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Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

11 Of The Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

Mobile is more than simply a gorgeous city with a rich history of festivities. Hence there are many best areas to live around Mobile AL. In Mobile, you’ll find unique museums, beautiful French architecture, delicious cuisine, and a party-loving crowd. The population of Mobile is about 190,000 people. It is densely populated, with a suburban … Read more

pickleball in mobile alabama

The Best Pickleball Spots In Mobile AL

If you combine tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, you get the exciting lesser-known racquet sport that is Pickleball. Are you interested in forming a pickleball Mobile AL sports team, or are you just looking for something active that your family can do for the weekend? Either way, below is a brief history of this sport, some … Read more

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Fun News From Around Mobile Bay

Want to Walk it Out? “A walking club birthed out of Quarantine 2020. It has been proven that walking with others can keep you motivated, improve your accountability and help you meet new people with similar goals.” (image from Facebook) Mo’Bay Beignet Co. expands to Auburn Alabama “Exciting Announcement! Mo’Bay Beignet Co. is about to … Read more