Code Black and Yellow: A Mysterious Bee Invasion Plagues Home

Mobile Rundown Staff

A gang of bees is terrorizing a home in West Mobile.

Real buzzworthy drama! 

Two lawn workers were the latest victims of these winged hooligans. 

Even the great Ron Werstler, the lawn care guru, was left scratching his head (and everywhere else) in confusion! 

operation bee buster

He’s mowing the lawn, and suddenly, bee-mageddon strikes. He dashes for his life. 

Around 30 bees are on him, attacking his hat, hands, neck, and ears. Youch!

Werstler calls for backup, and a local pest control expert shows up. 

She confirms that this is “killer bee behavior” in full force. 

Everyone is stumped because it seems like our antagonists popped up overnight, adding a dash of mystery to the story. 

Werstler has taken it upon himself to inform the entire neighborhood as the bees set up camp in the tree next to his house. 

These bees are no ordinary honey-makers; they’re on a mission to turn lawns into their own military base. 

Meanwhile, Ron’s family are tiptoeing around like spies, keeping their noise levels down so as not to aggravate the stinging menaces. 

Ron enlisted a beekeeper to identify and remove the bees sometime next week.

It’s a tough job that’s going to take several days to complete. 

As satisfying as it would be to “nuke” these villains, bees are a vital part of biodiversity.

Plus, bees aren’t actually all bad; they usually don’t attack unless they feel threatened. 

If we go around destroying their nests, they might get even more defensive! 

So, if you’re dealing with the same problem, do what Ron did and contact your local specialists. 

Seek medical attention if you get stung, and stay away because we’re no match for nature’s pollinators!

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