Where to See Alligators in Alabama

You ever wander down a swamp and think, “Is that a log or…? Oh snap, it’s an alligator!” 

Yup, those sneaky sunbathers are everywhere in the south of the state. 

There are prime spots where you can see these cool creatures, living their best gator lives. 

So, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit and a keen eye, southern Bama is your ticket to some grade-A gator spotting. 

Just remember to admire from a distance! 

Here’s a list of where you can get nottoo-close-and-personal with our scaly neighbors. 

Gator Boardwalk

gator boardwalk taken from wikimedia commons

Strolling Gator Boardwalk is not as anxiety-inducing as you might think! 

Lots of folks come here for leisurely walks. 

You can wander the half-mile state-of-the-art deck over D’Olive Creek, catch glimpses of alligators and fish, and take a moment to admire the vibrant butterfly garden

With a seamless connection to the Eastern Shore Trail and dotted with educational signage, it’s both relaxing and enlightening. 

Just a quick reminder: 

Those gators are on a diet, so no feeding

Where: N Main St, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: (251) 620-2100

Mobile-Tensaw Delta Tours 

The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is a sprawling wetland mosaic where rivers meet the Gulf of Mexico. 

It’s a true standout among Alabama’s natural wonders! 

And because of its incredible biodiversity, there are many airboat tours that explore its waterways. 

If you go on one, you’ll see a diverse range of wildlife. 

Birds soar overhead, fish dart below, but it’s the alligators that truly captivate. 

Dominating the scene, these magnificent reptiles are a sight to behold!

Here are the top airboat services in the area to guide you through it all: 

Where: 3775 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: (251) 680-4477

Where: 3733 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: (251) 370-7089

Alligator Alley 

alligator alley

I accompanied my son on a field trip to Alligator Alley, and it was a blast!

Walking the elevated boardwalk, we saw lots of alligators, from tiny ones to ginormous adults! 

And those live feedings

Total highlights! 

Kids even have the chance to hold a baby gator. 

The place is super kid-friendly, with turtles, owls, and more to see. 

Perfect for some hands-on learning and memorable snapshots. Highly recommended!

Where: 19950 Co Rd 71, Summerdale, AL 36580

Call: (251) 946-2483

Lake Eufaula 

Lake Eufaula, set along the Chattahoochee River, covers a massive 45,000 acres with an impressive 640-mile shoreline

More than its scenic charm, it’s also a prime spot for bass fishing, luring anglers from all corners. 

But it has a terrifying secret: 

It’s crawling with gators! 

The abundance of alligators in this lake can be chalked up to a unique law

When they’re caught, they’re required to be returned to the lake. 

This catch-and-release practice isn’t a standard in other Alabama lakes. 

Don’t worry; there’s enough space for designated swim zones and other types of water activities. 

Just stay alert! 

Everywhere Else!

In Alabama, living side-by-side with alligators is just part of the deal. 

You might be at a local park, chilling on a beach, or trekking through marshes and lakes, and you’ll happen to see one minding its own business. 

They’ve made their homes in riverine wetlands and even some reservoirs

And they’re more than just a part of the scenery. 

They’re essential players in our ecosystem, helping maintain the balance of animal populations. 

What to Do if You Encounter a Gator 

If you explore Alabama long enough, it’s very likely you’ll come across an alligator or two! 

So, what do you do? 

Don’t panic; here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

1. No Touchy! 

Gators are protected by state law, so no killing, poking, or petting. 

Even the little ones can give you a nasty bite! 

2. No Feeding

Throwing a gator a part of your sandwich? 

Bad idea, and not to mention illegal

They start associating folks with free food, and that’s no bueno for their future. 

3. Eyes Wide Open!

Near fresh or slightly salty water? 

Stay alert for any gator surprises! 

Being constantly aware of your surroundings keeps encounters friendly. 

4. Night-time Swim? Think Again! 

Gators actually stay active at night. 

So, best skip that midnight swim and stick to designated swim zones! 

5. Keep Your Pets Safe 

Gators might mistake pets for a snack. 

Keep little Spot away from potential gator hangouts!

6. Photograph From a Distance 

Sure, you want to brag about your gator sighting on social media. 

Please snap your pics from a safe distance. 

Give up on the idea of getting any close-ups! 

7. Dispose of Fish Scraps Properly 

Big into fishing? 

Well, chucking fish scraps in the water is out of the question. 

It’s like ringing the dinner bell for alligators. 

8. Treat Bites Immediately 

If you manage to escape a gator altercation, seek medical help pronto. 

Gator bites aren’t just painful; they can get infected! 

9. Report Trouble

If you see a gator acting sketchy or causing trouble, reach out to your local Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries office. 

They can do something about it if the gator poses a threat to humans, pets, or property. 

Never handle it yourself! 


Why are alligators in North Alabama? 

Some alligators find their way to the north because of protection efforts. 

The creation of man-made water systems is also a contributing factor. 

Plus, warmer weather patterns might be making northern habitats more suitable for these reptiles. 

Are there alligators in the ocean in Alabama? 


Alligators live in saltwater bayous and estuaries in these parts. 

They’ll make their way as far out as the Gulf of Mexico, given their adaptability to various salinity levels. 

What attracts alligators to humans? 

Alligators generally avoid humans, but certain situations can increase the risk of encounter. 

If you’re brave enough to swim in a gator habitat, splashing is a no-no

This could pique a gator’s interest, and if it senses something smaller and weaker, it might strike. 

But the primary attractor is feeding

If they know you’re handing out snacks, this reduces their natural wariness. 

Additionally, they might approach inhabited areas during mating season when searching for territory or mates. 

So, always be vigilant! 

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Final Thoughts 

In Alabama, alligator sightings are part of the local charm. 

From quiet bayous to bustling lakes, these iconic reptiles are an integral part of the state’s landscape. 

As you explore, remember to respect their space and marvel from a distance. 

Keep your eyes peeled, and keep those limbs intact!

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