(New Bar) Bar IX: A Toast to Tasty Turnovers

Mobile Rundown Staff

Cheers to fresh starts! 

The old Saddle Up Saloon is getting a sprightly makeover with a new name, Bar IX

There will be new folks at the helm, though with the same old heart. 

Greg Loughlin, the former owner, has passed the torch to the vibrant Sarah Brooks, Saddle Up’s head bartender. 

She’s now stirring up a reinvigorated space for us all. 

We hope that her personal flair will breathe new life into this beloved spot. 

Bar IX hasn’t announced its official opening day just yet, so we wait with bated breath. 

Right now, they’re doing some research and asking us potential customers what we’d like to see on their menu. 

Their plans are under lock and key, but this fresh minimalist preview looks like they’re going for a modern, moody vibe. 

bar ix logo

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram and give your two cents. 
And head over to 9 N Jackson St when they finally open their doors.

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