Why You Might Need a Chiropractor (in Mobile Alabama)

Chiropractors are medical practitioners who specialize in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Though technically not medical doctors, they still go through a significant amount of training to earn their chiropractic degrees. 

A common misconception is that all chiropractors just crack a couple of bones to relieve back pain. In all actuality, they do a lot more than that. Chiropractic care also encompasses pain relief in the neck and all the joints of the body. 

There have been a lot of studies proving that spinal manipulation helps improve the body’s overall functionality. Despite being dubbed as alternative medicine, chiropractic care is still a sensible and valid part of a treatment plan for those suffering from chronic pain and conditions like fibromyalgia. 

How do you know if you need to see one? Some people only consider going to a chiropractor as a last resort. Others only associate them with back pain. Chiropractors can relieve a plethora of symptoms, some of which we’re going to list down below. There’s really no need to tolerate discomfort when you can get the help of a top-notch chiropractor in Mobile AL.

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Chiropractor in Mobile Alabama

When To See A Chiropractor 

1. Your posture could be better. 

We live pretty sedentary lifestyles these days, especially now that most of us are confined to our desks. If you spend all day sitting and hunched over a keyboard, you might not be aware of your posture at all times. 

Poor posture can do a number of your neck, shoulders, and back. Constant pressure from prolonged positions can put stress on your spinal discs. A visit to a chiropractor can help correct the results of our poor work and play habits. 

2. Your shoes wear out unevenly. 

If you’ve noticed that the sole of your one shoe is wearing out faster than the other, there’s a good chance that your body is misaligned. You might be suffering from a subluxation, which means some of your joints might be partially dislocated. 

Some good old spinal manipulation will help you out a lot in this case, especially if you want to avoid prolonged pain in the future. Keep reading for more reasons to find a good chiropractor in Mobile AL.

3. Your headaches don’t make sense. 

Stress, hunger, alcohol intake, hormonal imbalances, caffeine withdrawals, and not getting enough sleep can trigger headaches. However, in some cases, the cause may not be so obvious. 

There is a chance that you get mystery headaches from oxygen deprivation or a misalignment of the spine. By spinal manipulation, your chiropractor can help improve your body’s overall blood flow. Remember, healthy blood flow equals more oxygen supplied to your brain. 

4. You’re losing flexibility. 

As we get older, our range of motion gets more limited. If you have a hard time turning your neck or extending your limbs, that’s a sign to visit your chiropractor. Optimizing your range of motion can improve the quality of your life. 

5. You’re recovering from an injury. 

You may have been involved in an accident, or you hurt yourself during a certain activity. The healing process can be long and arduous, but a chiropractor can hasten and improve it. Chiropractors have their own specializations, including recoveries from car accidents and sports injuries. 

In fact, people who use their bodies a lot, like athletes and dancers, often see chiropractors regularly to minimize damages to the body. 

6. You experience sharp pains. 

Sharp pain is an indication of a pinched nerve or a slipped disc. These pains are not exclusive to your back. You may feel them in any muscle of your body. 

Our first instinct may be to reach for a painkiller, but that’s not the smartest way to handle pain. Dependence on pain medication is not the best thing for your liver. It’s best to treat pain from the source. A chiropractor can help alleviate pressure and improve nerve conductivity. 

7. You’re on a wellness journey. 

We should all be trying to take better care of our bodies. If you’re trying to adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle, a chiropractor is your new best friend. He or she might be the best source of wellness information. 

A chiropractor can give excellent advice regarding nutrition, exercise, and tension release. Plus, think of spinal adjustments as regular tune-ups. You will keep your body optimized for movement and healthy functionality. 

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Top Chiropractors in Mobile AL

Corsentino Chiropractic 

Dr. Jenifer DeWald Leber 

Dr. Jonathan Krause 

Dr. Clarke Pradat 

3501 Montlimar Plaza Dr, Mobile AL 36609

Phone: (251) 445-2295

Advanced Spine and Therapy Mobile 

Dr. Chris O’Laire 

Dr. Brian Graham 

Dr. Bridget Dixon 

801 Downtowner Blvd, Mobile AL 36609

Phone: (251) 341-1211

Discover Chiropractic Center 

Dr. Donald Ellis 

1412 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36604

Phone: (251) 432-3437

West Mobile Chiropractic 

Dr. Matt Youngblood 

260 South Cody Road, Mobile AL 36695 

Phone: (251) 322-8588

Liberation Chiropractic & Wellness P.C. 

Michael Bucknell DC, BS 

Jordan Moore DC, BS

Tiffany Hones DC, BS 

7921 Tanner Williams Rd Suite B, Mobile AL 36608

Phone: (251) 607-0040

Cormier Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center 

Dr. Cevin Cormier 

6300 Airport Blvd #C, Mobile AL 36608

Phone: (251) 343-9990

Healing Touch Chiropractic 

Dr. Michelle Kerr Patrick 

Dr. Abbie Parrish 

1110 Hillcrest RD Suite 1-f, Mobile AL 36695

Phone: (251) 289-1482

Cottage Hill Chiropractic 

Dr. Michael Chenoweth 

2316 Knollwood Dr, Mobile AL 36693

Phone: (251) 661-0833

ChiroSouth Spine And Sport 

Jeremy Quint DC, FDM

277 S McGregor Ave, Mobile AL 36608

Phone: (251) 316-0010

Gully Chiropractic Clinic 

Dr. Paul Gully 

4300 Midmost Dr, Mobile AL 36609

Phone: (251) 342-0479

Live A Pain-free Life 

A lot of people take a resigned approach to pain, and that’s not the best attitude. Having problems with our bodies is just a part of life, but some people are dedicated to solving these problems. It’s just a matter of seeking the right kind of help. Hopefully, you will consider finding a great chiropractor in Mobile AL should you need one.

There is no reason to live in pain or to wait for bodily issues to get worse. A chiropractor can correct damages and get our bodies back in tiptop shape. Instead of relying on medication, it’s best to take a more holistic approach when dealing with pain.

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