Clearing the Air: Proposed Bill Takes Aim at Underage Vaping Epidemic

Mobile Rundown Staff

Here’s a headache-inducing sight for all parents: kids and those puffy vapor clouds. 

Well, Alabama Senator Vivian Figures has just made a power move to safeguard our precious youth from the dangers of vaping. 

vapes banned in mobile

In a display of bipartisan unity, Figures introduced this much-needed bill that aims to make it ILLEGAL for minors to possess these devices. 

This is a bold step toward creating a healthier future for our youngsters. 

Everyone, especially the youth, has NO business possessing e-liquids, nicotine salts, herbal extracts, or CBD oil for the purposes of vaping. 

So, under the proposed amendment to Section 28-11-14 of the Code of Alabama 1975, individuals below the age of 21 would be prohibited from purchasing, using, or transporting any battery-powered electronic device capable of delivering these substances. 

With approximately 20% of high school students admitting to vaping, it’s really time to take action and protect their well-being. 

Kudos to Senator Figures for her unwavering commitment to our kids’ health and for championing this important cause!

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