structures. 

Their service offerings are designed to cater to your unique requirements.

From meticulous floor planning and diverse building options to personalized job site meetings, they ensure that every aspect of your project is customized to your satisfaction.

Where: 1050 Cruisair Circle, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: (251) 422-3004

Gallery Homes LLC 

Gallery Homes, led by Paul and Mellanie Hildesheim, is a distinguished company specializing in custom home building, remodeling, and additions. 

Their expertise lies in collaborating with clients to create homes that are indeed works of art. 

The team at Gallery Homes upholds high-quality standards in every project they undertake. 

They prioritize and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each home is beautifully and efficiently made. 

Their collaborative approach involves working closely with clients throughout the project, from initial design concepts to final touches. 

This ensures that each home truly reflects the vision and style of the homeowner. 

With Gallery Homes, you can expect a seamless building experience that minimizes stress and maximizes enjoyment! 

Where: 3075 Oak Meadow Ln, Mobile, AL 

Call: (251) 680-7949

TCM Remodelors Inc. 

TCM Remodelors is a reputable company that offers top-notch commercial and residential building, remodeling, repair, and renovation services in the Mobile, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Alabam Gulf Coast areas. 

With their expert team, they transform ideas and sketches into tangible realities, making the process much easier than you would expect! 

The hallmark of TCM Remodelors is their unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. 

They exercise the utmost care to get the job done right the first time, minimizing inconvenience and disruptions to the client’s daily life. 

That’s why they will work closely with you, ensuring the seamless and timely completion of the project. 

Besides their outstanding construction work, TCM Remodelors is actively involved in community service projects, demonstrating their dedication to building a better future for the entire community. 

Where: 1061 Elmira Street, Mobile, AL 36604 

Call: (251) 433-9000

BW Construction 

BW Construction is your go-to construction partner in Greater Mobile and Baldwin County.

They specialize in building custom homes, creating stunning additions, and renovating thoroughly. 

But what sets them apart is their accountability and hands-on approach to every project.

They will not leave you hanging with an unfinished project! 

When you work with BW Construction, you’ll experience honest communication that is hard to find elsewhere. 

They want to keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring no surprises.

They also customize solutions to fit different budgets.

Where: 3280 Dauphin Street, Suite B131, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: (251) 422-4185

TinyCo, Inc. 

TinyCo, Inc. is at the forefront of the Tiny House Movement in Mobile, offering innovative solutions for affordable and easily maintainable housing. 

As a home builder and general contractor, they specialize in designing, building, and delivering container and tiny homes that cater to various needs and lifestyles. 

And with many options available, TinyCo can fulfill all your tiny home wishes! 

Their mission is to provide housing solutions for diverse demographics, including college students, retirees, first-time home buyers, travelers, and folks looking to downsize. 

They understand the importance of affordability and ease of maintenance in today’s tough housing market. 

When you choose TinyCo, you’ll be pleased with the endless customization options.

They cover you, from custom design services and trailer foundations to kitchens, bathrooms, carpentry, and storage solutions. 

TinyCo’s expertise goes beyond the interior, with attention given to exterior aesthetics and functionality.

They offer professional exterior paint and stain services, standard RV utilities, and off-grid options for those seeking a sustainable lifestyle. 

Their team specializes in plumbing solutions, wastewater management, and customized heating, cooling, and airflow management. 

Embrace the Tiny House Movement with TinyCo, Inc. and discover the possibilities of affordable, compact living.

Contact them today to explore their capabilities and start the journey toward your tiny home.

Where: 7879 Airway Park Drive, Mobile, AL 

Call: (251) 753-0004

FAQs for Custom Homes Mobile AL 

Why should I choose a custom home over a pre-built home? 

Custom homes offer several advantages. You have complete control over the design, layout, and features of your home. 

You get to choose the materials, finishes, and amenities that best suit your lifestyle. 

Custom homes also allow for greater flexibility and can be built to accommodate unique situations, like multigenerational living or accessibility needs. 

How long does it take to build a custom home? 

The timeline for building a custom home can vary depending on the size, complexity, and customization of the project. 

It typically takes a couple of months to a year to complete, including the design phase, obtaining permits, construction, and finishing touches. 

Do you need to own land to build a custom home? 

While it’s certainly possible to build a custom home on land you already own, many custom home builders can assist you in finding a suitable site in Mobile.
They can help you evaluate potential properties based on location, size, zoning regulations, and infrastructure requirements.


Building a custom home in Mobile presents an opportunity to create a unique and personalized living space that perfectly suits your lifestyle to a tee! 

Partnering up with any of the companies above will bring you a lot closer to your dream. 

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, growing a family, or someone looking to downsize, a custom home is the best investment in creating a dream living environment where you can thrive.

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