AWF’s Restoration Project Aims to Boost Mobile’s Seafood Scene

Mobile Rundown Staff

If you’re the type who wouldn’t turn down a platter of oysters, boy, we’ve got some good news for you! 

The Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF) is on a mission to revitalize 77 acres of oyster reefs near Mobile Bay. 

The exciting AWF Cedar Point Beach Oyster Restoration Project is here! 

AWF's Restoration Project Aims to Boost Mobile's Seafood Scene

Last Aug. 23, a massive ship sailed in from Tuscumbia through three rivers to the Gulf Coast. 

It was loaded with limestone

This marks the successful end of a journey that began in early 2022 with the AWF Oyster Restoration Fund. 

It’s a great demonstration of combined community efforts. 

Local businesses and nonprofits like Vulcan Materials Co. and Cooper Marine played key roles. 

Matches from Coastal Land Trust, Jernigan Foundation, JL Bedsole Foundation, and PowerSouth fueled the project, too. 

So, what’s the deal with the limestone? 

Well, it’s prime real estate for Alabama’s oysters.

They will have more room to thrive! 

This is a welcome change because it’s no secret that the oyster industry has been struggling lately. 

For Mobile, this revival spells a promising new chapter. 

Oyster lovers have every reason to be optimistic as this project breathes life back into our shores. 

This might lead to increased availability and potentially lower prices for oysters. 

And since Mobile is “seafood central,” this oyster revival also holds promising economic implications. 

As the industry gains momentum, it’s expected to generate new job opportunities across various sectors, including tourism. 

Visitors are bound to flock in to enjoy freshly harvested oysters.

There will be plenty to go around!

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