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MY BONUS TIPS: Many times, hotels will have a DEAL on one of the platforms but not on the others. Factors like partnerships, bulk booking discounts, and special promotions can affect the rates.

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One of the biggest hotel booking platforms in the U.S. is

Check their availability here, or you can input your dates below.

This is the platform that we personally use the most, so we added it to the top.

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Trivago has grown over the last five years.

You know the commercials… “Hotel? Trivvvagggooo.

They’ve increased their market share of bookings and are become a serious player.

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Want to try a home instead of a hotel?

VRBO has become a huge contender in the space and a competitor of Airbnb.

On this platform, you can book personal homes if you need the space and want extra privacy.


TripAdvisor has stepped up their game and have a solid booking platform with great options.

And if you’re looking for activities once you arrive, you can book them with Viator!

Wherever you choose to stay, we hope that you have the absolute best time.