Get Your Hands on the Best Alabama BBQ: 21+ Top Joints

Alabama is full of mouth-watering barbecue dishes that you can find in almost every city you visit.

This state is home to delicious pulled pork shoulders and ribs with a special sauce that will remind you of home. 

It is also the origin of white BBQ sauce; almost every restaurant has its unique twist on this mayonnaise-based sauce.

From locally owned to large franchises, the best Alabama BBQ places will give you a unique take on the Southern flavor. 

LawLers Barbecue

LawLers Barbecue

LawLers Barbecue is a famous barbecue chain from the Tennessee Valley that serves St. Louis-style ribs.

They also serve various sandwiches and sides that comfort you in a warm and casual atmosphere.

You will surely love their BBQ dishes and may even want to bring a piece of their flavor to your family traditions. 

They also prepare your orders quickly but rest assured that they are always fresh and delicious when you get them.

You must try their St. Louis-style ribs, barbecue sandwiches, and BBQ nachos when you go to their restaurant. 

They also take pride in their Southern dishes, especially the barbecue beans they make from their special recipe and ingredients. 

Aside from their barbecues, sandwiches, and side, they also serve stews, sauces, desserts, and salads. 

You can also try their delicious keto-friendly menu and gluten-free dishes if you want healthier food options.

Visit: 544 Hughes Rd, Madison, AL 35758

Call: 256-772-0590

Top Hat Barbecue

Top Hat Barbecue

Top Hat Barbecue is a family-owned and operated BBQ joint with a rustic vibe and delicious food for everyone. 

They prepare their meat through pit smoking and serve it in their spacious vintage setting that keeps you warm and relaxed. 

You can also order their famous fried catfish, BBQ sandwich, potato salad, pecan pie, and apple pie, some local favorites. 

If you want something that perfectly goes with your meal, Top Hat Barbecue recommends getting tea beside it.

They elevate your dining experience as their warm staff provides excellent customer service and prepares food efficiently. 

Despite their high-quality dishes and beautiful interior, you can also expect reasonable and attractive prices. 

Visit: 8725 US Highway 31, Blount Springs, AL

Call: 256-352-9919

Moe’s Original BBQ Downtown Mobile

Moes Original Barbecue

Moe’s Original BBQ in Downtown Mobile is a BBQ chain that serves Alabama-style pulled pork and other smoked in-house meats. 

Their 7,400 square feet restaurant is the perfect location to stay during Mardi Gras parades and nightlife.

They have full-service bars, live music, and various televisions to keep you entertained while dining. 

You can try their food specials that change daily, so you can try something new whenever you visit. 

On Mondays, you can grab a bite of their smokey meatloaf that you can have served in a meal, platter, or sandwich.

Tacos are what’s up for Tuesdays, where you get corn or flour tortillas with juicy pulled pork and their unique toppings and BBQ dressing. 

Wednesday calls for slow-smoked beef brisket you can have as a meal, on a platter, or as a sandwich.

 You’ll get smoked sliced turkey breast in a bun on Thursdays and blackened fish on Fridays. 

Finally, on the weekends, you can order their smoked burger and Southern fried chicken with sides. 

Visit: 701 SpringHill Ave, Mobile, AL 36602

Call:  251-410-7427

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Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack

Cooter Brown's - best alabama bbq

Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack is a staple food in Alabama that is best known for its spare ribs, sandwiches, and wings. 

The exterior may not look impressive, but locals can vouch for their cozy and friendly indoor setting that serves delicious ribs.

This full-service restaurant started as a bar but developed an interest in creating food options. 

As one of the best joints to eat in Alabama, this award-winning restaurant also serves award-winning ribs. 

Aside from their specialty, they also serve smoked wings, burgers, grilled chicken, and more to fill your tummy. 

Whatever you choose to eat, they guarantee they are fresh and flavorful, so you know it is worth the wait. 

Visit: 8464 AL-204, Jacksonville, AL 36265

Call:  256-435-1514

Meat Boss Cottage Hill

Meat Boss

Meat Boss in Cottage Hill is a cozy restaurant that serves different BBQ selections with their house-brand sauces and Southern sides. 

Their pork sandwiches are a must-try, especially their pulled pork, because of their juiciness and flavor in every bite. 

You can also try their potato salad, smoked turkey, beef brisket, and baby back ribs with flavorful seasonings. 

The meat they use is high-quality, so when you eat them, they are tender, have no chunky fat, and is smokey. 

They also serve desserts and appetizers like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and banana pudding to switch up the palette. 

But if you want the perfect drink to pair with your BBQ meals, they have a great wine selection, iced tea, and coffee. 

The Meat Boss is perfect for takeout or those in a rush because they serve quickly and have excellent service.

Visit: 5401 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36609

Call: 251-591-4842

Cotton State BBQ

Cotton State BBQ - best alabama bbq

Cotton State BBQ is famous for its BBQ sauce and excellent service that you can experience in its casual setting restaurant. 

Their menu features a wide selection of classic smoked meats and comfort side dishes that are the perfect pair. 

Try to check out their sandwiches, especially the BBQ, brisket, and delicious coleslaw. 

For something sweet, they have banana pies and banana pudding that you can eat while sipping your tea.

Unlike other BBQ restaurants, instead of pulling or chopping the meat, Cotton State BBQ thinly sliced them. 

They also add their special BBQ dressing that has a smoky and tangy flavor, enhancing the meat flavor more. 

Their creative menus allow them to include barbecue in other dishes like baked potatoes, nachos, and fries. 

But aside from the BBQ, you will also love their smoked Conecuh sausage, sweet tea, and seasoned fries. 

Cotton State also serves desserts such as their banana pudding from a family recipe during New Year’s eve tradition. 

Visit: 101 N Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-545-4682

Dreamland BBQ

Dreamland BBQ - best alabama bbq

Dreamland BBQ is a dream place for all BBQ lovers as they serve their Legendary hickory-smoked barbecue, a recipe from six decades ago.

They serve the best white bread, ribs, and BBQ sauce that locals and visitors have loved for the past 60 years. 

Dreamland prepares its pork spareribs by cooking it inside a wood-fired hickory pit and pouring its signature vinegar-based barbecue sauce on top. 

This recipe gives you the flavorful, meaty, and pull-from-the-bone ribs that everyone who eats here loves. 

They serve the ribs with white bread and barbeque sauce, which takes inspiration from the Southern taste with a little kick.

You can expect fresh food as they smoke your meat in the restaurant and serve it while it is hot and lovely. 

Their fried foods are also a must-try because they cook them perfectly so that everything from the meat to the sauce tastes good together.

Visit: 3314 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: 251-479-9898

Marie’s BBQ House

Marie's BBQ House

Marie’s BBQ House is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving fast and hot dishes. 

You can order their BBQ pork, ribs, and stews that you can eat with their butter cakes and refreshing tea. 

They also serve chicken fingers, sandwiches, and other homestyle foods that can satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

Their homey setting and excellent service are a great addition to their delicious rib plate that melts in your mouth. 

You can also try their delicious homemade fries alongside the affordable and fresh BBQ.

Visit: 1414 Almon St, Heflin, AL 36264

Call: 256-463-3636

Archibald’s BBQ

Archibald's BBQ - best alabama bbq

Archibald’s BBQ has a unique flavor as they use hickory wood to add a smoky, rich flavor to their meats. 

On top of that, Archibald’s BBQ also uses its deliciously thick barbecue sauce that enhances the meat flavor.

When you order their ribs, you can get a crispy outer layer and tender pulled pork on the inside. 

These ribs come with bread and two sides of your choice to balance your palette for a refreshing meal. 

They have fried green tomatoes, fried catfish, and hot wings that give a splash of tangy, creamy, and spicy flavors. 

Their menu includes ribs, pork, chicken, sandwich, hot dog, wings, and catfish.

They have slaw, okra, baked beans, potato salad, fries, and chips for your sides.

And because there is always room for dessert, you can order a pound cake and banana pudding that go well with sweet tea.

Visit: 1211 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Northport, Alabama 35476

Call: 205-345-6861

McMillan Barbecue

McMillan Barbecue best alabama bbq

McMillan Barbecue will give you the best food coma with their BBQ meats available in chicken, pork, and more. 

They serve high-quality meat, so you get a good amount of meat on the bone when you bite. 

Their great food, atmosphere, and staff give the perfect formula for a dining experience that you want to do again. 

Their menu includes bestselling BBQ ribs, beef, and salads that go perfectly with their relaxed setting. 

You will never get enough of their from-the-pit dishes, collard greens, baked beans, and sandwiches. 

On top of that, they also craft homemade desserts like brownies, pralines, cakes, and candy bars. 

Visit: 3103 W Main St, Whistler, AL 36612

Call: 251-452-2953

Chuckwagon BBQ

Chuckwagon BBQ - best alabama bbq

ChuckWagon BBQ has served Alabama for almost two decades with its Texas-style BBQ dishes.

Their specialties include beef brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, and chicken with a Texas flare. 

As one of the finest BBQ places in Alabama, they do not disappoint when it comes to flavor, price, and service.

The ribs and brisket have good flavors and serve generous portions for all the food on the menu. 

If you want to take a unique path from eating BBQs, you can also try their smoked sausages and chicken, best served with tea and pies. 

They also have loaded taters that come in brisket, chicken, turkey, pork, or plain potato.

Aside from the fantastic food, the restaurant also gives you a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with its modern interior. 

Visit: 8048 Hwy 72 W, Madison, AL 35757

Call: 256-772-5179

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Saw’s BBQ

Saw_s BBQ

Saw’s BBQ serves its famous pulled pork and smoked chicken with three homemade sauces.

Before the restaurant opened, its owner smoked meat and created sauces as a hobby until it became a business. 

Their menu includes smoked pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, and chicken, with baked potatoes, beans, and coleslaw on the side. 

The food selections take inspiration from Carolina-style cooking, so you get a unique taste apart from other BBQ restaurants. 

You can pair your BBQ meal with the banana pud for dessert to get the complete Saw’s BBQ experience. 

On the other hand, their fried chicken uses sweet tea as its brine to achieve a local taste and then fried to perfection.

Visit: 1008 Oxmoor Rd, Homewood, AL 35209

Call: 205-879-1937

Down South Barbeque

Down South BBQ - best alabama bbq

Please don’t get fooled by the tiny shack of Down South Barbeque because they serve the best barbecue by the Alabama beach. 

If you are hanging out by the beach, you can drop by this restaurant and try their delicious wings, ribs, and more.

Their outdoor tables are perfect, so you can have fresh air while eating lunch or dinner under umbrellas.

When you order their BBQ meals, you get a piece of bread and two side dishes to complete your fantastic Down South meal.

You can pick from their wide selection of meat, like ribs, wings, beef, pork chops, sausages, turkey, chicken, and more. 

They also have sandwiches, cornbread, and steak if you want to try something different from BBQs.

Visit: 19891 Co Rd 10, Foley, AL 36535

Call: 251-955-6622

Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny's BBQ

Sonny’s BBQ has been barbecuing since 1960, which is why you know you are getting a BBQ recipe that has withstood the test of time. 

Their signature smoked BBQ keeps the locals and visitors returning because of its rich flavor and generous serving. 

Other smoked options include St. Louis ribs, pulled or sliced pork, beef brisket, and ribs.

When you dine here, you must try their baby back ribs that are slow-smoked and fire-grilled to achieve the perfect flavor. 

For sides, you can order BBQ salad, smokin’ caesar, BBQ cobb, beans, mac and cheese, and green beans. 

Visit: 770 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: 251-634-0999

Bob Sykes Barbeque Inc

Bob Sykes - best alabama bbq

Bob Sykes Barbeque Inc has been serving the legendary barbecue they cook in a seasoned pit since 1957.

Their award-winning BBQ dressing makes their Southern BBQ dishes stand out from the rest. 

You get fresh pork shoulders cooked with hickory coals, making it more flavorful and sensational. 

Their BBQ and sauce recipes stayed the same throughout the years, which is why many locals keep returning as tradition.

They also have potatoes, salads, sandwiches, sides, cakes, pies, kid’s menus, and group orders. 

For sandwiches, they have pork, beef, hamburger, cheeseburger, hotdog, turkey, ham, and ribs. 

Meanwhile, their sides vary from fries, onion rings, fried okra, corn on the cob, and pickles.

The desserts are also something to look forward to as they make them fresh daily.

Choose from red velvet, caramel, chocolate, and lemon cake, or pecan, chocolate, or coconut for the pies. 

Visit: 1724 9th Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020

Call: 205-426-1400

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Bar B Quing With My Honey

Bar B Quing With My Honey - best alabama bbq

Bar B Quing With My Honey is a cozy barbecue joint in Mobile that gives excellent service, nicely cooked BBQ dishes, and moderate prices. 

Their local favorites include ribs, pork, pies, and banana pudding that goes well together as a whole meal. 

You can also add tea to your meal and dine the traditional way you would at a BBQ restaurant. 

Their menu also includes sausages, chicken, some vegetables, desserts, and yams that are all delicious and served generously.

Visit: 2617 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: 251-408-9892

Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q

Dick Russell's - best alabama bbq

Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q prioritizes comfort and service, serving exceptional BBQ dishes.

This restaurant has a lot to try, like burgers that use a flavorful marinade, so every bite is sensational. 

They also use homemade biscuits, BBQ dressing, thick and crispy bacon, and fresh dishes for a refreshing taste. 

Their bestsellers include their award-winning BBQ baby back ribs, pork butts, baked beans, and side dishes. 

You can also order fresh seafood from their local ponds, such as catfish, shrimp, oysters, hush puppies, and crab claws. 

When you dine in, your table includes delicious dressings such as green hot pepper sauce and tabasco. 

If you are looking for breakfast options, they have scrambled eggs, sliced bacon, homemade sausages, and biscuits. 

Dick Russell takes pride in delivering the best food, whatever the day is, with their quality home-cooked meals. 

Visit: 5360 US-90, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-661-6090

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

Big Bob Gibson - best alabama bbq

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q is one of the oldest and finest barbecue restaurants globally, undoubtedly making it a go-to place. 

This restaurant is famous for its Alabama white sauce that they serve with their smoked meats such as chicken, brisket, pork, and ribs, 

Their menu is a long list of award-winning dishes from global competitions, which is why you can take advantage of them.

Their choices include wings, nachos, Brunswick stew, salad, baked potatoes, and more sides.

Also, check out their long list of sandwiches like pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked turkey, chicken, and hotdog. 

They use hickory smoke to add soul and flavor to their BBQ dishes and satisfy customers with their excellent service. 

Visit: 1715 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35601

Call: 256-350-6969

Miss Myra’s BBQ

Miss Myras

Miss Myra’s BBQ is home to one of the best barbecues in Alabama that serves pit-cooked BBQs and homemade desserts. 

Their meat selections include BBQ chicken, ribs, smoked sausage, beef, and pork, while you add their signature white sauce.

They also have fresh side dishes that they make daily and sweet desserts like banana desserts and pies. 

Their hickory-fired ribs sit prettily inside their brick pit to reach that authentic smokey flavor. 

You can enjoy their BBQ best with sides such as coleslaw, potato salad, green beans, and deviled eggs. 

With so much to choose from, Miss Myra is one of the finest barbecue restaurants in Alabama that provides a complete dining experience.

Visit: 3278 Cahaba Heights Rd, Birmingham, AL 35243

Call: 205-967-6004

L.A. Barbeque

LA Barbeque best alabama bbq

L.A. Barbeque brings family and friends closer together as their barbecue calls for a barbecue party for everyone. 

They prepare their fresh and delicious menu in their restaurant and cook it when ordered, so they are always lovely and hot.

Each meat uses a secret blend of seasonings that L.A. Barbeque rubs in using hands to get the flavor in and out.

Their unique preparation and cooking will leave a lasting impression and will keep you coming back for more barbecues to try.

So whether you go with friends or family, you will have the best time with the best food around a cozy table.

Visit: 603 AL-59, Summerdale, AL 36580

Call: 251-947-8722

Bay Barbeque

Bay Barbeque - best alabama bbq

Bay Barbeque is a family tradition for most locals because nothing can top their ribs, even after so many years. 

Their smoked meat includes Baby Back Slab, Erotic Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Bruschetta, and Smoked Beef Brisket.

Their ribs are fantastic that you can eat them with their not-too-usual sides, which include deviled eggs which surprisingly works well.

While they cook their meats to perfection, the BBQ dressing completes the whole meal when you eat at Bay Barbeque. 

Visit: 59 N Florida St, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: 251-408-9997

Rodgers B-B-Q

Rodgers BBQ

Rodgers B-B-Q provides incredible food so that you will leave the restaurant with full stomachs and happy smiles. 

This restaurant offers pork ribs, baked beans, peach cobbler, banana pudding, and grilled chicken. 

While enjoying their main dishes, you can take a sip of their delicious tea that goes well with any meat. 

Rodgers BBQ is famous for its ribs, warm staff, excellent prices, flavorful dishes, and affordable prices.  

Visit: 2350 St Stephens Rd, Mobile, AL 36617

Call: 251-330-0285

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Barbecues taste best if you eat with a large group of people, like family and friends, in the best restaurants. 

While there are a lot of delicious dishes in Alabama, their BBQ meals are a must-try whether you are a local or a visitor.

Don’t forget to add the special white BBQ dressing and the iconic banana pudding on the side when you eat. 

You can never go wrong with the finger-licking BBQ goodness, and authentic South BBQ Alabama offers.

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