Best Restaurants in Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, and Theodore, AL To Try

Located south of the Mobile County are the three communities: Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, and Theodore. 

They are a part of the Mobile Metropolitan Area and are census-designated places whose populations range from 3000 to 18,000.

Despite being far from the bigger cities, these communities are home to hidden gems for outdoor activities.

But every trip needs a good place to eat, so this guide will introduce you to the best restaurants in Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, and Theodore. 

10 Best Restaurants in Tillmans Corner

Best 10 Restaurants in Tillmans Corner

Neighbors Seafood & Chicken

Neighbors Seafood & Chicken is the home of traditional southern comfort food like fried chicken, po’boys, and gumbos. 

They have great food options, atmosphere, and good service, giving you a memorable dining experience. 

You can expect a delicious home-cooked dish for a reasonable price when you grab to eat for dine-in or takeout. 

Visit: 5830 Three Notch Rd, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-661-1365

Aztecas Restaurant & Cantina

Aztecas Restaurant & Cantina is a family-owned restaurant serving rich Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine flavors. 

It lets you taste authentic Mexican meals while on the Gulf Coast as they aim to elevate your restaurant experience. 

You can try their dips, wings, appetizers, fajitas, sandwiches, wraps, salads, nachos, desserts, and authentic Mexican lunch specials.

Visit: 5452 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-661-5509

Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q

Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q serves almost every possible hog part you know in its unique and authentic flavors. 

Their main dishes include barbecued baby back ribs, pork butts, and baked beans. 

The restaurant also serves seafood, homemade hush puppies, tea, and morning meals. 

Visit: 5360 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-661-6090

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Krystal is a long-running fast-service restaurant famous for its menu and free WiFi.

They satisfy your cravings for burgers and fries with their unique square buns and breakfast meals.

You can succumb to hunger as their meals are affordable, consistent, fresh, and delicious. 

Visit: 5446 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-665-4667

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a typical diner you’ll hear about, but you’ll never get enough of this Mexican-inspired fast-food restaurant. 

You can start your day with breakfast at their place or end your day with midnight snacks at their drive-thru. 

They serve the best Mexican dishes like burritos, wraps, black bean Chalupas, tacos, and more at great value. 

Visit: 392 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-666-0014

San Jose Taqueria & Carniceria

San Jose Taqueria & Carniceria serves authentic Mexican cuisine in a captivating atmosphere at affordable prices.

They have a great selection of tacos, carnitas, tamales, and beer to celebrate good times with good food. 

You can also bring your family as they serve lemonades and horchatas to pair with their delicious Mexican dishes. 

Visit: 5696 Tillmans Corner Pkwy, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-653-0406

Taste of Thai

The authentic Taste of Thai is within your reach in this place where they serve good Thai food in grand proportions.

Many say it is the best Thai food in Mobile, with menu items varying from soups, noodles, seafood, mains, and more.

Visit: 2321 Dawes Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: 251-378-5719

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Godfather’s Pizza

Godfather’s Pizza is a great pizza chain that serves anything from cookies to pizza, pasta, and chips. 

They offer four types of crust for their pizzas: original, thin, golden, and the popular Mozza-loaded. 

Godfather’s Pizza also has a salad bar and buffet for those who can’t get enough food options and gluten-free pizzas. 

Visit: 5442 Highway 90 W, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-666-0106

Amelia’s Restaurant

Many locals consider Amelia’s Restaurant the best Mexican diner in Mobile because of its tacos, quesadillas, chimichangas, and more. 

They also have seafood specialties and barbecues for that extra Gulf Coast touch on the menu. 

Their Mexican Pizza is also a must-try, a fried fajita with toppings like chicken, steak, shrimp, veggies, beans, and cheese sauce.  

Visit: 5396 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-487-7733

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5th Avenue Restaurant & Lounge

5th Avenue Restaurant & Lounge is an excellent place to hang out with family and friends for a fantastic dining experience. 

They make morning meals, pasta, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads, sides, and fun desserts. 

The place has a neat and relaxing vibe, making it an excellent place for drinking over a fun chat. 

Visit: 5465 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-666-5600

Best 10 Restaurants in Grand Bay

Best 10 Restaurants in Grand Bay


Grand Bay’s famous McDonald’s franchise serves its iconic french fries and other fast food meals.

Whatever age you are, you’ll enjoy eating McDonald’s burgers, chicken, sandwiches, desserts, and morning meals.

They sometimes spice things up and add seasonal items, but you cannot miss their Happy Meal when you visit. 

Visit: 9200 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-2088

Dunkin’ Donuts

Entering Dunkin’ Donuts will hit your nose with that aromatic smell of coffee and the sweet taste of donuts. 

It is a great place to grab coffee and morning meals before starting your day at work or taking a break at lunch.

Depending on the location, they serve a variety of donuts, wraps, bagels, hash browns, croissants, sandwiches, and beverages. 

Visit: 9201 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-0268


Like its branding, Arby’s delivers delightful experiences with its high-quality products, including its bestselling sandwiches.

They serve innovative and crave-worthy dishes like fries, mozzarella sticks, and their signature sandwiches. 

You can try their variety of roast beef, beef brisket, turkey, roast hen, and fish sandwiches.  

Visit: 12411 Creel Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-1700

Kitchen of The Sea

Kitchen of The Sea is home to southern seafood goodness and also serves sandwiches and burgers fresh from their kitchen. 

For a reasonable price, you get a good variety of dishes on the menu, like gumbos, snow cones, sides, salads, and kid’s meals.

It is a cozy place for families and friends to dine in because of its homey atmosphere and mouthwatering menu.

Visit: 12610 US-90, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-3474

Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn has come to Grand Bay to let locals and tourists try their made-from-scratch thin crusts and signature sauce. 

Pizza Inn serves a variety of flavors, like taco pizza, chocolate chip pizzert, bacon cheeseburger, pepperoni, vegetable, and more. 

They also have garlic breadsticks, strombolis, wings, cinnamon sticks, and garlic cheese bread to pair with your food.

Visit: 12640 Alabama’s Coastal Connection, AL-188, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-0090

Southern Shells

You cannot speak of Southern Shells without mentioning their deliciously cooked shrimp meals like po’boys, wraps, salads, and croissants. 

They also serve seafood combos with mild, medium, and cajun seasoning that will keep you licking your fingers. 

You can add blue crab claws, Dungeness crabs, snow crabs, sweet corn, key lime pie, and butter.

Visit: 10126 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-9989

Peyton’s Catering

Peyton’s Catering is a local counter-serve food chain that serves salads, soups, and wraps that fit your budget.

They have a variety of chicken, turkey, roast beef, fajita, ham, tuna, and veggie wraps that keep you trying them all.

Peyton’s Catering also serves sandwich specials, gluten-free soups, kid’s sandwiches, chips, and cookies.

Visit: 10110 Fernland Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-349-1666


Subway is a known multinational fast-food chain selling grab-and-go food like submarine sandwiches, salads, paninis, and wraps. 

Their best-selling sandwich is the B.M.T., or the biggest, meatiest, and tastiest sandwich with salami, pepperoni, and ham.

You can create your sandwich by choosing the bread, size, toppings, sides, and other add-ons.

Visit:  Exit 4, 1 Creel Rd I-10, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-0866

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Rand’s Quick Stop

With its fantastic food options, Rand’s Quick Stop is one of the best places to grab a bite in Grand Bay.

With years of experience in the food business, it continuously serves its customers the best food and quick service. 

Their menu includes pizza, wings, nachos, tacos, snacks, and beer, but you can also buy fishing equipment from their shop.

Visit: 12351 Old Pascagoula Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-1063

Sam’s Super Burger

Sam’s Super Burger is a local burger joint perfect for those who want a quick fix for their hungry stomachs. 

Their menu contains appetizing and heavy meals like super burger meals, nuggets, footlongs, sandwiches, and more. 

You can also add salads and sides for a complete fast food experience and order kid’s meals for your child.

Visit: 8789 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Call: 251-865-3739

Best 10 Restaurants in Theodore

Best 10 Restaurants in Theodore

Seafood King

Whether you want the best seafood to go or dine in, Seafood King serves fresh and delightful meals perfect for the family. 

Their seafood platter is a favorite because of its variety of combos like shrimp, catfish, fish, popcorn shrimp, oyster, crab claw, and fish nuggets. 

They also have appetizers, different types of fried rice, lo mein, sides, kid’s meals, po’boys, chickens, and more. 

Visit: 5895 US-90, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-586-8037

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Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza is one of the biggest pizza chains in the world that serves unique, fresh, and excellent pizza.

They are famous for their hot-served pizzas and Crazy Bread, which you can get at the best value for its flavor. 

Despite being a big pizza shop, they maintained their ingredients at the highest quality, always fresh and never frozen. 

Visit: 5891 90, U.S. 90, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-525-8203

China Chef Restaurant

China Chef is a local favorite if you are craving Chinese takeout with its long list of menu items. 

They serve fresh and hot soups, lo mein, sweet and sour, chow mein, chop suey, chow mai fun, egg foo young, and combos. 

You can also try their pork, seafood, beef, and hen dishes or order their house and chef’s special items. 

Visit: 5887 US-90, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-653-2688

T & T Seafood

T & T Seafood offers a combination of Chinese and seafood cuisine if you crave some after a long drive. 

They provide delicious crawfish but also have shrimps that you can have steamed or seasoned. 

Some of the things they serve are ya ka mein soups, gumbo, po’boys, lunch combos, and boiled sides.

Visit: 5875 US-90, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-653-2049

Hacienda San Miguel: House of Tequila

Hacienda San Miguel: House of Tequila is a place to get a taste of Mexico while also getting the same atmosphere and architecture. 

Their authentic Mexican food offerings are tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, sides, lunch specials, dinner specials, kid’s meals, and desserts. 

The experience is not complete without trying their beers and cocktails while outdoor dining on their patios.

Visit: 5805 US-90, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-653-9163


Wendy’s is known for serving square patties on round buns with soft-serve ice cream and sea salt fries. 

Their menu includes sandwiches and burgers but serves sides like nuggets and fries. 

However, their best-selling item is the baked potato with different toppings as a healthier option aside from french fries. 

Visit: 6955 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: 251-653-8830

Time To Eat Café

The local cafe, Time To Eat Café, serves the best Southern favorites in generous portions at a reasonable price. 

They serve anything from appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, steaks, sandwiches, desserts, and some Italy-inspired dishes. 

Their signature dish is hamburger steak with gravy, onions, two sides, and bread. 

Visit: 7351 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore, Alabama

Call: 251-654-0228

Sakura Cafe

With its sushi rolls and hibachi dinner meals, Sakura Cafe brings Japanese goodness to satisfy your cravings. 

They serve unique, creative, and authentic food at a reasonable price that your mouth will keep searching for its flavor. 

Japanese food options include katsu, sushi rolls, soups, entrees, salads, appetizers, fried rice, a kid’s menu, and mains.

Visit: 7357 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore, Alabama

Call: 251-653-3696


D’Michaels is home to the best Philly cheesesteaks in Theodore, but they also serve great gyros and sandwiches. 

Their cozy atmosphere and affordable meals add to the relaxing dining experience you get when you visit. 

There’s always something for everyone on their menu, like combo meals, salads, pizzas, kid’s meals, and sides.

Visit: 7101 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore, Alabama

Call: 251-653-2979

El Rincón Tacos & Grill

El Rincón Tacos & Grill is the best place to grab birria tacos and Mexican food with their authentic and mouth-watering menu. 

They sell Mexican tacos, flan, burritos, pozole, tortas, fajitas, taquitos, molcajete, and a whole lot more. 

Whether you are a first-time or a returning customer, the flavor will always pull you back to try more. 

Visit: 7272 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore, Alabama

Call: 251-459-0760

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Best Restaurants in Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, and Theodore, AL To Try

The wonderful community of Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, and Theodore may be underrated, but it is an excellent place to relax and eat. 

They have the best and most unique cuisines to try, especially if you are on a driving trip and need good food. 

So if you are a local or tourist looking for a hidden gem in the South, this list will help you find something for your taste and budget. 

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