Truckers Beware: That Bankhead Tunnel Traffic Might Get’cha!

Have you seen this guy?

We did a double-take and had to get a closer look.

aldot guy in mobile alabama outside of ALDOT office

He’s outside of the ALDOT office off I-65, just north of Moffett Road.

Just watching over the roads like Big Brother.

We finally know who is behind those create signs on the Bankhead Tunnel!

We’ve been wondering…

ALDOT guy was caught leaving the scene on several occasions…

Say Yeahhhh if you’re under 12 Feet

Yep, All that Bankhead Tunnel does is win…

ALDOT Bankhead Tunnel winning the game
And winning for a long time…

The Bankhead Tunnel has been hit so many times by folks who thought they could make it.

It’s hard to keep count.

(the below image is no longer accurate) 

Add some more strikes.

mobile alabama bankhead tunnel scoreboard --- not updated

These are just a few examples of the Bankhead Tunnel getting hit over the years.

This was not the heyday he was looking for.

not the heyday they anyone was wishing for

RV? This vacation was probably cut short. Cut… get it?

bankhead tunnel wrecks in mobile alabama (1)

And this officer is happy to help direct Bankhead Tunnel traffic — yet again.

bankhead tunnel wrecks in mobile alabama (2)

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Want to keep the story flowing and understand where there are problems with Bankhead Tunnel Traffic? Follow this page (where most if these images were found). See ya!

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