Crawfish and King Cakes

Things are looking good for job seekers out there. 

The job market in Mobile developed dramatically over the last year. This created a need for more workers in the area. 

There were 1,342 new jobs generated thanks to projects launched by the Mobile Chamber’s Industrial Development Board and Industrial Development Authority. 

That’s a significant increase over the 506 jobs produced in 2021!

And get this. 

job market looking good

This figure doesn’t include the 1,200 new positions at Austal and 2,500 at Airbus’ third final assembly line. 

It also doesn’t account for employment established in Baldwin County, including the new Novelis aluminum recycling plant, which is anticipated to provide 1,000 jobs.

The chemical, aerospace, heavy manufacturing, logistics, and distribution sectors have all contributed to Mobile’s economic growth. 

The only industry facing a decline is residential real estate, which has been slowing as loan rates rise.

Crawfish Season Begins 

crawfish season begins

It’s not that easy to find crawfish these days. 

At least for the next few weeks, stores will have trouble keeping up with the demand for these mudbugs.

Over the course of the last few years, the seasons have been somewhat erratic. A year ago, the supply was hampered by the cold weather. But things are looking up this year.

Like everyone else, farmers have felt the effects of inflation. The price of bait and water pumps has gone up, adding to their financial burdens.

It won’t be long now, though. Farmers say that the supply will rise in time for Mardi Gras. 

Time for a good old-fashioned boil.

We’re Seeing Purple, Gold, and Yellow! 

we're seeing purple, gold, and yellow

Though the actual Mardi Gras festivities aren’t until February, the fun in the Port City has already begun for many.

Downtown Mobile has been transformed into a sea of purple, gold, and yellow now that Mardi Gras is fast approaching.

Retailers report a pickup in business.

Christmas decorations don’t stay up in Mobile for very long. The Gras decorations take their place right away. It’s a long-standing local custom. 

However, the tragic events of New Year’s Eve on Dauphin Street have cast a pall over the city.

Despite the tragedy, many residents of the Port City are confident that the celebration will go on as planned.

Gourmet Goodies To Represent AL in ‘King Cake Extravaganza’ 

gourmet goodies to represent al in king cake extravaganza

As the Carnival Season approaches, we’re all rooting for one special bakery in Daphne. It’s representing the state in an annual event in New Orleans. 

The King Cake Extravaganza is a competition in which the best king cakes in a five-state area are judged.

Our odds are excellent with Gourmet Goodies, our chosen contender. 

New Orleans resident and king cake expert Brendon Oldendorf ranked the best 150 king cakes across the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Twenty finalists are left. 

Gourmet Goodies’ gimmick is a crawfish king cake, and it looks delish.

That makes us get excited for the upcoming 5th Annual King Cake-Off!

‘Surge Entertainment’ To Open in Mobile 

NFL player Drew Brees owns the Surge Entertainment Center franchise, which is revamping a section of the Bel Air Mall on Airport Boulevard.

The entertainment complex is planned for the space formerly occupied by Belk. Construction on the project is still in its early stages.

The Surge website hints that we may get a laser tag arena, a cafe, bowling lanes, an arcade, rock climbing walls, and possibly a trampoline park. Fun! 

There has been no formal announcement, although there is a “coming soon” section for Mobile on the Surge Entertainment website.

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