9+ Best Neighborhoods In Mobile AL

In Mobile AL, living costs are much lower than the national average, with housing incredibly affordable. 

Even in newly rehabilitated historic districts, housing prices may be shockingly low.

If you’re seeking an affordable home to live in, you’ll be pleased to learn about some of the best neighborhoods in Mobile, Alabama.

Best Neighborhoods In Mobile AL

Ashland Place

In Mobile, Alabama, Ashland Place lies in a historic district.

Ashland, a Greek Revival antebellum home located on Lanier Avenue, gave the area its name. 

From early Victorian to the Craftsman, most structures have many architectural styles.

Approximately the establishment of the Ashland Place Historic District was from 1908 and 1940. The majority of structures were completed between 1920 and 1938. 

The Great Depression and the lack of available land slowed down building in the area after 1929. 

The subdivision’s architectural patterns were the blueprint until all of the lots were full.

After that, Mobile’s population expansion during World War II necessitated the construction of new suburbs to the west and south of the city.

There are 81 principal buildings spread across roughly 40 acres at Ashland Place, west Springhill Avenue.

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Country Club Estates

Country Club Estates is an affluent gated neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama, with a relatively low population density. 

Live oaks and beautiful flowers fill the roadways of the community. Most of the houses have views of the famed Country Club golf courses.

Country Club Estates has one of the lowest percentages of child poverty among all U.S. neighborhoods.  

Therefore you should visit this neighborhood if you plan to retire in Alabama. Country Club Estates may be a retiree’s ideal community for various reasons. 

It is a safe area, with a below-average crime rate and a wide variety of housing alternatives for residents.

Find cool houses by searching the Mobile map below!

Huntleigh Woods

In West Mobile, Huntleigh Woods Apartments is a beautiful neighborhood with close access to Airport Boulevard and Interstate 65.

The accessibility to these places makes it easier for you to explore the region.

For instance, most malls like The Shoppes, a golf course, botanical and Japanese gardens, and a museum are just a few miles from Huntleigh Woods. 

Several businesses like Walmart, Amazon, and hospitals are near the neighborhood, which is a win for those looking for career opportunities. 

Meanwhile, there are many schools in the area to enroll your kids in, such as W.P Davidson High School, E.R Dickson Elementary School, and Scarborough Middle School.

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Jackson Heights

At an average of $205,000, Jackson Heights is more costly than 74.4 percent of the neighborhoods in Alabama.

Jackson Heights is a densely populated neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama, with a suburban feel within the city. 

Despite a neighborhood’s overall wealth, it is crucial to know how many individuals fall below the poverty threshold, which is very low. 

This fact says a lot about the community’s nature and circumstances by looking at the percentage of children living in poverty in a specific area. 

Meanwhile, Jackson Heights is an excellent neighborhood because of its college student-friendly environment. 


Kingswood or “Old Springhill” is a beautiful place to live. The Springhill area is a heaven for nature lovers. 

Thanks to its ancient oaks, this neighborhood is a peaceful oasis near shopping malls, restaurants, and leading commercial centers. The air is calming, and the environment is quiet. 

Kingswood is a treasure trove of visual splendor neighborhood. It is a charming, comfortable, and convenient area tucked under a grove of towering old live oaks. 

Near central commercial districts, local colleges and universities, parks, and shopping malls are easily accessible on foot or by bike.


Llanfair has a large number of residences with an average housing cost of $300,000. It has a low unemployment rate, with an average income is $45,000.

Some errands can be accomplished on foot in Llanfair, Mobile, because most places and facilities are nearby.

Llanfair has a great environment because the air quality is clean and better than the average air quality index in the states. 

Meanwhile, the pollution in Llanfair is 88 percent better than the average national index, 

The pollution index in Llanfair is 88% better than the national average.

The neighborhood’s low crime rate and excellent public schools attract many residents. This area has a modest cost of living and a wide range of neighboring facilities that make it simple to buy a home.

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There is a wide range of attractive designs, sizes, and prices in Mobile, Alabama’s Marchfield area. 

Houses in Marchfield go for a price range of $370,000 to $629,000, and the average annual homeowners association cost is about $25.

Residents of Marchfield Subdivision may enjoy a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year.

Because there is only one path in and out, it is very pedestrian-friendly, with walkways along both sides of the roadway to accommodate everyone. 

Here’s that map again if you’d like to have a look around the area and see what’s out there for sale!

Muir Woods

Muir Woods in Mobile, Alabama, is a community of houses with various stunning designs, sizes, and affordable prices to explore. 

Most of the residents here are 65 to 90 years old, but young professionals and families live here.

For families, you can enroll your children in some of the best schools in Muir Woods, such as Burns Middle School, Murphy High School, and Olive J Dodge Elementary School.

Regency Oaks

Future homeowners in Mobile, Alabama, may select from stunning designs, sizes, and pricing in the Regency Oaks community. The average property price in Regency Oaks is $379,900.

Regency Oaks is a prestigious neighborhood with nearby schools, shops, and churches ideal for families.

You can easily take a few minutes to buy bread or milk or the petrol station. Most neighbors are lovely and always ready to help.

All of the properties are on highly sought-after streets in well-established neighborhoods.

Ridgefield – Best Neighborhoods In Mobile AL

Ridgefield subdivision is just off Airport Boulevard and University Boulevard in Spring Hill, Mobile, Ala. 

This sought-after neighborhood has premium houses on spacious lots, gorgeous landscapes, and pathways that run through the community. 

University of South Alabama (USA) and Spring Hill College (SHC) are only a short drive apart from Ridgefield. The neighborhood is just a short drive from several popular activities, including golf, shopping malls, and restaurants.

Most residents take pride in their pleasant neighborhoods and historic houses. They also said it is a family-friendly neighborhood, so it is a great place to raise a family. 

Many restaurants, shops, and hospitals are within a few blocks of your new home in Ridgefield Subdivision.

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