11 Top Cities to Retire in Alabama

Retirement can be fulfilling because it brings new challenges, changes, and rewards. 

That is why choosing a suitable retirement spot that meets your needs is crucial so you can quickly adapt to changes.

Alabama might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a place to retire with a good quality of life and beautiful scenery. 

We’ve got a warm climate, small towns, great outdoors, and a low cost of living.

Alabama doesn’t tax Social Security income, exempts state income tax and offers low sales tax.

fairhope alabama

So whether you want a small-town or major-city vibe, consider the best cities to retire to in Alabama to enjoy what it offers.

Offff cooouuurrssee our #1 choice is Mobile Alabama, but we didn’t want to be toooooo biased — so we’re giving you other options.


With a population of more than 24,000 and almost a quarter of its residents aged 65 and above, Fairhope is an ideal retiree spot. 

There is at least a per capita income of $40,000+ with tax benefits to save a lot from your hard-earned money. 

Fairhope was founded over a century ago and is popular because of its several resorts, pleasant climate, and peaceful environment. 

There are also cultural hubs and activities to keep you entertained, evident in the vibrant downtown area full of restaurants and shops. 


Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in Alabama, with a population of over 200,000, but its status doesn’t mean you’re breaking the bank. 

The city has all your necessities nearby, such as hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and more. 

Despite being a city, living costs are way below the national average and tax-friendly. 

There are thriving historical destinations, art galleries, and a food scene, making it a bustling but peaceful city.

It also has an Alabama museum on the list.

Grab a hotel and make a visit over to Alabama to come and see us.

Or check out some activities to try out…


Retirement is always full of fun and adventure in Huntsville, where there is an affordable cost of living and a variety of opportunities to enjoy, from cultural to outdoor activities.

It is one of the finest retirement communities in Alabama because of its access to recreational destinations and necessities like hospitals.

Huntsville is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center which can make your daily retirement life exciting and out-of-this-world.


Selma is a great place to kick back and enjoy your golden years, with a good population of seniors and a lovely neighborhood. 

You can find a cozy home for less than $100,000, so you don’t need to break the bank to rest in a comfortable spot. 

Selma also has a deep history, like the Civil Rights Movement, and impressive architecture all over the city. 

The city also has low violent crime and property rates, so you can feel safe and secure during your retirement in Selma.


Bessemer is an urban place to retire in with all the benefits of a city without an expensive cost of living so you can live comfortably. 

The city has a lot of fun activities to offer, including its historical attractions where you can learn more about Bessemer.

It has an average home value of around $86,000, over 18% of the senior population, and low violent and property crimes.

With its good economic standing, rich history, and proximity to hospitals, you may find the perfect retirement spot in Bessemer.


Alabaster is the place to be if you are looking for a safe and beautiful city to retire in with its low crime rate and beautiful natural scenery. 

You can spend your days exploring their different nature parks and try the local dishes made by the best restaurants in the city.

It has a vibrant community that keeps you entertained, where you have access to recreational activities, healthcare, and shopping.


Talladega is a hidden gem in Central Alabama, where you have excellent natural wonders to explore and a diverse neighborhood. 

It also has a decent home value of $86,000, low crime rates, and six hospitals, so you can rest knowing you are safe, healthy, and secure. 

The city also has an exciting future with more district businesses, cultivating a rich history and a thriving community.

Grab a hotel and make a visit over to Alabama to come and see us.

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Spanish Fort

You can experience the ultimate Gulf Coast lifestyle here at Spanish Fort, where you can soak up some sun and sea. 

This town lets you experience comfortable Gulf living without the bustle and hustle of the big city.

The retirement community in Spanish Fort has everything you need, such as beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Retirees, families, and young professionals may find Spanish Fort ideal for settling down because of its friendly neighborhoods and proximity to necessities.

Spanish Fort boasts several great neighborhoods worth exploring.

Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores is a coastal city in Alabama with some retirees’ dreams: casual lifestyle, proximity to the cities, wildlife, and beaches. 

This peaceful community’s low crime rate makes it a safe place to call home and experience a fun coastal life. 

It is also compact and clean so you can find a place at the beachfront condos, vacation homes, and more.

Hey, you might even want to try scuba diving or parasailing while you’re there!

Consider these great Gulf Shore towns to live in.

Orange Beach

Orange Beach is similar to Gulf Shores, as both feature a coastal lifestyle and enjoy all city amenities.

It offers many relaxing and exciting activities for locals, retirees, and visitors, such as white sandy beaches, shopping venues, and dining options. 

There is also a small-town feel, a lower-than-average violent crime rate, and a nearby South Baldwin Regional Medical Center.

And they’ve got parasailing too!


Anniston is one of the most affordable places to live in the United States, making it an ideal retirement community with various attractions. 

The city has a continuous plan for future economic development so that you can expect the best quality of life within and in surrounding communities. 

It has a high population of residents over 65 years old and a median home value of $97,000 which shows that it is a diverse community to bond with.


What’s the Cost of Living in Alabama?

The cost of living in Alabama is a breath of fresh air for retirees because it is a steal while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

You can have enough groceries, suitable housing, and efficient healthcare for a reasonable price.

What Can Retirees Do in Alabama?

Alabama is the perfect destination to stay active and participate in outdoor recreational activities. 

You can strike a round of golf, reel in a big fish, learn something cultural, and explore art galleries in various towns.

It is also one of the best retirement communities because the locals are friendly, diverse, and active.

What is the Weather in Alabama Like?

Alabama has a warm temperature all year round, with a subtropical climate perfect for comfortable living. 

Don’t let the storms scare you off because the state is tough and resilient so you can enjoy the cold or hot weather.

Is Alabama Tax-Friendly for Retirees?

One of the biggest perks of retiring in Alabama is that they don’t tax your Social Security benefits so that you can keep your hard-earned check. 

There are also some exemptions for certain retirement income and low state property taxes, so you can quickly get your home. 

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Wrapping Up the Best Cities to Retire in AL

Wrapping Up the Best Cities to Retire in AL

And there you have it, some of Alabama’s best places to retire.

Alabama has the best places to spend your golden years, whether you love the beach, city, or small-town. 

The state has a lot of tax benefits for retirees and a low cost of living so that you can stretch your retirement funds further. 

Let’s remember the friendly locals that can make you feel at home in no time.

So pack up, head down to Alabama to fulfill your dream retirement, and explore the state for the following years. 

Happy retirement!

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