Alabama’s Smoke-Free Car Law Puts Kids First

Mobile Rundown Staff

Alabama’s got a fresh law effective since August 1st, all about keeping the kiddos safe from secondhand smoke. 

smoke-free car law

About time, too! 

This new law makes it illegal to smoke or vape while driving if there’s a kid under 14 in the car. 

The idea was pushed forward by Rolanda Hollis, a representative from Birmingham, and got the green light back in April. 

It doesn’t matter if your car windows are up or down — puffing away with a minor onboard is a no-go. 

Secondhand smoking and vaping pose significant risks, particularly when children are involved. 

Kids have developed respiratory systems and immune defenses, making them more vulnerable to the harmful effects of smoke and vapor. 

Plus, children who witness adults smoking or vaping may be more likely to adopt these behaviors themselves. 

Mobile Police Corporal Katrina Frazier says they’re keeping their eyes peeled for offenders. 

But here’s the catch: this law isn’t a primary one. 

That means you probably won’t get pulled over just for lighting up with a child in the car. 

This will only happen if you commit some other traffic slip-up. 

Think of things like zipping through a red light, zooming past speed limits, or having tags that expired a while back. 

And if you do end up with a ticket, a fine would cost up to $100 per citation. 

If you ask us, this proactive stance in curbing secondhand smoke exposure around children is a leap in the right direction. 

With a law now in place, it’s clear that the welfare of young lives is a priority in our state!

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