Alabama’s Grocery Tax is On the Chopping Block

Mobile Rundown Staff

Awesome news for Alabama households! 

All the members of the Alabama Senate are supporting a bill to slash the sales tax on groceries by 50%! 

Our state senators have signed on as a sponsor or co-sponsor, so the chances of this legislation passing are looking good. 

And it’s been a long time coming, as similar bills have been stuck in the works in cities like Montgomery. 

reduced taxes on groceries

This is a warm respite for anyone having a hard time affording food, especially with pricing constantly going up.

In fact, most Alabaman families spend more than $600 a year on grocery tax. Yikes! 

This bill was written up by Sen. Andrew Jones, and it aims to gradually lower the Alabaman sales tax on food from 4% to 2% — that’s .5% each year. 

So, where are we going to get funds for, say, the education budget?

Those funds primarily come from sales and income taxes, so will it take a hit? 

Hopefully not. Sen. Jones promises that this bill won’t mess with public school funding.

Right now, the government is still figuring out whether they should totally get rid of the tax, what kind of food should be exempt, and what they need to do to make up for the lost income.

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