What are the Best Antique Stores in Mobile AL

There are many reasons why someone would be into buying or collecting antiques. One is the thrill of the chase. Some get a kick out of visiting stores, on the hunt for the next great find.

Some go antiquing to bulk up their collections.

For example, you might have a predilection for old coins or chairs.

Antique decoration could also be your style.

Perhaps a modern vibe isn’t really your thing, or you like the look of having one or two standout pieces in an otherwise contemporary space.

But did you know that the appreciation for antiques goes beyond being just a hobby?

It turns out that antiquing can be a beneficial activity for you and the community at large.

How exactly can buying old knick-knacks and furniture have a positive effect?

Read on to find out why antiquing is important and where the best antique stores in Mobile AL are located.

best antique stores in mobile AL

The Benefits of Collecting Antiques

1. Antiques are investment pieces.

Fashion and interior design trends change rapidly. People are currently going for a more functional and streamlined look for their wardrobe and living spaces.

This isn’t to say that antique pieces have no place in a modern lifestyle.

Antique pieces don’t have to be kitsch. In a way, acquiring antiques can help you save money, especially those that are timeless and won’t go out of style.

Valuable pieces can also be handed down from generation to generation and sold if the need ever arises.

2. The vintage look is coming back.

Humans are visual creatures, and we are naturally drawn to objects with distinct visual interest. You’re not going to find that a lot in today’s mass-produced clothes and furniture.

Antiques are most often made with a high level of detail and intricacy, usually by hand or with primitive machines. 

Surrounding yourself with objects that have character and remind you of something can be uplifting during difficult days.

You have to admit that there is a certain charm to something you found in a little shop than something you assembled from IKEA.

Decorating with found objects shows your personality and what matters to you most.

3. Antiquing is a form of recycling.

If you’re environmentally conscious, then antiquing must be right up your alley.

By purchasing pre-loved pieces, you reduce the market demand for new clothes and furniture.

In effect, fewer trees and metals have to be cut down and mined.

While buying an old cabinet won’t save an entire forest, you’d be doing your little bit to help.

4. Bespoke items and DIY are all the rage right now.

Antique restoration is in right now, either for fun or profit.

There are tons of videos on YouTube of people restoring old furniture and other memorabilia. Why?

Because there’s something so satisfying about seeing discarded items being brought back to life.

A surefire way to personalize a living space or an outfit is to use items that you’ve fixed or spruced up yourself.

It can also be a solution for today’s overpriced antique knock-offs and mass-produced pieces.

You wouldn’t want to pay top dollar for something you can also find in your neighbor’s living room or closet.

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Antique Stores in Mobile AL

Cotton City Antique Mall

2012 Airport Blvd, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 479-9747

Antiques at the Loop, Inc.

28 S Florida St, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 476-0309

Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery & Estate Sales

6533 St. Louis St, Mobile AL 36602

Phone: (251) 438-6959

Mary Parker Antiques

418 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 473-9227

Antique Emporium at MAH

2601 Emogene St, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 622-0220

Plantation Antique Galleries

604 Bel Air Blvd, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 470-9961

Yellow House Antiques

1902 Government St, Mobile AL, 36606

Phone: (251) 476-7382

Yesterday’s Treasures & More, LLC

3307 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile AL 36605

Phone: (205) 243-8997

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Out with the new, in with the old

Antique shopping is not only fun, but it also has positive economic and environmental impacts.

It doesn’t hurt to be a little sentimental to remind us who we are and what we find beautiful in the south.

With antiques, you can create living spaces and outfits with winning pieces and styles that are here to stay.

While you’re out shopping, you should check out one of Mobile’s unique restaurants.

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