Bienville Square (Mobile, AL) Is Getting A $3.2 Million Makeover!!

Mobile Rundown Staff

Bienville Square, AKA “Mobile’s living room,” is getting a $3.2 million makeover!

The park, which will turn 200 years old next year, needs a little sprucing up after taking a beating from Hurricane Sally a few years ago. 

Bienville Square’s Grand Revitalization

The plan is to finish the project before the end of this year or at least in time for Mardi Gras. 

The Mobile City Council is set to vote soon on a contract with JPayne Organizations, a local company that will oversee the project. 

One of the exciting parts of this makeover is the return of the famous Ketchum Fountain. 

This cast-iron beaut, built in 1896 to honor Physician George Augustus Ketchum, was badly damaged. 

Now, it’s been restored by Robinson Iron Works and will be displayed with a brand-new basin. 

There are other cool features planned for the park, too. 

They’ll be adding fancy LED lighting around the fountain, which is going to look spectacular at night. 

And since these lights will be computer-controlled, they can be made to match the colors of the 35-story RSA Tower. 

They’re also putting in a low brick wall around the fountain’s pool for extra seating. 

New paving will be installed using blue stone and granite. 

And while the park’s general layout will remain the same, the walkways will be redone, too. 

Locals are thrilled about this beautification project.

After all, Bienville Square is an essential green space for folks living downtown.

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