The Best Beaches In Mobile Alabama You Gotta’ Visit

Mobile is a port city at the north end of Mobile Bay.

You would think that a town referred to as the “Gateway to the Gulf” would have beaches.

However, there are no beach areas within its city limits.

downtown mobile alabama

But even though there are technically no beaches in Mobile, Alabama, several are just down the road.

You don’t have to drive far to frolic in the sand or work on that tan 😄

While Mobile is known as the cultural hub of Alabama, it also boasts numerous beautiful beaches in its vicinity.

That’s what we’re going to cover in this post right now. 

Mobile’s downtown area, with its revitalized historic buildings and museums, might do it for some folks.

However, others simply need to hear the waves and feel the sand between their toes to go into full vacation mode.

And if you want to book some fun activities while beaching it up, you can do that too! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your sunscreen, towels, and flip-flops.

Let’s get some sun. 

The Popular Beaches In Mobile Alabama

Dauphin Island 

Dauphin Island - beaches in mobile alabama

Dauphin Island has many accessible beaches from Mobile.

It’s my personal favorite beach of all, and it made our list of the best Beaches in Alabama.

It’s about a half-hour drive away, and it’s a barrier island with a long bridge connecting it to the mainland. 

If you’d rather not drive and take a different path, ferries run between the coast and Dauphin.

The sheer grandeur of this site will astound you when you arrive. 

It’s the most chill beach, but there’s still plenty to do.

Dauphin Island Public Beach 

The Dauphin Island Public Beach has a light-tan, nearly white, sandy beach on the island’s west end.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the vast, quiet, and uncrowded space. 

The water is clean and shallow.

Even when crowded, the beach area is so big, so it won’t matter if other folks are around.

There is also a play area where kiddies can play. 

The beach is open all year round from 8 AM to 6 PM.

During summer and spring, an entrance fee is required.

There are many lovely condos and beach houses to rent for a more extended stay. 

The best spot to check local listings is VRBO.

Are you going there by car? Paid parking is provided at $3 per vehicle with an additional $3 per person.

It’ll take around 45 minutes to drive there from Mobile. 

Do you prefer to take a ferry?

Fort Morgan has car ferries that run regularly.

Please make sure to check out the schedule, which is available online.

The smaller of the two ferries operates only during spring and winter. 

Generally, not many people flock to this beach.

And since this island is a sanctuary and a part of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, it’s the perfect location for some tranquil bird watching.

But, of course, the main attractions here are the clear waters and powdery sand. 

Please note that pets are allowed on this beach, but they must be kept on a leash.

No glass, fires, and grilling are permitted on site for everyone’s safety. 

Dauphin Island East End Beach 

This stunning beach can be found on the island’s eastern coast, near the historic Fort Gaines.

Unlike the public one above, this rocky beach has fewer amenities but doesn’t have an entrance fee.

Parking is also free, but there are only about 20 spots available. 

Again, the island may be reached by ferry (which I recommend just because it’s fun!)

If you decide to go on it, keep your ticket because you will receive a discount on your return trip.

If you choose to drive there, it’ll take around 45 minutes from Mobile. 

Fortunately, this beach is rarely ever crowded.

Leashed pets are welcome to come too. 

I suggest bringing lunch or snagging a meal at one of Dauphin Island’s restaurants.

There’s a bird sanctuary and an aquarium close by if you need some entertainment. 

The views on the East End are fabulous.

The locals claim that it’s the sunset capital of the world! 

The beach is well-kept, meaning there are still lots of shells around.

If you’re in luck, you might even get to spot some dolphins. 

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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach 

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach 

The Gulf Shores area is located south of Mobile Bay, a short distance from the city.

It is frequently regarded as Alabama’s best beach (yes, it also made our top Alabama beach list).

This beach stretches for roughly six miles, giving everyone plenty of space to enjoy their privacy.

You can find your little slice of sandy paradise and kick back and unwind. 

Looking for fun things to do while at Gulf Shores? They’ve got plenty to do.

Before we delve deeper, let’s pause and bookmark the posts below for a later immersive read:

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Gulf Shores Public Beach 

This fully public beach is an excellent place to spend the day since it has the cleanest, whitest sands and the warmest waves.

The initial sight of the waters will take your breath away.

And once you’ve dipped your toes into those waters on a hot summer day, you’ll be invited further in for a relaxing soak. 

Take a stroll a little west on this beach.

As you get further along this way, the crowds will thin out, and you’ll have even more privacy. 

This beach is loaded with amenities.

Public restrooms, changing rooms, picnic tables, sunbeds, showers, lifeguards on duty, restaurants, and parking. 

Dogs are permitted on all Gulf Shore beaches within the municipal limits as long as they are leashed.

Be wary of venturing outside of the restricted areas, as the city will impose a fine for pets that leave the designated pet zones. 

Nonetheless, the location is very dog-friendly.

There are even seaside cabins you can stay at that allow pets. 

Alabama Point East-A Gulf State Park Beach 

Alabama Point East, located merely .3 miles east of the Perdido Pass Bridge, features a 6,000-foot wide beach.

It has boardwalks, dunes, restrooms, picnic spaces, and outdoor showers. 

The waters are crystal clear.

The city collaborates with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the Alabama Department of Public Health to regularly monitor the bacteria levels of these public beach spots. 

The standard regulations apply on this beach.

Visitors are not allowed to pitch larger tents, operate drones, bring breakable containers, and dig holes deeper than 12 inches. 

Romar Beach 

It’s easy to travel to this beach location.

Roman Beach is ideal for an impromptu beach stroll or a lunch on the go.

It’s 6.8 miles east of Interstate 59.

The management plans to build outdoor showers and restrooms in the future, but none are currently available. 

From Romar Beach, you can access the pier, beach pavilion, and its neighboring Cotton Bayou Beach. 

Point Clear 

Point Clear - beaches in mobile alabama

The nearest beach to the city is Point Clear.

Instead of the gulf, it’s a man-made beach on the bay.

There are a few distinct advantages to this. 

For one, the waves aren’t quite as strong, making swimming and other water sports more peaceful than along the Gulf Coast. 

The beach has white sand, similar to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

There, you can find a shack where you may rent beach gear.

Visitors can also rent watercraft from this establishment. 

The Grand Hotel is another attraction in Point Clear.

Since the nineteenth century, this hotel has been a popular vacation lodging for many tourists. 

Please note that only The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort’s guests get access to Point Clear, a private beach.

Still, this beach is well worth visiting if you happen to be staying at the hotel. 

The soft, white sand is perfect for lying around or jogging.

The waters in this part of the bay are stellar.

Plus, the resort hosts various beach and water activities for the more active beach-goer. 

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Fort Morgan Beach 

Fort Morgan Beach

Fort Morgan is located at Mobile Bay, a Gulf of Mexico inlet.

The fort, a National Historic Landmark, played an essential role throughout the War of 1812 and the American Civil War. 

This beach isn’t as developed as its Gulf Shores and Orange Beach neighbors.

Fort Morgan is more renowned for its ruggedness and underdevelopment.

There’s not a ton to do, but that’s by design 😏

Trails abound on the beaches, all of which are worth exploring!

Compared to Dauphin Island, most of the time, you’ll experience larger waves.

According to locals, Ft. Morgan is ideal for anyone who used to enjoy Destin’s beaches before they became overcrowded. 

There are many small homes for rent in Fort Morgan, but there is a condo here and there.

The beach views are spectacular, although the location is pretty isolated.

So, stock up on supplies and groceries, as the few tiny local grocery stores are pretty pricey. 

Regrettably, there appears to be a lot of inaccurate and constantly changing information about public beach access in Fort Morgan.

According to HOA, there are only three official public beach access locations near Mobile: Mobile Street, Our Road, and an unnamed road labeled Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach. 

Please don’t attempt to go down the unnamed road if you’re driving.

You’ll run out of room for turns. However, if you’re on a bike, you should get to the beach without a hitch. 

Most public roads in Ponce de Leon have public beach access.

Between the beach-facing residences and the second-tier houses is a tiny paved road parallel to the beach. 

What about food? If you’re able, stop at the welcome center, where the personnel can show you a couple of excellent restaurants around.

However, Gulf Shores has a considerably greater assortment of restaurants and bars. 

You might want to check out the Sassy Bass Market if you’re in the mood to cook.

It features a fantastic grocery store and fresh fish for sale.

Even if you don’t intend to buy fresh fish, this local market is still fun to visit. 

Finally, dogs are allowed on the beach between the Engineer’s Wharf and the fishing pier at Fort Morgan if they’re leashed. 

Fairhope Municipal Pier Beach 

fairhope best beach towns in alabama

If you visit Fairhope, this is a must-see vast sandy beach with a pier.

After, before, or instead of swimming, this is an excellent spot for a picnic! 

There’s a lovely park at the water’s edge where you may wander around while your children have fun in the playground.

A designated picnic area with tables is also available. 

You can also fish directly from the power, although a saltwater fishing license is required.

If you prefer to chill out, there are numerous benches to sit on and watch the sunsets. 

The beach and pier are just a short distance from Fairhope’s downtown area.

Given the short distance, it’s a quick drive or a quick, pleasant stroll through the peaceful neighborhoods. 

Vehicles of all sizes are welcome to the park.

The parking area is adjacent to the beach, and a concrete road runs right through the sand.

This makes getting from your car to the beach quick and easy.

The parking lot area is surrounded by beautiful flowers and features a charming fountain in the center. 

There aren’t any rinse showers or changing rooms at the Fairhope Municipal Pier Beach.

However, there are public restrooms.

They aren’t spotless, but they’re still serviceable. 

There aren’t many establishments open on-site during the off-season, but there is a lone cafe in the area.

There’s a restaurant and a bar on the pier, halfway into the water, where you can dine and drink while admiring the magnificent views of the bay. 

On bright evenings, this pier is an excellent site to observe sunsets.

It’s a peaceful and serene setting, with lots of youngsters playing, familiar picnicking, and senior couples walking side-by-side.

However, non-residents should be aware that they may be charged a low admission fee during the summer.

You’ll reach this lovely spot from Mobile in 30 minutes. 

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Final Thoughts – Beaches In Mobile Alabama

Despite its location on the coast, Mobile doesn’t have beaches.

So, you’ll have to travel a little outside of the city to find the most incredible beaches in this part of the country.

How fortunate are we that we don’t have to travel far? 

Within an hour of Mobile, the highly-rated beaches above offer stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Soon, you’ll get to comb through light warm sand and wade in the clear waters. 

The beaches around Mobile provide lounging, picnicking, sightseeing, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, and various other enjoyable water sports.

There’s something for everybody in this magical side of the bay!

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