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We’re In ‘Deep Gras’ Now

Those fortunate enough to partake in Mobile’s Mardi Gras festivities know that the final week before Ash Wednesday can be a blur.  It feels like you’re on a high, attending as many parades and balls as you can. That, my friend, is Deep Gras. You’re in deep now!  You find yourself losing sleep, time is … Read more

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Mardi Gras History: Behind Mobile’s Favorite Bash

Mardi Gras is a Christian observance and cultural spectacle that has its origins in ancient spring and fertility rituals. Its beginnings can be traced back thousands of years ago. In this post, I’ll go over a brief Mardi Gras history and settle this debate once and for all: who started it?  Otherwise known as Carnaval, … Read more

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Black History in Mobile Alabama – Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

There are many cultures that are embedded in Mobile’s rich history, but perhaps the most revered are of the African American community. Figures of the American Civil Rights Movement like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Harriet Tubman are more internationally known, but other respected individuals also hail from Mobile. Black history in Mobile … Read more

Help Mobile Get Greener By Recycling

Recycling in Mobile Alabama – How to Help

One of our prime goals as citizens of the world should be to preserve it for future generations. We’ve already done a significant amount of damage, so we should do our best to reverse these effects. A massive way to contribute to this cause is to recycle, and it begins at home. Recycling means not … Read more

What the Heck is Mobile Yardi Gras?

We had a really fun conversation with one of the creators of the Mobile porch parade – a part f Yardi Gras! We’re sure that by now, you have seen yards around Mobile with Yardi Gras signs and float decorations in the front yard. Approximately 300 yards have officially registered, and hundreds more are getting … Read more

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Check out Who Got Busted in Mobile Alabama

Are you ready to see who got busted in Mobile? Are you sitting at work right now and you want to check out who got arrested in Mobile AL?Check these out. It’s time to see who got arrested. Wait, sorry about that.I think my computer is messed up a bit.It’s hard to see who got … Read more

Different Ways to Celebrate History in Mobile AL

Ways to Celebrate History in Mobile, AL

As the oldest city in Alabama, Mobile has a rich history spanning centuries. French, British, Greek, Catholic, Creole and African influences have made the city of Mobile the wonderful blend of culture it is today. From architecture to cuisine, everything in the Port City has a story behind it! It is important to celebrate this … Read more

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The Time To Get Fit Is Now Mobile AL

We believe that a healthy city is a happy city and we want that for Mobile. Join the Mobile Fit Club to get active!Stay accountable, try new things, and make new friends. Your fitness goals will be different from those around you.Some may be trying to bench press 250 lbs.Others may have a goal to get in 10,000 … Read more

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A First Timer’s Guide to Mobile, AL – Updated for 2022

Mobile is quickly becoming a hotspot for vacations. We want these travelers to enjoy their time here as much as we love living here, so here are some things first-timers must do when they visit us. A First Timer’s Guide to Mobile, AL – Where To Start? Attend Mardi Gras — We Started It! In … Read more