10 Of The Best Alabama Food Bloggers You Should Follow

Food blogs give you a glimpse into someone else’s world.

On top of being an escape from the stresses of everyday life, you get to discover how these bloggers lead their lives.

You might even get the occasional food inspo or restaurant recommendation. 

So let the best Alabama food bloggers reignite your passion for authentic Southern Food.

Follow their recipes and get into the minds of these culinary creatives.

You could even use them as a guide to eating your way through Alabama! 

Our state is home to some of the warmest, most imaginative, and most adventurous people.

Lucky for us, they have food blogs that let us know what’s cookin’ in their kitchens. 

The Top Alabama Food Bloggers

Southern Bite 

Southern Bite - alabama food bloggers

A genuine Southerner coming from a long line of fantastic cooks, Stacey Little runs the passion project, Southern Bite

In line with Southern tradition, what makes him the happiest is feeding people.

He shares no-fail recipes sans the fancy ingredients and expensive kitchen gadgets on his blog. 

He believes that it’s all about the resourceful use of local ingredients mixed with some imagination that keeps families full and healthy. 

Stacey doesn’t like snooty cooking.

He won’t shake his head at bullion cubes, condensed soups, and sauce mixes.

No, it’s all about convenience and finding the time to prepare meals for the family easily. 

Some of the recipes on his blog sound scrumptious.

You could try out his one-pot sausage and shrimp jambalaya or his easy microwave peanut brittle.

He has ideas from beverages to sides as well. 

His recipes are accompanied by well-lit, beautifully curated photos and clear, concise instructions. 

When you have no clue what to make for your next meal, maybe it’s time to pull up a Southern Bite recipe.

There’s also a Southern Bite Cookbook that you may want to add to your shelf. 

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Taste of the South 

Taste of the South

Taste of the South is a traditional publication, with each issue filled with at least 60 fantastic recipes.

Readers also get information on the South’s favorite fare. 

Taste of the South is essentially a tool for passionate cooks everywhere.

They feature the region’s outstanding chefs who share their kitchen tips and tricks. 

These days, TotS also runs a highly informative blog.

On it, readers gain access to seasonal recipes, gift guides, pieces on local events, and food spot recommendations. 

For example, they just published Fire-roasted corn, Poblano, and Crawfish Hushpuppy recipe for Mardi Gras. 

They also interview chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs, and other prominent folks in the food industry.

Since food is a big deal, people knowledgeable about food are essentially rockstars these days.

We just can’t get enough of their take on trends and practices. 

Overall, Taste of the South is a well-rounded resource that can aid home cooks and foodies anywhere. 

Grits and Gouda


Grits and Gouda

Cookbook author, food stylist, recipe developer, and former test kitchen director Kathleen Phillips runs Grits and Gouda.

She’s all about taking shortcuts in a traditional Southern kitchen. 

What’s with the name?

Well, her recipes are the perfect melding of gourmet and frugal, hence the two food items.

And it’s pretty catchy. 

Kathleen’s goal is to inspire her readers to get in the kitchen.

Many of us consume a lot of culinary content without testing out the stuff that we learn.

With her straightforward approach and shortcuts, it’s less intimidating to get our hands dirty and be familiar with the traditional flavors of the South. 

Baking is Kathleen’s ultimate passion.

While she has penned many savory recipes, she’s most known for her cookbook, Magic Cakes, published in 2017. 

You can tell that Kathleen is an excellent homemaker.

She has air fryer recipes for the hurried cook, but she can also teach you traditional techniques like canning.

She even has recipes for unusual proteins like venison and dove. 

Best of all, if you love her blog, you can go to her free classes in person! Kathleen comes highly recommended if you want to learn how to cook from a genuine Southern mommy. 


Bethcakes - alabama food bloggers

Are you a dessert person?

If so, you and Beth Branch will surely get along!

Author of “Hello, Sugar!” a guide through classic Southern sweets, she will teach you to enjoy the sweeter things in life. 

As you may have guessed, Beth’s blog is primarily focused on baking, with many other things sprinkled in.

She dabbles in bartending, eating out, and staying fit.

After all, we have to work off that sugar. 

She started a blog to share her baking adventures in college.

She wanted a space where she could write about the stuff that delights her and create a community of sweet tooths. 

And browsing through Beth’s recipe index, the woman has impeccable taste.

She makes everything from chocolate chip coffee madeleines to no-churn cake batter ice cream. 

Her blog is a haven for those who always look forward to treating themselves.

Whether it’s kicking back with a mixed berry frosé or taking your tea with a piece of “funfetti” cheesecake, you know you deserve it! 

Eating Alabama 

Eating Alabama

Nick and Jenny are the best foodie friends you ever had. Who knows?

You might get to actually befriend these two lovebirds by joining their community. 

Their blog, Eating Alabama, is a documentation of the incredible food in Alabama and the South in general. 

Nick also runs a podcast, the Eating Alabama Podcast, where he highlights local chefs and outstanding Southern meals. 

So if you’re curious about the best restaurants and eateries in the state, these two have you covered.

Judging from their posts, they sure do get around, and they’re serious about trying new stuff. 

They’ll track down food trucks and get dolled up for industry dinners.

And they don’t shy away from less familiar flavors.

While they primarily sample Southern food from all over, they will stop at the occasional Thai or Chinese joint. 

If the Alabama food scene is anything like its music, Nick and Jenny will metaphorically take you to the hottest underground clubs and exclusive listening parties. 

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Tasting TBL 

Tasting TBL

Tasting TBL is a reservation-only supper club that opens its doors every Friday and Saturday.

Diners are seated at a massive table where the cooks prepare the intricate dishes that make up the set menu for that night. 

The menu is based on the ingredients and is designed to highlight seasonality.

It evolves throughout the year and is constantly changing. Chefs Tyler Lyne, Jennifer Lyne, and Micah Cook run this fine establishment. 

Along with the restaurant, they also run an informative blog.

They have interviews with other chefs who are passionate about their craft.

They share how to source the best ingredients and reveal their favorite dining spots around the country. 

The proprietors also write about the development of the restaurant, which is an incredible resource for those who dream of opening their own.

They explain the concept behind Tasting TBL and the companies they choose to partner up with. 

And, of course, they’re not selfish or secretive about their recipes.

Readers can take a bit of fine dining into their homes by following these blueprints.

They even publish their past menus to impart some inspiration. 

Dining Out With Comedienne Joy 

Dining Out With Comedienne Joy

Comedienne Joy King, the “Queen of Clean,” is the firecracker behind this amusing and comforting blog.

When she’s not entertaining crowds from the stage, she does it through her personal online space. 

She reviews meals so that you won’t stop thinking about them unless you try them for yourself.

Some of her fans jokingly claim they go broke, trying to keep up with Miss Joy’s recommendations.

Her content is just that sincere and enticing. 

Since most people plan trips around the places they want to eat, Miss Joy created a food tour to help out.

You can go on these food tours with her and sample the best places she discovered from her show.

And these tours are a riot!

Wrangle up some of your friends and let the funniest resident show you a good time. 

Miss Joy has been doing this since 2016, and I estimate she’s visited a few hundred places. Her blog is pretty organized and categorized according to what readers might be looking for.

This should give you an idea of how sophisticated Miss Joy’s palate is: 

  • Asian 
  • BBQ
  • Breakfast 
  • Burgers & Sandwiches 
  • Chicken 
  • Desserts 
  • Drinks 
  • Indian 
  • Mexican 
  • Seafood 
  • Pizza 
  • Steaks 
  • Soul Food 
  • Upscale 
  • Wine and Spirits 
  • Caribbean

So if you’re craving something in particular, Comedienne Joy is sure to have something to say about that.

Oh, and did I mention that Miss Joy got a $10,000 grant from Beyonce herself?

It was part of the BeyGood Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund.

If she gets the Queen Bee’s approval, then who are we to doubt? 

Syrup & Biscuits 

Syrup & Biscuits - alabama food bloggers

If you like videos with blog entries, Syrup & Biscuits owner Jackie Garvin now has a modest cooking show.

The cooking show format makes teaching her readers easier and lets her personality shine through the screen. 

Jackie was born and raised in Mobile, so she understands the importance of family values and good honest food.

She has written two Southern cooking-inspired cookbooks, “Biscuits” and “Sweet Potato Love.” 

Going through Jackie’s recipe index, you get a sense that she wants to preserve Southern tradition and champion its offerings.

With updated classics like pickled okra deviled eggs and buttermilk sage brined chicken thighs, you also know that she’s not stuck in the past. 

Every Southern cook has their twist on classic meals, and her readers are glad that she loves sharing hers.

Jackie is currently a contributor to Southern Living magazine as well. 

Wood & Spoon 

Wood & Spoon

Wood and Spoon owner, Kate Wood, is a self-taught baker, photographer, and writer.

She’s a dietitian by trade, but her blog side project took off in 2016.

These days, blogging is her full-time job. 

Her goal with blogging is to develop accessible and inspiring recipes for home cooks.

Ms. Wood and her Saveur Award-winning website have been featured in various publications, including: 

  • Taste of Home 
  • Food & Wine 
  • Buzzfeed 
  • Southern Living 
  • Martha Stewart 
  • Taste of the South 

She recently published a book entitled “Her Daily Bread. It’s a 365-day devotional featuring 52 nourishing recipes and daily reflections.

Why did she create this type of book instead of a traditional cookbook? 

Well, Kate discovered that she was merely surviving and not thriving in the midst of her hectic schedule.

She realized that what she needed more than another cup of coffee was a genuine connection with herself and her creator.

So, she set to work coming up with this book to help others who are in the same boat. 

The Wood and Spoon website is not just an online recipe index.

It’s also packed with tutorials and serves as Kate’s family’s travelog. 

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Southern Plate 

Southern Plate

A genuine child of the South, Southern Plate’s Stacey Lynn has lived in Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Arkansas.

In each of the places she’s lived, she was able to harness that renowned Southern charm and pride. 

And it shows in her blog!

The recipe index on the Southern Plate currently has over 2,000 recipes for you to check out. 

Southern Plate has been recognized as one of the top 25 food blogs in the country on two occasions.

It receives millions of monthly visitors, and it’s not hard to see why. 

She covers every type of food item you could imagine, from dehydrated snacks to low-carb options.

If you can think of anything Southern you want to serve, Stacey indeed has a recipe for it! 

Final Thoughts 

Food is a massive part of our lives. Not only do they provide sustenance, but they bring us together as nothing else can.

Ideally, we talk our meals and bond over preparing them. 

But sometimes, we’re fresh out of ideas on what to cook next.

Planning what to cook or where to eat day in and day out can be exasperating. 

That’s why we look to food blogs. Luckily, talking about food, sharing tips, and imparting experiences is crucial for Southern tradition.

That’s why many accomplished food bloggers hail from Alabama. 

I hope you find your next favorite online personality in the list of blogs above.

Whether you’re a tired homemaker or a kitchen novice, you can always get help from an Alabaman! 

Disclosure:  this article might contain affiliate links. This means we will make a commission if you purchase using our link. You get the same price whether you use our special link or not, and sometimes we’re able to get you an even better deal through our relationships!  More info in our privacy policy.

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