Box Owt Opens – Mobile’s Foodie Paradise!

Mobile Rundown Staff

Mobile’s culinary scene just got a spicy twist.

After nearly two years of anticipation, we now have our very first shipping container food court — Box Owt. 

It just had its soft opening last Thursday. 

Bow Owt Opens - Mobile’s Foodie Paradise!

Located on Dauphin Street between Jackson and Joachim Streets, this food court is a vibrant burst of colors and flavors. 

Five repurposed shipping containers stand proudly where once a community garden thrived. 

Each container hosts a unique culinary experience, so choices abound! 

From mouthwatering mac ‘n’ cheese to finger-lickin’ barbecue, delightful pasta, and exotic Honduran cuisine, there’s a dish for every craving palate. 

You could say it’s the most unique restaurant destination in the city, perfect for families, friends, and solo foodies to gather under the same “roof.” 

Or should we say “open sky?” 

Atrius Walker, the brains behind this venture and owner of the SMAC Shack food truck, is eager to dazzle the taste buds of Mobile residents and visitors alike. 

But that’s not all — Box Owt owns the event space next door, where you can take a break from the Mobile heat and enjoy live music. 

They’re still cooking up some surprises, so you can expect the food court to expand its hours in the future. 

You might be scratching your head, wondering, “What’s a big deal about a food court?” 

Well, Box Owt can be a game-changer for all you indecisive diners out there. 

Picture this: 

You’ve got three hungry kiddos, and it’s dinnertime. 

One is craving tacos, the second has a hankering for bolognese, and the third one’s all about the smoky BBQ goodness. 

Now, the age-old dilemma kicks in — where on earth do you go to keep everyone happy? 

In this situation, y’all could just go to Box Owt and have everybody get what they want!

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