Try These Top Bail Bonds Companies in Mobile Alabama

When someone gets arrested, a judge usually sets a bail amount for the defendant.

We see this time and again on TV.

The judge says, “the bail is set at x amount,” and pounds the gavel.

What exactly is this amount meant for? What if the defendant can’t come up with the said amount?

In this article, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of bailing and the most reputable bail bonds in Mobile, Alabama – should you ever need their services. 

bail bonds companies in mobile alabama

What is Bail? 

First thing’s first: what is bail anyway?

A bail amount set by a judge is something that the defendant is supposed to pay in exchange for his or her temporary release.

The court will hold this amount until all the ensuing trials and proceedings are over. Bail is to ensure the attendance of the defendant.

Naturally, he or she would want to recover the amount after everything has gone down. 

Most of the time, court proceedings take place weeks or months after the initial arrest.

If you don’t post bail, you’ll spend the time in between in jail. Nobody wants that. 

For smaller crimes, defendants are usually allowed to post bail right away. Otherwise, a judge will set it within two days of the booking.

Many factors determine how high a bail amount goes (like the severity of the crime and past criminal records), but this is totally up to the judge’s discretion. 

What is a bail bondsman? 

So what happens when a defendant can’t afford to post bail?

This is where a bail bondsman comes in. You usually pay around 10% of the bail amount for now. This transaction is what’s known as a bail bond. 

The rest of the amount is secured by the bail bondsman as collateral, typically in the form of property, stocks, or jewelry.

Most of the time, there is an added fee on top of the collateral.

If the defendant fails to show up at court, the bail bondsman will use the collateral to pay off the bail.

If the defendant attends, the bail bondsman gives back the collateral but is entitled to keep the 10%. They have to make their money somehow. After all, it is a business. 

A Simple Illustration 

Whew, this is a little complicated. Let’s go simple and use James as an example.

James is arrested, and his bail is set at $10,000. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that kind of money.

So he posts a bail bond and pays a bail bondsman $1,000 with collateral in the form of his car. He no longer has to go to jail. There are two possible outcomes now. 

  1. James shows up on his court dates, and the bail bond dissolves when his case ends. He gets his car back, but the bail bondsman gets to keep the $1,000. 
  2. James is a no-show, so the bail bondsman will have to use his car to pay off the remaining $9,000, which is only fair. 

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Bail Bonds in Mobile AL

So you or someone you care about gets arrested, and you don’t have enough funds.

What now? You call a bail bonds agent.

These services usually include walking you through the necessary paperwork, which is extremely helpful in such a stressful time. Some of them even have pretty flexible payment plans.

The following are the best bail bonds services you can find in Mobile, AL: 

Bail Out Bonding LLC 

351 Palmetto St. Mobile, AL 36603

Phone: (251) 483-9996

Bama Bail Bonds

118 Charleston St. Mobile, AL 36603

Phone: (251) 432-2223

World Wide Bail Bonds

653 S Conception St. Mobile, Al 36603

Phone: (251) 441-8901

Bay Town Bonding 

360 S Royal St. Mobile AL, 36603

Phone: (251) 653-0050

Best Bail Bonds 

14 Charleston St. Mobile, AL 36603

Phone: (251) 432-1800

Exit Bail Bonds 

355 St. Emanuel St. Mobile, AL 36603

Phone: (251) 415-0385

Delta Bail Bonds Inc. 

701 S Conception St. Mobile, AL 36603

Phone: (251) 433-3100

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The legal system is difficult to deal with, especially if you’re struggling financially. Fortunately, some services are meant to literally bail you out of a sticky situation.

Getting thrown in jail should always be out of the question.

Reach out to a bail bonds agent here in Mobile, AL, so that you’ll never have to be away from your loved ones.

And if you’re in need of an attorney, we have a list of top lawyers in the Mobile, AL, area as well.

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