This Week’s News – Beer Fest, Budgets, & Church Fires

Sachin Ghatwal

Hundreds of folks flocked to the LoDa entertainment district and enjoyed the pleasant weather that graced this year’s Beer Fest last October 1st. 

The 24th annual Beerfest drew crowds in pursuit of the 39 different beers available across 13 locations.

A wristband is your entry into Beerfest, where you can sample brews all night long out of a commemorative mug.

The event is held annually by the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department. This year, they had a giant outdoor screen playing SEC football and live music. 

For only $35, participants were able to sample Mobile’s finest brews. That’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Beer brewing is a big deal in Mobile, so if you missed the event this year, you’d better catch next year’s festivities.

And if you for some reason, didn’t hear about it, clearly you weren’t following us or local events.

Beer Fest 2022

Examine Your Kids’ Halloween Candy! 

This might be the scariest thing coming out of this year’s Halloween traditions. 

US Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama and a few other legislators have warned that drug traffickers are distributing fatal fentanyl pills in candy wrappers in order to “drive addiction” among young people and adults.

halloween candy

This year’s Halloween might serve as a perfect backdrop for increased concern. 

Tuberville is warning parents to triple-check their kids’ Halloween candy for anything that looks odd. Look out for packaging that looks like it’s been tampered with. 

Looking Forward To More Improvements To Our City 

more improvements to our city

Public facilities and district upgrades, as well as personnel retention and recruitment, were prioritized in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget of $216,160,298, which was adopted by the Mobile County Commission on September 26th, 2022.

The Mobile County Commission has authorized the largest budget in county history for the Fiscal Year 2023, a 10% increase over FY 2022.

Public Safety receives 41% (about $88 million) of the Mobile County Commission’s FY 2023 Budget, while General Government receives 33% (around $72 million). 

Public services, including facilities, roadways, manpower, Sheriff’s Department, and Metro Jail, are Mobile County’s current largest expenses.

It looks like we’re doing okay for now. 

Catch Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tell Her Story


elisabeth hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck applied for a reality TV show on a whim 20 years ago and never imagined how much she would learn about standing up for one’s convictions in the public eye.

On Tuesday, October 25th, she will be sharing her story at the Leadership Banquet at the University of Mobile. 

She is a renowned Christian speaker, Emmy-winning national talk show presenter, and New York Times bestselling author. Tickets are available now.

Help Make Our Communities Safer 

communities safer

A new anonymous tip hotline for crimes, gun violence, and suspicious occurrences has been set up by the Mobile Police Department. 

WeTip gives people a better way to work with police to keep their neighborhoods safe.

You can contact the police in three different ways. The number for the hotline is 844-251-0644, and folks can also scan the WeTip QR code. 

You can use it to report crimes like shootings, gang violence, threats to schools, and other unlawful incidents to the authorities.

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Weird Fire Incident At Vacant Church 

The Mobile Fire and Rescue Department is currently looking into a blaze that broke out in an abandoned church.

Mobile Fire and Rescue’s Steven Millhouse said that when City of Grace crews arrived, they found thick smoke coming from the building’s upper floors.

According to Millhouse, the fire had been contained with the help of six engines, three ladder trucks, two ambulances, and several district chiefs. 

Millhouse stated that the fire was controlled using a defensive approach by the crew. No one was found inside the building, and no firemen were hurt during the search.

People are commenting that the response this fire is getting is a little strange. At the end of the day, we should just be happy that no one got hurt. 

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