9 Top Chinese Restaurants In Mobile AL For You To Visit

Are you craving Chinese and looking for Chinese restaurants in Mobile Al?

Thanks to Mobile’s diverse palate, excellent Chinese food is bountiful.

From authentic dumplings to Orange Chicken, the best Chinese restaurants in Mobile, AL, are ready to satiate your appetite. 

By the end of the 19th century, we Americans embraced this tasty fare from the East.

Some even consider this cuisine their comfort food. 

And it makes total sense.

Most of the Chinese dishes we enjoy today have been adapted to our tastes.

Still, you get incredible variety, and their offerings are generally healthy. 

Maybe you want to dine out or settle in front of the TV with a box of noodles.

Either way, Mobile has some pretty great options if it’s Chinese food that will hit the spot. 

chinese restaurants in mobile al

Popular Chinese Restaurants In Mobile AL

Asian Garden 

Call: (251) 661-8338

Visit: 2488 Hillcrest Rd Mobile, AL 36695

Asian Garden is an authentic family-owned Chinese eatery.

The place has a charming atmosphere and is staffed by welcoming folks. 

Considered a hidden gem tucked away in West Mobile, Asian Garden is a small, unassuming corner restaurant.

But when you come in, you’ll soon realize how special it is.

The place is well-kept and comfortable, perfect for a quiet meal with friends and family. 

Chinese food is generally cooked in high heat and can be prepared in a few minutes.

That’s how you can tell that Asian Garden is authentic.

Their wait times are extremely short.

Their prices are sensible, and the servings are generous.

And most importantly, the food is fresh.

You don’t want to miss their General Tso Chicken and Mongolian Beef. 

Since the restaurant is broadly named “Asian Garden,” they also serve dishes from other Asian countries.

For example, they have a mean Saigon Shrimp (from Vietnam), Bulgogi (from Korea), Pad Thai (from Thailand), and Tonkatsu (from Japan). 

It’s no wonder that many consider Asian Garden the best Chinese restaurant in Mobile because of the value it offers its customers. 

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China Doll Restaurant 

Call: (251) 343-5530

Visit: 3966 Airport Blvd Ste C Mobile, AL 36608

The China Doll restaurant has been serving authentic Cantonese Cuisine for over 36 years.

It’s primarily a family-style buffet joint, but they also have a by-order menu. 

Mobilians always flock to The China Doll for their consistent, high-quality dishes served in a relaxed, warm setting.

They’re particularly famous for their egg rolls and crab rangoon. 

Since Mobile is so close to the water, the restaurant has access to fresh seafood.

While they have Americanized versions of Chinese fare, it’s an excellent place to sample genuine Southern Chinese cuisine. 

Aside from the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the place, it has been voted the “Best Chinese in Mobile” for nine consecutive years by the Mobile Press-Register! 

If you have a Chinese-themed party to throw, they also cater events and rent out private rooms at the restaurant. 

Yuan Mei Asian Noodle Chinese Style 

Call: (251) 217-7932

Visit: 2370 Hillcrest Rd Unit B Mobile, AL 36695

Yuan Mei settled in a convenient location to cater to Mobilians craving delicious Chinese food.

You can tell that the chefs genuinely care about the food that they serve.

They’re always made fresh when ordered with unprocessed ingredients.

Their Orange Chicken?

It has actual orange rinds in it and not just orange juice.

That’s attention to detail. 

Yuan Mei offers affordable lunch specials all week consisting of a main dish, soup, egg rolls, and rice.

You can get that well-rounded meal for under $10. 

And since “Noodle” is in the name, they’re not lacking in the noodle dish department.

From Wanton Noodle Soup to Lo Mein, they’ve got every recipe on the menu. 

If you’re particular about what you want in your food, they also have customizable options on the menu.

You can take your pick of any protein or vegetables to add to your noodles or in your soup. 

Yuan Mei’s wait staff also gets a 10/10.

They’re highly efficient and attentive, so you won’t have to wait long to have your order taken. 

Shanghai Cottage 

Shanghai Cottage

Call: (251) 928-6668

Visit: 22530 US Hwy 98 Ste 250 Fairhope, AL 36532

Do you want the freshest sushi and sashimi to go with your Chinese food?

Then look no further than Shanghai Cottage

This is the well-known Master Joe’s sister restaurant.

All of the ordering and food preparation is overseen by Master Joe himself, so you can’t go wrong with quality. 

But let’s focus on the Shanghai specialties first.

They offer standard fares such as the Egg Foo Young and the Moo Shu Pork Platter.

If your tongue is craving that real Chinese spice mix, you can’t go wrong with their Roast Peking Duck, which is served with moo shu pancakes. 

This is not entirely fusion because the Chinese and Japanese dishes aren’t melded together.

Still, it’s the top place to go if you’re looking to have both. 

You can tell that Master Joe does know his stuff. His specials are creative but still rooted in authentic ingredients like fresh crab, salmon, and tuna. 

If you think raw sushi is iffy, they also have baked and flash-fried rolls to satisfy newbies to the cuisine.

Overall, Shanghai Cottage’s menu is well-rounded, with something for everybody. 

Hong Kong Express 

Call: (251) 607-6481

Visit: 3232 Dauphin St Mobile, AL 36606

Hong Kong Express is an excellent choice for its modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes for the more conservative palate. 

For a modest price, you can get massive portions of yummy food.

It’s not the fanciest place on this list, but it’ll hit the spot if you want a square meal. 

This isn’t to say that their food is bland.

On the contrary, Hong Kong Express food is precisely what you want on a cozy night. It’s what you imagine opening up in front of the TV, eager to chow down. 

If you value variety, they serve special combination plates under $9.

If you have kids or picky eaters at your party, they also have chicken wings, fried shrimp, and BBQ spare ribs. 

Speaking of kids, you can buy food for a family of four for under $32, and that’s hard to beat. 

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China Chef Chinese Restaurant 

Call: (251) 476-2828

Visit: 2667 Spring Hill Ave Mobile, AL 36607

Who serves the best Chinese food in midtown Mobile?

A strong case could be made for China Chef.

You can’t go wrong with classics like their Kung Pao Chicken and Mai Fun. 

They sell meals at killer prices, so going for China Chef makes sense if you want something delectable without splurging.

However, I suggest getting your meal to go because their seating could use a minor upgrade. 

China Chef is also big on customization.

You can walk in and “build” your meal however you wish.

Because the chefs are so accommodating, this is a fantastic place to go if you have food restrictions and preferences. 

Mandarin Kitchen 

Call: (251) 661-8999

Visit: 1956 S University Blvd Mobile, AL 36602

Run by a sweet couple, Mandarin Kitchen attracts customers from all over.


It’s like visiting a hospitable family that wants you to leave full and happy.

It’s a very endearing experience, with the slight language barrier and all. 

As for the food (which is crucial here), you get scrumptious grub and a lot of it.

If you were to order takeout, you’d leave with a styrofoam box filled to the brim. 

Folks rave about Mandarin Kitchen’s chicken because they know how to do it right.

It could be some of the juiciest chicken you’ll ever have. 

Since most Chinese food is pretty simplistic, it’s very easy to mess up.

However, MK does not miss because they’ve perfected the standard stuff like egg rolls and Lo Mein.

A reviewer even claims that it’s only second to New York’s renowned Chinatown food. 

You get all this value at very low prices. What’s not to love? 

Chef King 

Chef King

Call: (251) 342-2828

Visit: 5628 Old Shell Rd Mobile, AL 36608 

Sometimes you need something rich and flavorful to hit the spot.

Maybe you’re trying to cure a hangover, or you deserve a midweek treat.

Then, Chef King has you covered. 

Chef King is what comes to mind when you picture a stereotypical Chinese-American restaurant.

They have a no-nonsense staff that’ll get your order ready as fast as you say “fortune cookie.”

The place doesn’t have the warmest atmosphere on this list, but the staff is efficient. 

However, please don’t think that is your regular, dingy hole-in-the-wall joint.

Chef King’s interiors are sanitary with modest furnishings.

It’s not exactly first-date material, but it’s not bad if you have the late-night munchies. 

Should you decide to visit them, you can’t go wrong with their famous chicken on a stick.

If you’re craving something in particular, you can also choose an entree with egg-fried rice and two sides. 

Peking Garden 

Call: (251) 330-0207

Visit: 2316 St Stephens Rd Mobile, AL 36617

Peking Garden opened its doors back in 1991.

Since then, they’ve been serving some of the finest quality Cantonese dishes in Mobile. 

Peking Garden is a humble little place that isn’t spacious enough to accommodate large parties.

Still, it’s worth visiting to pick up large portions of takeout meals at affordable prices. 

Aside from the familiar takes on Chinese food, this place serves bona fide Southern Chinese dishes.

Peking Garden comes highly recommended for those with more sophisticated or adventurous palates. 

For example, they have dishes with unusual ingredients like conch, frog, sea cucumber, century eggs, and geoduck. 

If these things don’t intrigue you, they’re also oddly famous for their fried shrimp and chicken wings.

Be warned, though, that the place is almost always busy.

That’s only a testament to how nearby residents have supported this business for over 30 years. 

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it.

Those are your options for the finest Chinese restaurants in Mobile Al.

We covered everything from lovely sit-down places and buffets to little neighborhood secrets. 

If you’re sure that the only thing that can satiate you is a box of piping hot noodles or rice, you know where to go.

I hope these suggestions help you decide which restaurant menu to sample next.

It’s time to split those chopsticks (or grab a fork) and chow down!

Oh, and have you been on a food tour from Bienville Bites?

If not, you should look into them. They’re great.”

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