19 Carpet Cleaning Companies in Mobile

Is your carpet starting to look like a Jackson Pollock painting? 

Or are the gross odors making every step a reminder of spills past? 

Oof, we all know what that’s like… 

That’s why I’ve put together a list of Mobile’s finest carpet cleaning services. 

It’s a simple roundup of profiles, carefully chosen to help you find the right fix for your carpet problems. 

From tackling tough stains to banishing persistent smells, these pros keep Mobile’s homes clean.

No more guesswork or fruitless scrubbing! 

Now, let’s get that carpet a new lease on life. 

Carpet Cleaning Mobile, AL 

Carpet Cleaning Mobile, AL

Carpet Cleaning Nurse’s Touch

Carpet Cleaning Nurse’s Touch, led by Ed and Lesleigh, is your go-to for tackling tough carpet challenges. 

With over seven years in business, they’re experts in steam cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and more. 

They don’t just clean; they care for your carpets, ensuring they stay fresh and last longer. 

Their team promises no surprise costs and always sticks to the price quoted over the phone. 

They’re professional, arrive on time, and are known for their friendly service. 

Plus, you get a 10% discount just by mentioning their website

Whether it’s your home or office, their truck-mounted equipment and certified skills will rejuvenate your carpets, leaving them spotless again!

Call: (251) 220-1118

Crocodile Carpet Care & Restoration LLC 

Carpet cleaning is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Crocodile Carpet Care & Restoration. 

Was your home recently flooded?

They can handle that with their expert flood extraction and drying services

Fire damage? 

Their team is skilled in cleanup and repair. 

They also specialize in mold remediation, ensuring your space is safe and healthy. 

This is state-of-the-art carpet care we’re talking about. 

They start by finding hidden stains with a special UV light, then pre-treat and scrub thoroughly. 

Their powerful extraction method leaves carpets looking and smelling fresh. 

Need carpet repair? 

They’ve got that covered with patching and stretching services. 

Whether it’s for your home or business, Crocodile Carpet Care offers a comprehensive solution for all your cleaning and restoration needs.

Call: (251) 999-6244

Stanley Steemer 

Stanley Steemer is definitely a standout on this list. 

With over 75 years of experience, they’re a trusted name in the home cleaning industry. 

They specialize in deep carpet cleaning, ensuring your carpets are clean and healthy. 

Their process includes a pre-spray treatment that tackles tough spots and spills. 

Then, that’s followed by a thorough cleaning that removes an average of 94% of common household allergens

Their solutions are EPA Safer Choice certified, meaning they’re safe for your family and pets, leaving no harmful residue. 

And their equipment, engineered at their own facilities, guarantees powerful and effective cleaning, delivering top-notch results.

Call: (251) 783-3637

ServiceMaster Services

ServiceMaster Services steps up when it comes to deep and thorough carpet cleaning. 

They deal with tough stains and odors with ease, leaving your carpets looking and smelling fresh. 

In cases of fire and water damage, they have the expertise to restore your carpets to their original state. 

They can also address health concerns by removing mold

Suitable for both homes and offices, their team works with precision and speed. 

Trust them to sort out your carpet woes and leave your space clean and refreshed! 

Call: (251) 344-5105

Teague Brothers Rug & Flooring

Teague Brothers Rug & Flooring

Got an area rug that needs help? 

Teague Brothers Rug & Flooring has been serving the Gulf Coast since 1955. 

With over six decades in the business, they specialize in reviving rugs, especially if pet stains and odors are your concern. 

Beyond cleaning, they offer stain guard applications to keep your rugs looking their best for longer. 

Their process is thorough. 

They start with dry soil extraction to remove deep-seated dirt. 

Then, they do a full-immersion wash for a complete clean. 

This is followed by water extraction and during. 

They even clean fringes for a perfect finish. 

Pickups and deliveries are also available in Mobile, the Eastern Shore, and beyond for a modest fee. 

Call: (251) 476-6122

Colorclean of the Gulf Coast

Colorclean of the Gulf Coast is your go-to for thorough carpet cleaning in Mobile County. 

They attack tough stains and unusual soiling with ease, thanks to their advanced equipment. 

They’re experts in cleaning various textiles, ensuring your carpets get clean without being overly wet or left with residue. 

They’re a standout with their 100% money-back guarantee. 

Not satisfied? 

They’ll come back and re-clean at no extra cost. 

That’s their commitment to first-class service. 

Plus, they’re currently offering a Holiday Special: 

Whole Home Carpet Cleaning for just $159, covering up to six areas. 

Now, that’s a great deal for top-quality carpet care!

Call: (334) 399-0772

SERVEPRO of Mobile

SERVEPRO is your reliable ally against carpet challenges. 

They’re experts at deep cleaning carpets, thoroughly removing dust, dirt, and allergens. 

Whether it’s a wine spill, muddly footprints, or pet stains, SERVEPRO handles them all. 

And those stubborn odors? 

Consider them gone. 

Upholstery gets the same expert treatment, revitalizing your entire space. 

Their approach is fast, efficient, and detail-oriented, transforming your carpets from dull to dazzling! 

Call: (251) 633-7500

Precious Carpet Cleaning Services 

Precious Carpet Cleaning Services offers 20 years of expertise in making carpets look and feel great. 

Their focus is on removing spots, stains, dirt, grit, and sand by steaming and fast drying. 

Whether it’s an accidental spill or regular wear, they’ll handle it all with ease. 

They also offer a 10% discount for new customers, senior citizens, and military vets, making their services more accessible. 

Are you a business owner? 

They also offer commercial carpet cleaning, ensuring your workplace carpets are as clean and welcoming as your home’s. 

Call: (251) 554-7474

Master Cleaners 

Master Cleaners offers cleaning services that will rejuvenate your area rugs without causing damage. 

Their specialized equipment deep cleans and deodorizes gently and safely. 

They avoid abrasive scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or power spraying. 

Instead, their method effectively flushes out a huge amount of soil trapped within the rug fibers. 

With Master Cleaners, your rugs will look brighter, smell fresher, and feel softer underfoot. 

Trust them to take care of your rugs with their professional, gentle cleaning methods. 

Call: (251) 471-1893

Longleaf Chem-Dry

Longleaf Chem-Dry

Longleaf Chem-Dry is your expert in carpet cleaning. 

Their unique approach uses Hot Carbonating Extraction, which penetrates carpet fibers to lift dirt and grime. 

This method uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning, so your carpets dry in just 1-2 hours

Struggling with pet stains and odors? 

Their Pet Urine Removal Treatment effectively takes care of these issues. 

They also specialize in area rug and upholstery cleaning, ensuring your entire home feels fresh and clean. 

Their non-toxic, green-certified solution makes your home not only cleaner but healthier. 

It’s pure, detergent-free, and guarantees a safe and thorough wash. 

Call: (251) 660-2151

Anything Clean LLC 

Anything Clean simplifies carpet cleaning with their efficient six-step process

First, they begin with a thorough inspection of your carpet, identifying specific areas of concern. 

Next, they pre-vacuum to remove surface dirt and debris. 

For tougher spots, they apply targeted spot treatment, ensuring those stubborn stains get special attention. 

Then comes the pre-spray, which prepares your carpet for deeper cleaning. 

The fifth step involves agitating the carpet to loosen all the embedded dirt. 

Finally, they use hot water extraction and rinsing, which deeply cleans and refreshes your carpet. 

This methodical approach ensures every inch of your carpet receives the care it needs! 

Call: (251) 322-4356

All Out Carpet Cleaning 

All Out Carpet Cleaning is all about giving your carpets a thorough, safe clean. 

They use eco-friendly chemicals and steam cleaning, perfect for tackling any mess. 

Got kids or pets? 

No worries, they handle those spills and spots with care. 

Their team will treat your space like it’s their own, ensuring every inch is spotless. 

And if you’re looking for a deep clean, they’ve got that covered, too.

They focus on the details, so even those hard-to-reach areas shine. 

Call: (251) 295-6484

Bama’s Best Carpet Cleaning 

Bama’s Best Carpet Cleaning, active since 1993, specializes in making your carpets look and smell fresh. 

They handle general carpet cleaning, area rug refreshment, and even tricky pet stains and odors. 

They focus on what your carpet needs using powerful truck-mounted equipment and top-grade cleaning agents. 

Their approach is simple yet effective: hot water extraction

This method gets deep into your carpets, lifting out dirt and reviving fibers. 

For both residential and commercial spaces, Bama’s Best is committed to excellent results. 

They work with a smile, ensuring a pleasant and professional service. 

Call: (251) 550-2262

H2O Waters Carpet Cleaning

H2O Waters Carpet Cleaning is a local expert in making carpets look new again. 

Specializing in general carpet and area rug cleaning, they use one of the top-rated truck mount units

This means deeper, more effective cleaning for your carpets.

Being locally owned and operated, they bring a personal, caring touch to their work. 

Their commitment to quality is clear from their many positive reviews. 

They’re all about giving your carpets a thorough refresh, tackling dirt, and bringing back that fresh, clean feel.

When you choose H2O Waters, you’re not just getting a carpet clean; you’re getting a carpet transformation.

Call: (937) 844-2785

Chem-Dry of the Port City

Chem-Dry of the Porty City dominates the carpet cleaning industry in Mobile, AL. 

Their method? 

Hot Carbonating Extraction

This deeply cleans carpets and removes allergens. 

Worried about long drying times? 

Their technique uses 80% less water, so carpets dry in hours, not days. 

Pet problems? 

They remove stains and odors effectively. 

Their cleaning solution, The Natural®, is green-certified and safe for your family and pets. 

No harsh soaps or chemicals here. 

Plus, they’re proven to remove 98% of common allergens from carpets. 

Chem-Dry of the Port City offers a smarter, faster way to clean carpets, making your home healthier.

Call: (251) 450-4447

Raulerson Floor Care 

Raulerson Floor Care 

Raulerson Floor Care in Mobile tackles your carpet challenges head-on. 

Specializing in area rug and general carpet cleaning, they’ll make sure your floors look impeccable. 

If you’re frustrated with pet messes and orders, they can eliminate those issues effectively. 

Their standout feature is low moisture cleaning

This means your carpets dry quickly, perfect for your fast-paced life. 

And their service extends beyond carpets to hardwood floors and tile, making them a versatile choice for all floor types

They offer free estimates and promise a job well done. 

Your floors will thank you! 

Call: (251) 459-9577

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning brings an innovative, eco-friendly approach to carpet care. 

They handle general carpet cleaning, pet stains and odors included. 

Their green approach uses minimal water and energy-efficient methods, drying carpets in about an hour. 

Their cleaning doesn’t press down your carpets; it lifts them up, removing dirt thoroughly. 

Oxi Fresh takes pride in being The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Their cleaning products are environmentally friendly, and their process uses only about 2 gallons of water per home.

Plus, they don’t rely on vehicle-powered systems; a simple wall outlet is all they need!

Call: (251) 725-9009

MasterKleen Carpet Care LLC 

MasterKleen Carpet Care are the guys to call if you want to extend your carpet’s lifespan. 

Their eco-friendly cleaning process will make your carpets sparkle, all while staying safe for kids and pets. 

They’re thorough, ensuring the job is done right the first time. 

Got an old, beloved Oriental rug? 

They can bring those colors back to life, cleaning both sides carefully to prevent color bleeding. 

And beyond cleaning, MasterKleen also offers meticulous rug and carpet repair services

They can tackle everything from holes to torn seams. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Mobile Bay area, they’re skilled in restoring carpets to their best condition. 

Call: (251) 367-3721

Peaches N Clean 

Peaches N Clean deals with carpet woes with ease. 

They’ll breathe new life into your carpets, targeting everything from general dirt to stubborn stains. 

Their team, each with 10-15 years of experience, is thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind. 

They’ll do their best to refresh your carpets, almost like when you first installed them. 

But what if you’re not happy with the results? 

They’ll re-do the job within five days, guaranteed. 

And they do all this without needing hot water or extra equipment, meaning quicker drying times for you. 

No hidden fees here, even for those tricky areas or a Saturday service! 

Call: (251) 621-0066


How should carpets be cleaned? 

To keep your carpets fresh, vacuum regularly and deal with spills quickly to avoid stains. 

But if you have something tougher on your hands, it might be time to call in the pros above! 

And carpets naturally wear down over time even if you’re careful with them, so regular maintenance is a smart move. 

Can a really dirty carpet be cleaned? 

Some stubborn stains like pet messes and ink might laugh at your regular cleaning methods.

A professional clean is what you need to get those out! 

How often should carpet be cleaned? 

It depends on the foot traffic in the room or if you have pets that shed heavily.

If someone at home has allergies, that’s a factor, too! 

But generally, carpet makers suggest a weekly quick clean and a deep clean about once every 12 to 18 months. 

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Tackling carpet troubles can be frustrating, huh? 

But the pros I listed above should be able to deal with any carpet issues you’re facing. 

They’re seasoned in dealing with pesky stains or just regular maintenance. 

They have the know-how and equipment to get your floors looking great again. 

It’s pretty reassuring to have these experts just a call away, ready to spruce up your space!

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