AT&T Hubs in Alabama Kickstart Union Momentum

Mobile Rundown Staff

AT&T hubs in Mobile, Huntsville, and Birmingham are buzzing with good news…

More than 70 team members have officially embraced unionization.

And guess what? AT&T even gave them an official nod of approval! 

In the past couple of weeks, most of the in-home experts from Alabama’s AT&T team signed cards to join the Communications Workers of America

This awesome development was shared by a representative from the union based in DC. 

union momentum

Here’s the thing: 

Deciding to join a union isn’t all that common in Alabama. 

According to a report by the US Department of Labor, only 7.2% of workers in Alabama are members of unions. 

That makes sense because only 8.4% of jobs are connected to unions.

This data is from 2022, by the way. 

These numbers don’t look promising. 

After all, our workers deserve respect and a decent work environment. 

Having a union contract means everyone’s rights are protected. 

That’s why this is a step in the right direction, even if it’s just for 74 employees in the meantime. 

Plus, this isn’t AT&T’s first dance with unions. 

They already have a bunch of team members in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Overall, this positive move, alongside the company’s recognition, speaks volumes about the evolving dynamics in the workforce. 

With more folks embracing the strength of unity, let’s hope this sparks a broader trend of collaboration and improved working conditions across different sectors.

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