Where To Get Breakfast In Mobile AL

Breakfast—the most important meal of the day and quite possibly the yummiest.

Breakfast food is so enjoyable that some of us even like to eat it for dinner. 

If you like kickstarting your day with a hearty morning meal, the many breakfast restaurants of Mobile are happy to provide. 

In this post, we’ll take a tour of the best breakfast spots in the city.

Whether you like a diner experience or something a little more refined, there’s something that everyone can enjoy in a good old Southern breakfast. 

Check out the best breakfast restaurants that Mobile has to offer!

Breakfast Restaurants In Mobile, AL 

Serda’s Coffee Co. 

serda's coffee co

What’s breakfast without a good coffee? 

Founder John Serda’s love of high-quality coffee originated during a study abroad program in Costa Rica. 

John Serda’s love of high-quality coffee originated during a study abroad program in Costa Rica.

In 1999, he moved to Costa Rica with the goal of studying Spanish for a master’s degree in International Business.

That plan shifted after he launched a cyber cafe in the Costa Rican port city of Puntarenas to make some additional cash.

The coffee sold at the cafe was an instant hit, and soon he was shipping crates of freshly roasted Costa Rican beans across the Atlantic.

He fell madly in love with specialty coffee after visiting the plantation from whence he had previously purchased it.

Coffees from all over the world are now available at Serda’s, and they are all roasted by hand in small batches to bring forth their full flavors.

Along with their coffees, they also serve freshly baked pastries like muffins, scones, cookies, and bagels.

If you’re in the mood for something more filling, they have paninis and wraps.

Visit: 3 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36612 

Call: (251) 415-3000

Big Bad Breakfast 

big bad breakfast - breakfast in mobile al

John Currence, the famous chef, has always had a soft spot for the morning meal.

He fondly recalls eating scrambled eggs and toast with his family before school. 

He still gushes about his grandmother’s box mix pancakes with Louisiana cane syrup. 

He tells stories about the bacon and egg sandwiches he used to get with his dad at Allgood’s diner in Uptown, New Orleans. 

And he can’t stop talking about the Sunday Brunch at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District. Needless to say, the man loves his breakfast. 

His first nomination for the James Beard Award for Best Chef South came in 2005, and he went on to receive nominations every year until he finally won in 2009.

Chef Currence saw an opportunity to improve upon the “most important meal of the day” in 2008 when a charming space became available, and he pounced on it.

The tastes of his youth were calling to him, and he yearned to recreate them.

He wished for folks to enjoy the taste of patty sausage made by his grandfather and biscuits baked by his great-grandmother. 

He made his dreams come true with Big Bad Breakfast.

From the moment the doors first opened, it was a huge hit.

Today, the restaurant serves wholesome breakfast fare.

They’re especially famous for their fried oyster scramble and homemade biscuits.

Lard, have mercy! 

Visit: 1812 Old Shell Rd Suite D, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: (251) 318-1411

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Spot of Tea 

spot of tea breakfast in mobile al

Back in 1994, Spot of Tea opened as a tea shop with seven tables and twenty-nine seats.

Mom Ruby Moore and son Tony Moore served fruit pizza and tea. 

After a year, the space became known as the Carriage room.

Having opened in the mid-1990s when downtown Mobile was largely abandoned, Spot of Tea has witnessed the area’s transformation.  

The restaurant moved to its current home at 310 Dauphin Street, a historic building that dates back 200 years.

Spot of Tea, headed by Chef Patti Culbreth, started offering a daily breakfast buffet, filling a demand in the downtown area made apparent by the presence of Mobile’s Press-Register. 

They noticed that they needed to add a Sunday Brunch to their menu because their breakfast was so popular. 

Tony Moore stepped into the kitchen to make a new meal after receiving some fresh crab cakes.

He took the restaurant’s signature seafood soup and poured it over a platter of crab cakes, scrambled eggs, and an English muffin. 

The new meal (called Eggs Cathedral) was a hit with construction workers.

The only criticism of the dish is that many diners feel the urge for a nap after chowing down on it. 

Spot of Tea, with its fresh, made-to-order menu, continues to be one of the best places to get breakfast in downtown Mobile.

They also serve lunch!

Visit: 310 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602 (across the street from Cathedral Square) 

Call: (251) 433-9009

Maple Street Biscuit Company 

maple street biscuit breakfast in mobile al

It’s often the simplest things that make the most profound impressions.

That’s doubly true in the culinary world, and it appears to be the driving force behind Maple Street Biscuit Company

It’s where diners can get a relaxing Sunday morning experience every day of the week while enjoying great food.

The business was established by two friends with a common goal of bringing people together through good food and good vibes. 

Over the years, the restaurant has become a popular spot for both breakfast and brunch, and not just because of the biscuits. 

Guests frequent Maple Street Biscuit Company for the unique variations on comfort food, the consistently good coffee, and the chance to chat with friendly folks.  

The company’s buttermilk biscuits have caught the attention of celebrity chefs, and it has since expanded across the American South and been acquired by another well-known brand.

Their breakfast menu isn’t that extensive, but what they offer, they’ve perfected.

Of course, it’s a good place to get some good biscuits.

Aside from that, they serve bread pudding, country fried streak, and the “Fritaffle.” 

If you’re particular about your maple syrup, Maple Street serves the real thing— Grade A syrup from third-generation Bissel Farms. 

Visit: 5054 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: (251) 525-9095

Ruby Slipper Cafe

ruby slipper

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mid-City area of New Orleans in May 2008, the Ruby Slipper Cafe opened its doors to the public. 

After enduring a devastating storm, husband and wife Erich and Jennifer saw an opportunity to revive a rundown corner store. 

They wanted to transform it into a community hub where people could enjoy excellent food in a relaxed and friendly setting. 

Due to its warm ambiance and unique brunch and morning cocktail offerings, the Ruby Slipper Cafe Mid-City quickly gained a loyal customer base.

After two years of historical refurbishment, Ruby Slipper moved from its original home in Mid-City, New Orleans, to a larger building.  

Two new Ruby Slipper establishments opened in 2018; one in New Orleans’s famous French Quarter and another in downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Their specialties include biscuits & gravy, sweet heat chicken & french toast bites, shrimp & grits, grilled fish St. Peter, and tacos.

Of course, they serve the usual stuff like pancakes, omelets, and egg bennies.

What sets Ruby Slipper apart is their “eye-opening” cocktails, also making it an ideal brunch spot

Over at Ruby Slipper, they like to say, “There are a few things in life a mimosa can’t solve!”

Visit: 100 N Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: (251) 355-0448

Brick & Spoon 

brick and spoon breakfast in mobile al

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch at Brick & Spoon are all served with a full, high-quality Southern experience. 

They serve hearty breakfast and lunch fare alongside deliciously unique cocktails and build-your-own bloody marys in an upscale yet laid-back atmosphere.

Brick & Spoon is a great location to grab a bite to eat, listen to live music, or just kick back with a cup of coffee. 

It fills a void in the community for all of the people who enjoy eating breakfast and socializing first thing in the morning.

Brick & Spoon understands that breakfast is supposed to be uncomplicated, and it reflects in their menu and good service.

They serve omelets, breakfast fries, breakfast tacos, eggs benedict, and pancakes. For lunch, they offer burgers, sandwiches, grilled fish, chicken florentine, crab cakes, and pasta. 

Visit: 7765 Airport Blvd #120, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: (251) 287-6749

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Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company 

Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company 

The Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company location isn’t exactly a national landmark, but the building has a homey, retro charm that makes you feel right at home.  

Located just off the busy Old Shell Road, the exterior looks like a farmhouse from the late Victorian or early 19th century. 

On the inside, you’ll find typical coffee shop amenities.

The interior design is reminiscent of a cozy bistro, with touches that pay homage to the South American heritage of the coffee trade.

The interesting-sounding name of the location will probably be your initial hook.

Any bleary-eyed traveler would benefit greatly from the words “Carpe Diem” (which means “Seize the Day”). That, and perhaps one or two cookies. 

If comfort is your priority, grab one of their delicious cinnamon rolls and settle into one of the cozy chairs with a good book.

You also shouldn’t limit your enjoyment of this cozy cafe to the early morning hours.

Come in the late morning to enjoy their distinctive brunch menu.

Put in an order for the hot turkey and swiss sandwich and enjoy it while relaxing on the patio and people-watching. 

If you get hungry for breakfast in the middle of the day, they won’t mind serving you.

The breakfast fare is available all day long. 

There’s something for everyone at Carpe Diem, from gluten-free alternatives to an astounding selection of coffee beans and tea leaves.

Visit: 4072 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: (251) 304-0448

Roshell’s Cafe and Deli 

Roshell’s Cafe and Deli  breakfast in mobile al

Roshell’s is somewhat of an institution in Mobile.

It’s a great little hole-in-the-wall eatery where locals hang out and grab a bite to eat.

The atmosphere is a lot like being in your grandma’s kitchen. 

You can order off the breakfast menu from 6 AM to 10:30 AM, so get there early!

A standard breakfast plate at Roshell’s will get you two eggs, grits and toast served with your choice of bacon, a patty sausage, Conecuh sausage, red hots, ham, or corned beef hash.

That’s the breakfast of champions right there. 

And since Mobile has access to fresh seafood, Roshell’s also serves fried shrimp fillets and shrimp omelets. 

If you miss the breakfast hours, it can’t hurt to try their PO-boy sandwiches and their iconic Steer Burger. 

Visit: 2906 SpringHill Ave, Mobile, Al 36607

Call: (251) 479-4614

Satori Coffee House 

Satori Coffee House breakfast in mobile al

Satori is a hip coffee house and hidden gem with a diverse customer base.

I did my research, and apparently, “Satori” in Japanese means an abrupt awakening, an inexplicable breakthrough, or a sudden sense of enlightenment. 

Many students come to this cafe to study or hang out. It’s a converted house, so it has a warm, homey feel to it.

There are many sink-into couches and quiet corners inside. 

Satori also has a commitment to presenting live local music in its back room.

They give local musicians the space to share their craft. 

Breakfast consists of burritos, croissants, and bagels.

If you want something heavier, pizza dominates their delightful lunch menu. 

And no one’s stopping you from having pizza for breakfast!

Their breakfast pizza has alfredo sauce, eggs, carnitas, bacon, Italian sausage, spinach, roasted red peppers, potatoes, hot honey drizzle, provolone, and mozzarella.

It’s the perfect pie to share with friends in the morning. 

Visit: 5460 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: (251) 344-4575

Lickin’ Good Donuts 

lickin good donuts

If you’re a donut-for-breakfast sort of person, there’s no better option than Lickin’ Good Donuts.

It’s the definitive donut place in Mobile. 

The reviews for this place are funny, with warnings not to try this shop because the donuts are so good, they’re addictive.

They practically melt in your mouth, and before you know it, you’ve eaten one too many. 

Aside from donuts, they also serve cinnamon twists, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters.

Their other major specialty is kolaches, a Czech pastry of puffy dough usually containing fruit or cheese. 

Best of all, the staff is very friendly, which is something that could set your day right. 

Visit: 3915 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: (251) 219-7922

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Final Thoughts 

Breakfast is where many of us make our loftiest plans for the day.

Take it up a notch by going out for a great breakfast with your favorite people first thing in the morning. 

Luckily, Mobile restaurants take their food seriously, and breakfast is no exception.

Whether you want a solid cup of coffee or you want to sleep in and have a late-morning cocktail, there’s a good breakfast waiting for you.

Oh, and have you been on a food tour from Bienville Bites?

If not, you should look into them. They’re great.”

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