Crescent Theater Closes For Good: The End of an Era?

Sachin Ghatwal

It’s always a little sad when a quaint business closes its doors for the last time.

I wouldn’t say the Crescent Theater would classify as an institution with its 14-year run, but some locals are surely going to miss it. 

crescent theater in mobile alabama

These folks are devastated about the decision, with some even offering funding to give the theater its “tenth” lease on life.

Our memory recalls us seeing the Crescent Theater close at least a handful of times.  

Maybe we can bring this kitty back to life a 10th time?

No matter how hard we bargain, it looks like catching a movie in this cozy theater has come to an end. 

crescent theater closes for good the end of an era

Why can’t this theater make it?

Are fewer people finding the charm of going to the cinema, paying for a ticket, and enjoying a film on the big screen? 

Why go out when you can catch the latest titles in your living room, right? 

Crescent always had odds against it, but people always came to the rescue with Kickstarter and GoFundMe donations. 

There were still people who appreciated walking into that dimly lit space with a bucket of popcorn and a giant soda at hand. 

I mean, how cool was it to settle up at the counter?

“Help yourself to drinks in the fridge, just settle up after.”

We heard this many times while attending movies at the Crescent.

Come to think of it, maybe this was part of the problem?

Who knows…

Is this the end of Cinema?

Will the old-school movie lovers step up and save their beloved movie house?

Crescent Theater is an important part of Downtown Mobile, so I’ll never say never. 

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