Boom, Shakalaka! Gulf Coast Residents Shaken by SpaceX’s Dragon Landing

Mobile Rundown Staff

Residents of the Gulf Coast were treated to a late-night spectacle that left them scratching their heads. 

Don’t worry; it wasn’t an alien invasion or something big toppling over in your garage.

The cause of the commotion?

None other than a sonic BOOM, courtesy of SpaceX and their adventurous crew. 

Here is how the local recorded it. 🙂

Posts overflowed on social media platforms (like those above), and some folks even dialed 911, fearing a nearby explosion.

But the truth behind this weird phenomenon was far from destructive. 

A SpaceX capsule named “Dragon” and its interstellar crew Peggy Whitson, John Shoffner, Ali Alqarni, and Rayyanah Barnawi, made a triumphant return to Earth after spending ten glorious days in space. 

Talk about an extraordinary vacation! 

These cosmic explorers made their splashdown off the coast of Florida, near Panama City, turning the Gulf of Mexico into their private pool. 

Space X splashdown

So, how does the sonic boom factor into this seemingly run-of-the-mill space landing? 

Back in 2021, SpaceX had already warned us about the possibility of such a boom when they made another splashdown along the Florida coast.

It’s attributed to the capsule’s re-entry into our atmosphere. 

And it seems that specially designed parachutes worked their magic once again, providing the crew with a successful descent. 

So, next time you hear a mysterious boom and your windows start to shake, don’t panic—your house isn’t haunted, and aliens aren’t throwing wild parties nearby. 

It’s just the sound of adventure returning from the final frontier, reminding us that the universe is full of surprises, even in our own backyard.

What a time to be ALIVE.

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